BLAST FROM THE PAST: Holiday Pomander (2009)

Products: candle
Area used in: living room
Time Period: December - New Years

Description: citrus fruits, cloves, bay rum, leafy balsam, and musk

Trivia: a "pomander" is a citrus fruit (usually some kind of orange) studded with clove; orange clove is a blend associated with Christmastime

So this is a scent that shortly before my time as a BBWer and only heard about in recent years. I don't know how it happened but I ran across while doing a Google search on another scent. It was a promotion on QVC from during the Slatkin era..and there it was...

The notes sounded so enticing and intriguing that I had to find it. After searching for years on the black market, I finally found one recently priced and immediately bought it; it smelled as amazing as I thought it would. Then about a year or so again perhaps, I was able to score another one reasonably priced. As you may remember, there was a Pomander candle out in stores now which I was hoping would be a repackage of HP but alas it was not. So I decided to throw caution to the wind, a have a pure YOLO moment and light up one of my HPs (the other is a permanent SNIFF ONLY candle) for Christmas time and I'm soooo glad I did cuz it is amazeballs.

HP is pure unadulterated Christmas in a jar - more so than Tis the Season, more so than Evergreen, Winter, Chestnut & Clove, Spice etc. Amongst true candle connoisseurs and ol school Slatkineers, Winter Garland is the ultimate rare hard to find classic Christmas in a jar scent..and for aawhile I agreed..that is until I lit up HP. I will now say something truly scandalous; in my humble opinion, HP smells BETTER than Winter Garland!

So as you can imagine just based on the name, main things you smell in HP is orange and clove. You get the rind/peel/zest of the orange and clementine and maybe a little lemon as well. That rich citrus oil smell is spiced with intense earthy clove as well bay rum... Bay rum is a distilled cologne made from rum infused with citrus rinds, cinnamon, clove and pimento/Jamaican pepper. And NO, before you say anything, this does NOT smell cologney; the bay rum just adds a sweetness, pungentness and spiciness to the blend. Lastly theres a resinous astringent pine/balsam note that hits your nose last and gives the scent a quintessential alpine/winter feel. The blend as a whole just has a very classic,  traditional, old fashioned Victorian/Dickensian Christmas with Christmas punch and figgy puddings and mincemeat pies and trees with candles and bayberry boughs and stockings by the fireplace roasting chestnuts. This is a candle that makes you wanna pour yourself a glass of mulled wine, wrap up in a blanket and watch A Christmas Carol.

I have only burned 3x so have and each time was a flawless burn with a gorgeous pool with the highest flames I've seen in awhile. And because this is from the good ol days when candles had a 40-45 burn time, I can light this up with reckless abandon during the holiday season. If I can find another one of these badbois, I am definitely buying it no questions asked.   


  1. Hey, just out of curiosity, did your BBW get in a super random and out of place beach-themed collection?? I just went shopping today and they have an entire line out right now of straight up summery, beachy scents. There's Turquoise Waters, Mango Shores, Beach Sage and Mint, etc. I was thoroughly confused by it. What's with a summer collection in December??

    1. That collection was testing and failed last year. I imagine they were brought back for the upcoming SAS but they were put out early due to limited stock of holiday candles


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