NEWNESS UPDATE: Even More Winter 2017 Candles *UPDATED*

Yep, BBW is not done with us; there's a slew of winter scents heading our way with some stores already receiving shipments.

So first off, there will be a continuations of the hippie dippie white witch crystal Practical Magic candles. Instead of crystals, the labels have a sandstone design. Each scent invokes a certain mood/feeling similar to the old Good Life collection from backintheday. From what I've heard, these candles will be out specifically for Candle Day. Scents include

LOVE ~ Rose Quartz - Black Currant, Elderberry, Green Leaves, Vanilla Sugar (straightup repackage of Wild Huckleberry/Pomegranate))

WISDOM ~ Quartz Crystal - Vetiver, Sagebrush, Oakmoss, Smoky Amber (I was hoping this would be Oakmoss & Vetiver or maybe even my beloved Boathouse Row but according @_scentsgalore, it's extra heavy on the sage so it may be new)

LUCK ~ Jade - dewy greens, white jasmine, sweet clover, touch of apple (I'm gonna go with Green Grass aka Sunlit Garden..though if BBW was smart, they would've repackaged Emerald Isle from Destinations 2014) 

JOY ~ Sunstone - Plum Blossom, Sweet Grapefruit, Red Ginger (...I got nuthin)

POWER ~ Onyx - Dark Woods, Smoked Tonka, Black Pepper (again, I got nuthin)

SERENE ~ Aquamarine - Sea Salt, Crystalline Waters, Coconut Milk, Driftwood (sounds like Driftwood Surf or Poolside Daydream)

Next we're getting a New Year's edition of greetings/quotes candles..cuz BBW loves beating a dead horse. There's quite a bunch of them this go-round, with generic labels each more hideous and basic than the last

Merry and Bright = Limoncello (really BBW?!)
But First Champagne = Champagne Toast
New Year's Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses = Merry Mistletoe
Oh What Fun = Winter Candy Apple (they're REEAALLLY trying to make WCA  a thing this year)
Dear Santa, I want a Unicorn (dafuq?!) = Peppermint Marshmallow
Dear Santa, Define Naughty (eyeroll) = Spice
Rise & Grind = Paris Cafe
Let's Get Baked (ummm?) = Nutmeg Cupcake aka Creamy Nutmeg
Stay Classy = Black Tie
Looking Sharp (come the f*** on BBW!) = Cactus Blossom 
Save Water, Drink Wine = Black Cherry Merlot
Welcome = Pineapple Mango

There will be an adjoining mason jar only collection with incredibly corny quotes/sayings that have zero to do with the scents themselves

Time to Perfect your "I Love it" Face (wtf?!!!) = Ma-blah-gany Stankwood
I hate presents...said no one ever (*facepalm) = Spiced Apple Toddy

Also, as is tradition, we're getting a New Year's party collection. I kinda like the look of em - they have wrap-around labels with black and gold Art Deco-esque designs. And they say clear as day "White Barn" over the candles' scent names, so maybe they'll only have these at WB stores..who knows. The "new" scents in this collection are...

Starry Sky - Refreshing Bergamot, Sea Salt, Crisp Fern, Chilled Night Air (this sounds suspiciously like Sea to Santorini aka Freshwater & Seasalt but I was told by 2 sources that it wasn't. I have a suspicion/theory that this may be Desert Rain aka Sweet Fern)

Champagne & Glitter - Sparkling Champagne, White Pear, Vetiver, Cedarwood (so you would think this would Sparkling Pear Riesling or even White Pear Champagne but nope.I was told this was similar to White Tea & Pear from last spring)

Pomelo & Pine - White Pomelo, Juicy Mandarin, Balsam, Cinnamon Bark (I was REEALLYY hoping this would Winter Garland but BBW is hellbent on a sleeping on that scent. It sounds suspiciously like Winter but I was told this was super heavy on the pine. This could possibly be Alpine Frost)

Whiskey Butterscotch - Creamy Butterscotch, Vanilla, Touch of Sweet Whiskey (surprisingly this is not Bourbon Butterscotch but similar and heavy on the vanilla)

Returning scents include Black Tie and Golden Peach Sparkle (aka Market/Georgia Peach)

Lastly, it seems the rumours are true and there will be another collection featuring..wait for it..
Pink Petal Teacake. Folks are already losing their shit over social media...90% of them have never smelled it before. Supposedly this collection will be Sweet Shoppe inspired and will also have
Pink Bubblegum...which again is receiving hype from folks who have never smelled it. No clue when this collection will be out.

For pictures, check out @_scentsgalore, @come_at_me_bro716 and @bbwhoarder on Instagram or check out


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