NEW IDEA OF THE DAY: Hawaiian Candles (and what I'd replace em with)

So here we are with yet another colllection "Hawaiian" themed scents..and I dunno about y'all but I'm kinda sick of em. BBW has simply done Hawaii and tropical scents to death. And it would be one thing if the scents they chose were truly provactive and truly tied to/inspired by the Hawaiian/Polynesian/Tahitian/Maori culture..nope not so much. You just get vaguely tropical sounding scents with a kitschy cliched names that have little to nothing to do with Hawaii. And this collection is the most annoying as all the scents are either based on bodycare or they're re-releases that we've seen over and over again and folks (myself included) are already over them.

If I had my way and oversaw the conception/marketing/publicity of this collection, I'd do a complete overhaul. First of all, I'd gladly say aloha to the Hawaiian-esque theme altogether. I'd go back to basics - summer at the beach. I'd also take out all of the coconut heavy scents (4 coconutty scents in one collection is just too many) and I'd bring back some classics from back in the day.

Mahogany Coconut - ok, this one can stay cuz I did actually really like this scent

Honolulu Sun - does anyone really enjoy this scent, cuz I don't really hear too many people ever really talk about this scent

REPLACEMENT: Suntan/Poolside - it's very odd that BBW has yet to bring this fan fav back. Even though I was never a huge fan of this scent myself, even I have to admit this scent was summer in a jar

Tiki Mango Mai Tai - if this truly smelled like a mai tai and was fizzy and citrusy with some alcoholy/rum/amaretto notes, I'd be on board but sadly it doesn't - it smells like candy sweet bodycare

REPLACEMENT: Calypso Sun - this would be a more appropriate replacement as it actually sounds like a drink - mango, peach, mango, passionfruit and RUM!

Rainforest Gardenia - UGH..I am BEYOND over this scent - it's in the overkill category alongside Mahogany Teakwood, Pumpkin Waffles, Peony Petals and Vanilla Bean Marshmallow

REPLACEMENT: Beach Cabana - it's just not summer without this badboi

Golden Pineapple Luau - ok I will admit, this scent is decent and it's really the only scent that makes sense in this collection but the fact reminds it just not very exciting

REPLACEMENT: Bahama Fizz - another forgotten Slatkin era fan fav that has disappeared off the face of the planet. Look at the notes - banana, kiwi and pineapple..tell me people wouldn't go apeshit over this candle?!

Waikiki Beach Coconut - again, like GPL, this scent is decent but nothing special. This should've just been bodycare only, not a candle

REPLACEMENT: Tiki Beach - one of the few coconut scents I can deal with

Fiji White Sands - this is sooooo close to Tiki Beach, it's ridiculous

REPLACEMENT: Beach Day - this was such a sexy ass scent; it screams hot guy at the beach. It was only around once, bring that beat back!

Hawaiian Hibiscus - ugh..this candle has the double whammy of being over-hyped while smelling underwhelming

REPLACEMENT: Sunkissed Blossoms - I never smelled this candle but based on the notes, it sounds absolutely gorgeous - peach nectar, jasmine, freesia and lilac

OR: White Orchid Lei - this was a failed test from the original Hawaii themed collection in '14; smelled kinda like tropical Starburst with a hint of floral but still better than Hawaiian Hibiscus. Bring it back and give it another try!

And there's so many other scent that would work in this collection...

Coastal Sun, Island Colada, Island Waters, Paradise Daiquiri, Summer Melon,  Starfruit Crush, Sparkling Mojito or Coconut Lime Verbena, White Citrus, Pomelo Grapefruit

And now that fancy glass lidless Hawaiian candles. I have yet to see or smell these just yet but just based on the notes, they don't sound exciting at all.

Island Getaway - while I do love anything with pear, it just doesn't scream "island getaway" to me

REPLACEMENT: Coco Lobo - come the eff on - coconut milk, papaya, passionfruit, sugarcane and macadamia THAT sounds like an "island getaway"

Blue Ocean Waves - Turquoise Waters...yawn

REPLACEMENT: Seaside Escape - come on, this is AWESOME! Watery but not salty or "cologney" and fruity without being cloying and candy-ish

Vanilla Beach Flower - if this isn't Tiki Beach or Meet me in Tahiti or something similar to those two, I'll be highly surprised

REPLACEMENT: Aloha Vanilla - vanilla, coconut, mango and lotus...tell me that doesn't sound amazing?!

Mango Shores - just based on the notes, it sounds too similar to Mango Coconut Cooler

REPLACEMENT: Mango Beachwood - so not your typical mango scent. Just fix the burn (this candle had a notoriously shitty burn) and this would be the bomb!


  1. Good news, blue ocean waves is not turquoise waters, it actually smells just like Sky from the body care line from two years ago! (Its probably a candle repackage knowing them, but I recognized Sky bc it's my favorite!)


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