WALK 'N' SNIFF: Fall 2018 Candles ~ Second Phase

I finally got to sniff the second (possible final) phase of fall candles today. I went to s WB store since I was relatively nearby and the store had everything.

So let's the start with the Gilded Forest (tree bark labels) - skipping Fresh Ballsack..Balsam , Cranberry Woods and Leaves 

Vanilla Birch - basically Wine Cellar without the wine and Smoked Berries & Incense without the smoked berries

Cinnamon Bark (8206M8A1) - Ok, so I think I need help with this one. I'm not sure but I think this is a possible repackage of a one hit wonder from 2014 called Spiced Wreath. It's a very non descript (boring) red hot scent. You get a more woody aromatic cinnamon bark note as well some clove, almost like a very toned down Cinnamon & Clove Buds

The Great Outdoors (8204AGA6) - So when I first heard about this one, I had a repackage hypothesis and having smelled it, I'm about 85% certain I'm right. I believe that this is a repackage of the 2013 failed test scent Pinecone/Autumn Snow . It's also very similar Slatkin/Homeworx latest candle White Birch. So basically it's a piney scent with a woody base. There's a also spearmint-like mentholy feel that gives you a sense of the cold and brisk outdoors. It is on the manly side but but I wouldn't call it "cologney" 

Let's move on to what I'm gonna call the "Flannel" collection - omitting Flannel , Leaves, Bourbon Maple and Peppered Suede

Autumn Trail - so I was RREEEAAALLLYY hoping this would've been a repackage of the failed test scent version of Tailgate but alas it isn't. I'm hesitant to call it a new scent becuae it smells soooo familiar but I can't quite place it. So right off the bat, it's a manly scent bordering on the cusp of being cologney. The main notes you get is very earthy and slightly musty moss note and a blast of black pepper. And there is an unmentioned but very definite wood note that smells like the bark of tree. The name is pretty accurate - it smells like you're walking down a wooded trail of on a brisk anutumn afternoon.

Now let's move on to the "Friendly Forest" collection (cartoon hand painted labels) skipping Harvest Gathering , Marshmallow Fireside , Mahogany Apple and Crisp Morning Air

Blackberry Tea Leaf (8212AGA8) - So there's been some contention over this candle in the candle community - is it a repackage of Blackberry Bramble Tea  which was in essence a repackage with a twist of the infamous Blueberry Pumpkin Patch. So in my most personal opinion, I don't think that it is a repackage though I will say that it has an extremely similar berry basenote. BBBT had a bit of spice to it while BTL does not. Also I don't remember BBBT having such intense citrus notes. To me, this smells like Blueberry Pumpkin Patch mixed with London Calling - has a dried borderline artifical blueberry/blackberry blend with a definite iced tea vibe with a splash of orange and lemon. It's a cute and unique scent but not really worth the hype.

And the finally, the latest addition to the fall roster - the "Gather" collection (gold leaf label) skipping Cider Lane, Frosted Cranberry and Pumpkin Pecan Waffles

Gather (8194G3A2) - So there was talk that this was "Feast~Maple Sugar Brittle" from the 2015 Thanksgiving Collection. But having smelled, it don't think it is. If it is, it has definitely been tweaked. So Feast yet another sickeningly sweet gloopy ooey gooey vaguely maplely caramel scent. It get that with Gather but I'm geting something that Feast definitely did not have - apple. There is a definite and obvious spiced baked apple/mulled hot cider vibe in the background that almost smells a little like Apple Cinnamon Cider. Despite despising most caramel scent, I must say I prefer this over Feast but with Caramel Apple and Cider Lane, this scent is both redundant and unnecessary.

Evening Hearth (8212AGA3) - this scent is what I was the most intrigued with. Reviews for this candle has been all over the place so obviously I had to smell it for myself. There's one candle that it reminds me of soooo much but I'm hesistant to call it a repackage - Pumpkin Hayride from 2014. They're soooo similar but I don't think it's a repackage. It also reminds me of Autumn Night  a little bit; definitely NOT a repackage but similar; think of this as Autumn Night's little brother. It has a dry woody base, heavy on the cedar. There's a definite autumnal fruit blend in the mix  go so far as to call it "cider". Cashmere is synthetic wood like note also known as "Blonde woods" which tends to give scents a warm, soft, cozy vibe..like cashmere; you do get that kind of vibe. There's a tiny incense-like smokiness and there's a spice blend that reminds me so much of Welcome ~ Autumn Spiced Wreath (I swear, this candle is all over the place scent-wise) but with added pinch of cardamom...which harkens back to Autumn Night and Pumpkin Hayride which were both cardamom heavy. I'm diggin it because it's so weird and all over the place but I dunno if it has stock up appeal. 


  1. Evening Hearth seemed very similar to Pumpkin Woods to me, but I saw someone say that on Instagram, so I don't know if it's just the power of suggestion making me think that. I definitely loved EH as soon as I smelled it, just like I love PW, but they may just be similar scents, given they're booth woodsy spice scents.

  2. I wish they would repackage Blackberry Spice! I adored that one!

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