NEWNESS UPDATE: SAS/Spring 2018 Test Scents *UPDATED*

I hope you all have enjoy the snow and winter an the holidays cuz according to BBW, it's a wrap! Spring/Summer scents are slow slipping into stores, some which have even already appeared online.

So first let's talk about the collection that's available now - Seaside Mist (aka XOXO), Midnight Blue Citrus, Salted Vanilla, White Driftwood (aka Happily Ever After), Mango Shores, Coastal Jasmine, Turquoise Waters and Beach Sage and Mint.

This collections' random and unannounced appearance seem to be really confusing people with some folks thinking it's an entirely new collection..

This is not a new collection...I repeat... THIS IS NOT A NEW COLLECTION.

It's the Coast to Coast collection which tested, was set for nationwide release but shockingly failed last spring... well the candles failed, the wf bulbs went wide (I even did a tester candle WALK N SNIFF    )

While I'm glad this collection is back mainly because Beach Sage & Mint is LIFE but I must admit it's strange seeing this collection online and in stores in December. My guess is this collection was slated for a SAS throwback appearance but because stores/warehouses in a low supply of holiday candles, these were put out early to fill space. So there ya go.

Also making a SAS (but probably earlier) release is the Desert 2.0 collection which tested and failed after Coast to Coast as well as...wait for it...SWEET SHOP including the grand poobah of  unicorn candles, Lavender Marshmallow

Let's move on to the new stuff..and I use the term "new stuff" extremely loosely. So at the moment, there are 4 collections testing and honestly, they're kinda blah.

The first collection is WB collection, with sort of an aromatherapy/spa/day with the girls theme. They have colored frosted glasses with a 50's/60s metallic strip design. At the moment, the new scents are...

White Opal - Shimmering Sea Salt, Jade Blossoms, Lush Moss (I got nuthin)

Palo Santo - Palo Santo Wood, Warm Amber, Soft Musk (repackage of Golden Desert Sands from Desert 2.0/Succulents collection which was a repackage of Desert Heat from the original Desert collection) 

ADDENDUM: Palo Santo (also known as "lignum vitae") is wood found in South America and the Caribbean; burned like incense/sage smudge, it's often used in Santeria 

Returning scents include Midnight Blue CitrusMineral Springs, Incense, and Rosewater & Ivy

There are also additions to WB core line in with frosted marbley tumblers. New scents include...

Pink Prosecco - Pink Lady Apple, Sparkling Prosecco, Juicy Pear (Pink Apple Punch-ish)

Pink Pineapple - Pineapple, Sugared Berries, Lemon Zest (new scent but very generic) 

Returning scents include Mahogany Coconut, Fresh Cut Lilacs, Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla and Pure White Cotton 

Next, because it's BBW, there's a tropical fruity summer collection with Golden Girls/Miami Beach condo wallpaper labels. New scents include...

Coconut Colada - Creamy Coconut, Spiced Bananas, Dark Rum (word on the street this is a repackage of Banana Kiwi Colada from Poptails 2015  this may be the grand return of Bahama Fizz)

Pomelo Citron - (repackage of Capri Citron)

Returning scents include Tiki Beach, Rainforest Gardenia, Turquoise Waters, Pineapple Mango, Blue Ocean Waves

Finally, because BBW loves us and make it their life's mission/work to make us happy and give us what we all have been clamoring for...we're getting more quotes candles! YAAAAAAAY!!!

And they're just as lame as ever! And of course the scents are dry, boring and basic!

GRL PWR - Strawberry Cupcake

YOU GIVE MY ALL THE FEELS - Warm Vanilla Sugar

Inhale Exhale - Eucalyptus Mint & Rain

YOU'RE A GEM - Wild Sage & Aloe

Kindness is Magic - Peach Bellini

You LIGHT UP MY sky - Lavender Vanilla

AMAZING THINGS WILL HAPPEN - Water-mess-on Lame-ade...I mean Watermelon Lemonade

Will you accept this Rosé - Strawberry Mimosa

And if that's not bad enough, there are now quote wf bulbs too!

XO - Japanese Cherry Blossom
We're MINT to be - Eucalyptus Mint
Wine Down - Black Cherry Merlot
Yay! - A Thousand Wishes
Hello Sunshine - Limoncello
Hello Darling - Beautiful Day

Yeah, 2018 is not looking so good!


  1. Blah, I hate the quotes candles. So darn boring. And most (all?) are just plain off-white instead of colored too, which is annoying. I hope they stop trying to push that fad. I noticed it on the little hand sanitizers awhile back, never thought they'd push it to the candles too.

    Spring/summer stuff in mid December... can we at least get through Christmas first?! Sheesh.

    1. I'm totally with you! BBW is convinced that quote candles is where it's at and are super popular and the perfect gift...not so much

      Well in the past, spring candles always started testing in stores and then was released nationwide sometime in January/February but it looks like testing is moreorless over and things are just being released. That said, I do agree it is wayyyyyy too early to be seeing these kind of scents

  2. Do you know if champagne toast is coming back before the end of the year?

    1. uuummm.....

      it's already out and has been for awhile; there has been 3 different versions of Champagne Toast since November

  3. Dang it. It's always a new years scent so I never start looking for it until December. All of my stores say they are out and it's no longer online. I guess next year.

    1. yeah technically it's a new year scent but the collection its in is ALWAYS out earlier. Not a single holiday themed collection ever comes out around Christmastime, it always November/beginning of December and by New Years, it's SAS and spring stuff coming out. You know seasonal scents never come out during their season, its always before

  4. I'm looking for two scents in particular to come back as part of Spring or Summer, because they're both normally around during that time. Tobacco Flower and Coconut Leaves--Coconut Leaves, I like to mix it with Tiki Beach normally and Tobacco Flower is such a clean and lovely smell and I'm sad I didn't stock up on it before. Lesson learned, especially if they don't come back, I'll have to shell out major money on ebay for them.

  5. @AutumnNightLover Champagne Toast is out again for spring in the WB core line.

  6. For the love of God, I just spent months upon months trying to get through Spring and Summer and make it to Fall. But now I'm already going to be faced with a tidal wave of BBW's florals and WL and those damn beach/coconut scents I hate with everything in me? I'm pissed and I mean it sincerely. It's like they want to push their summer trash year round and are willing to take a little time out for Fall and Winter scents. I'm getting over BBW really fast.


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