WALK 'N' SNIFF: Winter 2017 Candles Pt. 5 ~ On the Rocks/Quartz, "Scandinavian/Hygge" and Miscellaneous Candles *UPDATED*

I was having a really rough and stressful day today, just one of those days when things are deadset not to go your way. And late night insomnia and a pressure headache was not making my day better. I decided before heading home that I was gonna treat myself. I got myself a Chestnut Praline Latte from Starbucks (that the barista totally effed up somehow) and since I was in the area, I stopped in BBW just to see what there was to see. Lo and behold there was all kinds of unexpected newness.

THIS IS FOR YOU (BUT I WISH IT WAS MINE) ~ Candy Cane Calla Lilies - first of all, I can't with that name; how friggin passive aggressive! Anyway, this scent is pretty bizarre - take Twisted Peppermint and mix in Fresh Cut Lilacs/Lilac Blossom and that's essentially CCCL. I would never think in 1000 years to mix sweet mentholy mint with a powdery white floral note. Very strange combo!

ADDENDUM: Candy Cane Calla Lilies are actually real but I'm pretty sure they don't smell like candy canes like the candle suggests 

Smoked Absinthe - just like the rest of the candles in this cocktails collection, it doesn't smell like the actual cocktail at all. As the name implies, there's a heavy but sweet star anise/black licorice note; it smells less like a glass of absinthe and more bakery, like an anisette cookie. It also reminds me of a sweeter and less woosdy Star Anise.

Mint Julep - I'm convinced that BBW's marketing department has never seen or sipped an actual Mint Julep cuz they never get this smell right. So this is basically the soap/pocketbac of the same name - an intense citrus blend with mint; more mojito than mint julep

Girl Gang ~ Pink Bubblegum - this is indeed the return of Pink Bubblegum from 2014's Sweet Shop collection. Smells like Bazooka Joe Gum, there's really not much to say about it.

Dear Santa, I blame the eggnog ~ Butterrum Eggnog (7292M8A1) - I am pleased as punch to report that this is the grand return of Slatkin's Eggnog/Eggnog Cheer, albeit tweaked. I would say the difference is that this version is bit more creamier and richer with more emphasis on the vanilla (and no, this is NOT a repackage with a twist of Vanilla Bean/Pumpkin Marshmallow btw) and heavier on the nutmeg. Anyhoo, for those who never smelled the old version...it really does smell like legit eggnog. You get a creamy custardy vanilla note with  dark sweetness from the rum accord. Then you get a bakery (non red hot) cinnamon and nutmeg. Think of this as Creamy Nutmeg's twin; if you liked that scent and other vanilla heavy gourmand scents, that you'll like this.

Now let's move on the On The Rocks/Quartz candles....

Love ~ Rose Quartz - straightup Wild Huckleberry/Pomegranate

Joy ~ Sunstone (7290AGA9) - I thought this could be Coral Seashell from the Nantucket collection...it's not but it has a similar generic summery fruity vibe. The main note is an oddly sweet almost bubblegummy grapefruit note similar to Golden Grapefruit. I pick up the ginger that adds a slight nose tingly spice. Plum blossom...can't say that I get that. I pick up something sweet and dark in the background but I can't really say it's plum blossom; maybe the actual fruit or maybe a dark berry blend. As a whole, Sunstone doesn't smell nearly as bright and sunny as the name suggests, just super artificial and candy-ish.

Wisdom ~ Quartz Crystal (7310M8A1) - So right off the bat, this is not Black Tie or Tobacco Flower or my beloved Boathouse Row. As far as I can tell, this is new as it doesn't smell like any other cologney scent that BBW has released in the past. So yeah, it's a cologney scent and not a particular good one. It smells a little dry and powdery and sweet, like men's deodorant. That's really all I can say about it.

Luck ~ Jade (7313AGA3) - I thought this might have been Green Grass from backintheday but it's not. It's more closer to Drenched Apple Flower and Provence Garden. It's a very fresh green scent with dewy floral notes and hint of apple/pear blossom in the background. It's very pleasant calm smell that would be perfect for spring.

ADDENDUM - I think this may be a repackage of the failed test scent Emerald Isle from 2014's Destinations collection

Serene ~ Aquamarine (7304AGA3) -  I'm pretty sure this is Poolside Daydream. It smells like a men's sunscreen - a little coconut action, some salty "sear air" ozone vibe and some woody "driftwood" accords

Power ~ Onyx (7310K3A2) - straightup Fireside! If I'm wrong and this isn't Fireside, it's ridonkulously close. It's a fiery smoky woodsy blend with earthy dank vetiver and lusty leather

Real talk, this collection is soooooo lame and unnecessary; they're not worth sniffing at all. Don't gret too pressed if you don't see them at your store, you're not missing a thing!

And now for the part I'm sure most if not all of you have been waiting for...the "Scandinavian" Hygge candles....

SOFT ~ Pink Petal Teacake (7297AGA3) - so for the most part this is the same PPTC from backintheday... buuut, like all returning scents from backintheday, it definitely has been tweaked. It's much watered and less robust, slightly drier. For those of you unfortunates who never smelled the original, you get rosewater, a creamy vanilla note and strawberries..yes strawberries..strawberries were in the original notes. So basically think a strawberry shortcake with rosewater in the sweet red glaze and that is PPTC.

ADDENDUM - for all y'all out there salivating over this candle and falling for the hype..I don't want hear a single one of you complain that the throw is weak cuz guess what..the original was weak.

ADDENDUM - and yes, rose flavored/petal decorated bakery confections are indeed a thing

COZY~ Warm Cup of Cocoa (7306AGA7) - yep, you guessed it - Hot Cocoa & Cream. It could be my nose playing tricks on me but this version seems more chocolatey than past versions.

COMFORT ~ Soft Cashmere Blanket (7298G3A7) - if this isn't Sea Island Cotton, it's damn close. It's a soft soothing cotton scent with a hint of ozone. Lavender..ehhh. There's something vaguely herbal and aromatherapy-sh in the blend but I'm hard-pressed to say it's lavender.

CHILL ~ Calming Lavender Spruce - We all had the same thought about this one and I am happy to report that this is indeed a repackage (with a twist) of Winter Mint & Spruce....emphasis on "with a twist". This version is extremely heavy on the spruce/pine with more mint than lavender

WARMTH ~ Fireside Comfort - you would think that this is Fireside (and to those who asked, no this is NOT Vanilla Fireside/Pumpkin Fireside or Smoked Vanilla)... not really but extremely similar. It's like Fireside x100  and without the leather; just powerful pungent intense smoky burning wood notes with a hint a vanilla/tonka bean and warmth. If you ever wanted a more extreme version of Fireside, this bud's for you!

ADDENDUM: I think I need to resniff this but after some consideration, I think this may be a repackage of Smoked Birch? If not, they're similar and in the same family

Indulge - Cinnamon Rum Raisin (7307K3A2) - so this has been intriguing a lot of people as it popped up mysteriously. Honestly, it's just ok. It has a cinnamon spiced bakery base similar to a scent you'd find in fall - think along the lines of Cinnamon Pretzel Twist or Pumpkin Pecan Waffles. A lot of people on social media has been comparing it with Vanilla  Spiced Pear and I can kinda see it; they both share a similar spiced vanilla and dark rum base. And you do get a legit authentic raisin note. And there is a dark sweetness that to me smells less like rum and more like dark brown sugar.

ADDENDUM - I'm 50% sure that this may be a repackage of Oatmeal Raisin Cookie from backintheday but to be honest my scent memory is kinda faulty and unreliable on that scent. If anyone out there were into Slatkin scents and remember this one, let me know your thoughts

ADDENDUM - I was chatting with my buddy @candleafficionado who actually owns a 3wick of Oatmeal Raisin Cookie and did a comparison..they are NOT the same

ADDENDUM - A lot of peopple have ben saying this on social media and having done a comparison, I totally agree; Indulge smells like Vanilla Spiced Pear with raisins instead of pear

* NOOK ~ There's No Place Like Home may have been pulled from nationwide release due to you know why...although I've heard that a few stores have gotten shipment of them so it may be late or limited release

In case you missed them and you need an extra opinion for your Candle Day purchases, here are the most WALK N SNIFF reviews


  1. I have to admit, I'm actually intrigued by a LOT of these! Of course Pink Petal Teacake sounds super intriguing (I had never smelled the original.) I'm a HUGE Eggnog fan, so I've gotta get my hands on that. I'm dying to smell Candy Cane Calla Lilies because that sounds SO strange, even if it's not buy-worthy, definitely have to smell it. Jade/Luck is exciting to me because I loved Provence Garden, I got it in a SAS about 2 years back, and it's one of my favourites. And so is Winter Mint and Spruce, so Chill sounds lovely as well. And Indulge also sounds interesting, definitely one I want to smell but probably not one that I'll buy (I go for a lot more of the fresh scents than bakery scents.)

  2. I bought Warmth. When burning, I think you get quite a bit of vanilla (can't decide if it's too much for me), but I don't think it has more smoke than Fireside. You would probably know better, but from what I remember in 2013 or 2014, it seems very similar to Vanilla Firewood (or whenever it was that we saw its last appearance). At first I was worried that it was Sandalwood Vanilla, which I still have and, upon direct comparison, it's not. I will say it's not Smoked Vanilla either because when I bought that I compared it to my Sandalwood van. and they were extremely close so I returned it. Then again, I've been so anxious to see VF return that it may be in my head.

  3. I have Smoked Birch and Warmth, and they're definitely not the same. I haven't burned Warmth yet, but on cold sniff, it doesn't come off as sweet as Smoked Birch. Once I burned Smoked Birch, it was almost too sweet for me - very close to Marshmallow Fireside/Smoked Vanilla, like you mentioned before. But at least on cold sniff with Warmth, I don't get that sweetness as much. It almost comes off as like a cross between Smoked Birch and Fireside. I think it either has a note in there that's cutting the sweetness, or they just toned down the sweetness when compared to some of those others.

    But that's just on cold sniff, I haven't burned it yet. Smoked Birch didn't come off as too sweet to me on cold sniff either, so who knows...


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