RANT OF THE DAY: Candle Scandal 2017 ~ Nook/No Place like...Court?!

Nook ~ No Place Like Home (7298AGA3) - Vanilla Bean and Cedarwood Essential Oil

Ok, so I have already spilled the T about this candle but for those who missed it, I'll recap.

As you know, this candle is the only candle in the Hygge collection that failed. Why? It was a blatant ripoff of another candle company's design - Scandinavisk  . BBW's NOOK looked exactly like Scandinavisk's signature scent KOTO (Finnish for "home) ~THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME. While the look of BBW's Hygge collection are eerily similar to Scandinavisk's design, NOOK  was the most obvious offender. In fact..and this is just a theory...but the decision for BBW to make this collection in the first place (and bring back Pink Petal Teacake after all of these years) was probably "inspired" by another of Scandinavisk's scents - HYGGE.. whose notes contain...wait for it.... strawberry cake and rose petals.

BBW did not have permission to use Scandinavisk's graphic designs. I repeat...BBW DID NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO USE SCANDINAVISK'S DESIGNS. How do I know? The founder of the company contacted me himself saying that he was unaware of this, the graphic design is legally his and that he will be taking action.

At any rate, BBW has been suspiciously quiet about this debacle. Furthermore, this was the ONLY candle in this collection that didn't appear online and the few stores that did indeed have shipments of them were sold for 999.99 in the computer system as a preventive...although SA/managers would still override the price and sell it to those Thirsty Thelmas suffering from a severe case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out").

ADDENDUM: NOOK has indeed appeared both in stores and online but had to be sold with the labels removed for "legal reasons"...suspicious much?

So I stopped in a local BBW a few days ago (hoping to catch a sight of Lavender Marshmallow) and what to my wondering eyes should I see but a gaggle of NOOKs. Since it was there, I had to satisfy my curiousity and give it a sniff.

It's sooooooo NOT what I was expecting...

Based on the notes, I assumed that it would be a repackage of an old one hit wonder called Vanilla Cedarwood..which totally make sense and fits what this candle is trying to convey. It's ever so slightly close but definitely not a repackage. If it wasn't VC, I assumed this would be a sweet woodsy manly "cologney" scent like Bowties & Bourbon or Ski Lodge...nope, not so much. To quote someone on IG, NOOK smells like "opening to the door to a LUSH store"...that's pretty accurate. Imagine opening the doors to LUSH which sets off a trip wire making every bath bomb explode in your face and that my friends is NOOK. There's a strange unexplained soapiness to it; it reminds of the sea shell shaped non-usable decorative soaps your grandma would put out whenever there's company. Vanilla and cedarwood? I'm gonna have to say no to the vanilla; if it's there, it's faint. And there is a dryness which could be from the cedarwood. But there are definitely notes they aren't mentioning.

Final verdict?! IT AIN'T ALL THAT!

I have to laugh at BBW; they went to all the trouble to steal a look from another company only for the candles to sit and collect dust. The only candles from this collection that people are buying is PPTC (and that's only out of pure hype, not because the scent is amazing cuz it isn't) and Cinnamon Rum Raisin. And the stores that actually do have NOOK, the only people buying any of them are again buying them out of social media hype and letting FOMO control their purchasing decisions; everyone else with sense and taste has sniffed them and left them on the shelf.

Look I can't tell you what to do with your money but what I can say is stop buying candles out of FOMO. NOOK is not worth the intrigue and infamy; it's not a bad scent by any means but it is extremely underwhelming and undeserving of any efforts to search for it and buy it regardless of the price. With Lavender Marshmallow and the other Sweet Shoppe scents making their way to stores as well as Beach Sage and Mint, you shouldn't be wasting your time and attention and money on NOOK. Save your coins and move on!

As for BBW's design larceny....



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    1. Seriously, I'm really getting tired of you! Go spam someone else!

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  3. I came across your post about Nook while searching for more. I actually purchased one this weekend and I love the way it makes my house smell. I now understand why they had to take the label off. There were three in my local store and were sold for $6.


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