Products: candle and wallflower bulbs
Area used in:  bedroom
Time Period: mid-September- end of October & November-December

Description: Nutmeg and cinnamon stick are layered over a rich base of applewood and cedar to evoke the perfect autumn night

So I was lookin for a new sexy manly fall scent for my bedroom, something other than my baby Black Pepper Bergamot. I was initially excited that Tailgate was coming back and had actually made it past test phase but found out to my dismay that it was the same Tailgate from last year (repackage of Mad about Madrid). Anyhoo, Autumn Night sounded right up my alley so I thought I'd give it a try and I wound up really loving it, my bf too! I was hyping it up and defending it against haters on Facebook - it was/is my jam and became an instant fall fav/must have for me!

So why did I give it my patented "THIS IS BOMB.COM" title? Mainly because the performance. The performance kinda sucked!

As you can see there's some canyoning action with a big cliff of was pre and post burn. It initially tunneled and took forever to pool out. Eventually after quite a few burns, it corrected itself - it had thick mushroom tops, high flames and finally a completely full pool. Then there was throw issue - it could've been a just wee bit stronger. This is definitely a small room scent otherwise the scent would be nonexistent.

Now let's talk about the scent! I don't care what anyone says, I'm stickin to my guns and goin down swingin on this one. This is a straightup repackage with a twist of Autumn Day from '12/'13. I heard some other reviewers saying this before I sniffed/bought/burned it but I refused to believe it cuz I fell for the notes. But sure enough those reviewers were right! Now I was never a fan of Autumn Day for some reason, it always rubbed my nose the wrong way though I said I was gonna force myself to try it this year if it came back...and here it is! Now notice that earlier I called it a "repackage with a twist" because it is slightly different. It's balanced, more smoky almost incense-like with an added spice, cardamom to be exact (not cinnamon and nutmeg as said in the notes) but the base notes smell exactly like Autumn Day. 

Now as y'all may or may not know Autumn Day is itself a repackage of a Slatkin-era scent from '11 called Acorn and Fig. Completely disregard the notes for Autumn Day (oak, citrus and golden amber) cuz that's classic B&BW bullshit! The notes for Acorn and Fig are more true to form - "A medley of fresh apricot, juicy pear and fig blended with fresh cut Birchwood and creamy sandalwood" Those are EXACTLY what I smell in Autumn Night. There's a sweet creamy fig note with a fresh off the tree unsliced pear (apricot not so much) with an creamy woody incense-y sandalwood and a heavy birch note with added spicy cardamom. And, like Autumn Day/Acorn and Fig, there's an unexplainable cooling almost mint-like action you get (maybe from the birchwood). Overall, I like the changes - the added notes round out and balance this scent  and I much prefer this rich blue color to the old green color. Also Autumn Day never struck me as a "daytime" so I'm glad the changed it to "night" cuz it totally reminds me of nighttime - bein out with friends in the woods on a cool "autumn night" chugging hard cider and roasting sweet potatoes or marshmallows in front of a fire.

Now here comes the rant. I've talked about this before about B&BW bullshitting people with notes. How in the hell does apricot/pear/fig/birch/sandalwood become citrus/amber/oak and how does that become nutmeg/cinnamon/applewood/cedar?! Nobody out there can tell me that they actually can smell those last 4 notes?! Furthermore Autumn Night seems to be following in the direction of Paris Daydream/Sparkling Icicles and Villa Bergamot as a scent that refuses to die. So far it has been repackaged TWICE - once as Cardamom and Suede from Intrigue and Opulence (funny that I smelled cardamom in Autumn Night and now that's what is being called) and again as Holly Jolly Christmas which makes absolutely NO SENSE! And I have a funny feeling that the Be Daring from the testing Light up the Room is gonna wind up bein a AN repackage too. Don't get me wrong, I really like this scent but not enough for it to be repackaged. Furthermore I would only want this scent in fall, cuz it's a fall scent!

It's a nice enough scent; for me it's a perfect late autumn bedroom scent. As much I like it, it just pisses me off that is being repackaged and that it smells totally different that what the description says.


  1. Sonovabiscuit. AN is intrigue & opulence C&S. My 14 y/o step-D & my man both say they are different & each prefers C&S. *bad-word* they smell freaking identical to me! One is US made & the other Canadian. Prolly accounts for any slight perceived difference.


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