WALK 'N' SNIFF: Fall Preview ~ Low Profile Candles and Gilded Garden Collection

So I hadnt been in BBW in awhile and since I was in the general vicinity of one recently, I thought I'd step these candles for the sake of writing a review.

...why? Why do these candles exist? What is their purpose?

Like, I get it - not all people are into a fall and fall scents (a sentiment that I do not at all understand or agree with)..and these sick and twisted   individuals need fragrance options....though I would argue that isn't that the whole reason that the WB core collection (aside from easonal add-ons) exists? Moreover what were these SOBs doing in previous falls, stocking up and burning non-fall scents! But I digress. Can we all agree these the choices for these two collections are all kinds of random? Anyway, I can rant about this crap til the cows come home but sure you don't want to hear that, just a nitty-gritty cold sniff review. So here we go...

So there's one new scent worth talking about in the Low Profile/Squat collection and that is...

Pumpkin Vanilla (8169A3A1) - honestly, there's really not much to say about this one; it's a straightup repackage of Pumpkin Pie. Why BBW just didn't keep the name and throw it in the Pumpkin Patch collection with the rest of the pumpkin-y bakery scents OR hold off until Thanksgiving is beyond me. Instead they chose to rename it and toss it in this collection. And PLEASE, don't listen to anyone who tells you this smells like like Shit Cinnamon Poopkin, it doesn't; they're obviously a newbie with no prior knowledge of any pumpkin scent other than SCP. So yeah, think Pumpkin Patch/Pumpkin Carving/Heirloom Pumpkin with of vanilla and an added bakery note and that is Pumpkin Pie aka Pumpkin Vanilla...NOT Shit Cinnamon Poopkin!

And now, the Gilded Garden collection....yay *eyeroll

Heirloom Apple = Farmstand Apple

Pomegranate = same Pomegranate we've seen before; repackage of Love ~ Rose Quartz which is a repackage of Wild Huckleberry

Almond = same Almond we've time and time again lately; basically Creamy Nutmeg without the spice

French Lavender and Eucalyptus Mint = same; not worth talking about

Lemon & Fig (8164AGA3) - so many people were making this out to be a new scent but I knew better; I had a hunch what it was and after sniffing it, I was right. It's a straightup repackage of Sunny Fig. Granted a lot of people wouldn't have experienced this scent as the Test Lab collection was only available in WB stores. But to those who do have access to a WB, there's no excuse. Always take the time to smell every scent cuz you never know when it'll return with a new name...like this one! So anyway, there's really not much to say about this one; it's a dry vaguely fruity blend with some woodsiness and a bright pop of citrus; if you didn't see the name or read the notes, you probably wouldn't know what you were smelling.

Peppercorn (8179K3A1) - I was initially intrigued with this as a)I do love the smell of peppercorn and b)the notes sounded a little...cologne-y. Speaking of which of which, it's very similar to a very obscure cologney scent called Cashmere & Oak (later repackaged as Winter Woods). It's a woodsy blend with a sharp acridness that I suppose could be peppercorn. If you enjoy warm spicy maly type scents, then this scent is for you

White Pumpkin (8186K3A1) - now this badboi has been causing a little bit of controversy on social media. Reviews were all over the place and way too many people referenced Shit Cinnamon Poopkin..which, no comment. A few of us ol school Slatkineers wondered if it could be a repackage of the cursed and forgotten Creamy Pumpkin  - once a fall staple ony to be overshadowed by similar smelling scents, later tested twice and failed twice and now is completely forgotten and obscure. After smelling, I myself wondered if it was indeed CP but wasn't 100% sure as I going strictly on scent memory (having given my CP candle away). I posed a quandry on social media whether others thought it was CP and the comments were evenly split down the middle; some thought it was, some didn't.

So is it CP? In my most humble of opinions, I'm gonna go with yes..but an updated remix of it - a repackage with a twist

Though, it could just be a matter of newer low grade fragrance oils replicating an old formula but no quite getting right. So many Slatkin era scents that are around now have become either watered down or changed ever so slightly thru the years and that many be the case with White Pumpkin trying to replicate CP

Anyway, so what does this candle smell like?

Familiar with WBNo1~ Nutmeg and Spice and Pumpkin Caramel Latte? CP (and White Pumpkin) has a similar vibe (it was those scents backintheday that pushed CP out of the limelight and into obscurity). There's a smooth rich milky/creamy base with a hint of caramel. The blend is heightened by a bit of ginger. Now here's whether WP differs from CP and has sent everyone into a tizzy; the spice blend is very apparent in WP, very heavy on cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. So I can see why people weren't convinced that this was CP cuz this heavy spice threw them off. I can also see the Shit Cinnamon Poopkin reference but still * eyeroll.

This is good candle for those struggling with pumpkin scent phobia; it's a good alternative to Pumpkin Patch/Pumpkin Carving and sooo much better than Shit Cinnamon Poopkin.

I still say that WP is a repackage with a twist of CP 


  1. Of all the scents from test lab to repackage, I can't believe they repackaged Sunny Fig. It wasn't even a popular one! To be fair, probably the most popular they did repackage, the Thai Coconut one, but like really? Sunny Fig?

  2. WP is great for those of us who suffer from summer depression (all 10 of us). It helps to burn fall candles while I’m hiding in my house. I get an early, light, fall pumpkin scent without digging into my hardcore fall candles. Actually, I’ve found that WP and Perfect Autumn (since PA isn’t all that Fall-like) are good for this. If I start burning my fall candles too early, I’m sick of them by October, which sucks because I refuse to burn Christmas candles until the day after thanksgiving.

    1. I can see that

      I'm the same way, I can't start burning fall candles early and absolutely no Christmsa/holiday scents until after Thanksgiving

  3. White Pumpkin is such a letdown (at least in candle form; I haven't tried the wallflower). It's promising but has NO throw whatsoever. Heirloom Apple is beautiful. Lemon and Fig smells like a dying garden.


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