NEWNESS UPDATE: The Perfect Wish Collection

Just when you've gotten used to all of the current fall scents and have wrapped your brain around of the upcoming winter scents, there is a new collection of scents comin our way....



This collection appears to be various bright and vibrant scents in colored glittery tumblers meant to uplift and invigorate you; scents that would, oh I dunno, make you wanna ignite the light and let it shine and own the night like the 4th of July!

So back in 2012 (I think), BB&W had a collection called "The Good Life" collection; it was a scent of scents with various aromatherapy notes/blends with very sappy saccharine emotion themed names like "Happy" "Passion" "Peace" "Joy", etc. Many of these later became scents that we all know and love - "Relax" = Lavender Vanilla, "Relief" = Eucalyptus Mint, "Renew" = Renew&Refresh, "Flirt" = Paris Daydream/Sparkling Icicles and so on and soforth. (BTW Touchthefiretwice did an awesome review on these on his channel if you're interested). Anyway, the point of all this was that this new collection reminds me a lot of those Good Life candles.

So here are the scents in this collection. Check out these sappy vague note descriptions...

Live in Sunshine ~ Fresh Blooms  I live in the sunshine.  Fresh Blossom's sun-kissed flower petals, green willow leaves and a splash of citrus will make this wish come true. (Garden Party? Bloom/First Bloom? Poppy Sunshine/Wild Poppies?)

Sparkle Everyday ~ Confetti Cupcake  I wish... to sparkle everyday.  Everyone deserves the chance to sparkle...wish granted with confetti cupcakes glittering blend of fresh baked cake, peaks of sweet buttercream and shimmering sprinkles. (repcakage of Frosted Cupcake...not surprise there)

Go with the Flow ~ Bergamot Waters I go with the flow. Make this wish come true effortlessly with Turquoise Waters easy mix of fresh water notes, sunlight and a hint of sea spray (people are saying that it's a repackage of Turquoise Waters, which is a repackage of Sea Spray)

Light up the Room ~ Green Apple Champagne I light up the room. Sparkling Apple Champagne delightful blend of crisp green apple, shimmering amber and bergamot causes smiles that are brighter than candlelight. (I thought maybe Wasabi Apple, but I'm now thinkin Green Apple Orchard)

Dream Big ~ Lavender Clouds I dream big.  Start making your dreams reality with Lavender Clouds and get inspired by soft lavender flowers, luxurious white musk and a touch of coriander. (I and many others were hoping this would turn out to be Lavender Marshmallow but it doesn't look like it. Maybe Lavender Market from back in the day)

Dance 'Til Dawn ~Tropical Tango I wish to dance 'til dawn. Simply follow the smooth coconut, vibrant mango and bubbly champagne notes in tropical tango and you'll start to cha, cha, cha.  (apparently this smells like Champagne Toast with a hint of mango)

Be Daring ~ Spiced Saffron Redwood I wish... to be daring, Dare to be inspired by spiced saffron and Redwoods ruby red cranberries, rare saffron and California Redwood. (I'm gonna go with Wine Cellar however I have a sneaky suspicion this is gonna be Autumn Night...again!)

Wine Down ~ Pomegranate Sangria - I wish... to wind down. Make the stresses of the disappear with Pomegranate Sangria's effervescent blend of oaky white wine, apples and a hint of juicy pomegranate seeds (Pomegranate Spritzer from Summer Sips? Pomegranate Lemonade?)

I heard conflicting things about when this collection was gonna be hitting stores - some say this week, some say after Halloween. Now whether or not these will be hitting all stores or just test stores remains to be seen. I have a funny feeling they're just gonna hit test stores soon first and the rest of us unfortunates near regular stores won't se them til after SAS. Since these scents come across very spring-y, I can't see them releasing these anytime soon, not with all of the holiday/winter candles comin our way.

At the risk of soundin like a Negative Nancy, I'm not excited about this collection at all! Much like the Intrigue and Opulence collection, there's a whole lot of fuss, a whole lot of hype, a whole of sparkly razzle-dazzle but in the end it's just not worth - just a bunch of recycled repackages with light throws and quick burn time in pretty decorated tumblers; you're just payin for the glass!

For more info and pics, check out Lifeinsidethepage (from where I got the note descriptions) or, if you're on Instagram, glenn-girl81


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