WALK 'N' SNIFF: Intrigue and Opulence

So I was in the City takin care of business and decided to take a trip to my favorite BBW and see what it had in store

It had all of the lidless color glass core scents..which I just realized that I didn't sniff them. Not that it matters cuz they're all scents that I know already

The store also had the Snow and Slopes candles that are online - Winter, Hot Buttered Rum, Fresh Balsam, etc. It also had a mason Jar of Alpine Frost. Alpine Frost is...aight. On cold sniff, it does kinda smell like a Pine-Sol; just a generic clean, fresh "pine" scent with a hint of citrus. It reminds me of a failed test scent last winter called "Frosted Pine"  . Less intense, less dirty smelling and with the faintest slightest hint of something orangey.

And finally there was the Intrigue and Opulence candles sitting in a grand shrine in the center front of the store. *sigh They all smelled very pleasant and I liked the look of the glasses...but they are not, I repeat, NOT worth $30! They're all repackages!!!

Cardamom and Suede
*sigh Just thinking of this candle just pisses me off. So let's not beat around the bush, this is a straight repack of..wait for it..AUTUMN NIGHT!!!! I already ranted and raved about Holly Jolly Christmas being a repack of Autumn Night and now here we go again! I sniffed it and went "oh hell naw!!!"Seriously, what is so great about Autumn friggin Night that it's been repackaged TWICE?! There is NOTHING intriguing or opulent about Autumn Nights for it to be a part of this collection!

Interestingly enough, I said very early on that I smelled cardamom in Autumn Night. Touchthefiretwice said the exact same thing in his review vid..he smelled cardamom. And look what its new name is. And there you have it!

Smoked Berries and Incense
I went back and forth with this one, I didn't know if I like it or not. The scent itself his very straightforward - dark red berries (cranberries and black currants) with an intense earthy "incense-y" smell; saffron, patchouli, maybe sandalwood. This is only conjecture but I believe this might be a repackage of Wine Cellar/Mulled Wine from last year's Prestige/Ski Den collection...I think

Baltic Black Pearl
This one is by far the winner of this collection. If it was regular price, I would've bought it. This scent is right up my alley - smooth, sexy, sensual, sophisticated aka "COLOGNE-Y" It kinda reminds me of Black Pepper Bergamot, just slightly less spicy but it still has that sensuous masculine vibe to it like BPB. It's smells sooooo familiar, it's a repackage of something but I just cant put my finger on it. Somebody out there, help me out - what is Baltic Black Pearl a repackage of?!

Sparkling Amber
This one really isn't worth talking about. It's straightup Sensual Amber. If you're familiar with that scent and like it, that's what Sparkling Amber is.

Topaz Waters
So this was the only one other that Baltic Black Pearl that I liked but I thought it was unneccesary and again it's a repackage just like all the rest of them. At first I thought it might Island Waters from the Aloha Collection but it might actually be Turquoise Waters from the Coastal Cool collection. Topaz Waters has that same "wateriness" aka cucumber melon with light hints of floral. That said, it's a repackage of one of those scents. Ironically, both of those scents themselves are repackages!

I also sniffed the three 34.50 candles - Sapphire Sky, Golden Woods and Crimson Velvet. ALL THREE on cold throw were so light to the point of being nonexistent. They were all so boring, uninspired and forgettable!

You know, big ups to those y'all out there wastin....ahem I mean spending your money on these scents. I personally will not! I flat out refuse! Not because I'm being cheap, it's just the principle of the thing! What are we paying this for?! They're ALL repackages and not even good repackages or repackages of old forgotten Slatkin era classic. The fact that there is a repackage of AUTUMN FRIGGIN NIGHT in this collection only strengthens my resolve to buy any of these! And they're all so LIGHT! You already know the throw is gonna be weak! And how quick is the burn time? Are they just as super fast as the regular priced ones? They aren't new or repackages of old better scents, the cold throws are all light and there is no guarantee that the burn time has been reduced...again, I ask why are these so expensive? Basically, you're paying for the colored glass! Hell, you can dye your own BBW tumblrs cheaply for less money, hell I did it before!

Bath and Body Works, y'all have got to do better than this!!!!! 


  1. Baltic Black Pearl reminds me of the Night Time Tea Aromatherapy candle they discontinued!

  2. Really? Interesting! It's been drivin me crazy trying to figure out what BBP smells like! Thanks Sara! :D

  3. Just bought another sparkling confetti today, to try again. (first one had no throw). And then was burning my last Lil bit bbp tonight. & I thought, why, why, why is this so familiar?? Because is it a dead ringer for sparkling confetti / party dress. Just my 2¢. Lemme know whatcha figure!

    1. Really? Hmm, I thought it smelled kinda "cologney". If I see it in any of more stores, I'll have to resniff

  4. Eh, after much huffing, they are not identical, but IMO have very similar notes. Wish I would have bought as many bbp as C&S. Maybe I should abduct the one I gave to my mumsy. SC & black tie will have to do until then. I bet if BT & SC had a baby, it would be bbp. Hmm.

  5. Btw- I got my i&o candles for regular price. Strange, huh?

    1. Not really. Bbw knew the price wasnt very popular nd not as many people were buyin them. They then lowered the price to get rid of all the leftovers

  6. Hmm. Good points. I kinda doubt we'll be see in them again next fall. BBW 3-wick Fail!


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