THIS IS THE BOMB.COM: Peppermint Rosemary

Products: candle
Area used in: living room & bedroom
Time Period: anytime

Description: Fresh Peppermint, Iced Rosemary, Eucalyptus

So when this was first announced on social media, many of us ol schoolers assumed this would be the grand return of the beloved but sadly long forgotten Snow Day. That said, the pessimist in me knew the likelihood of BBW bring this scent back was slim to none. However the notes sounded so intriguing to me that I still wanted to sniff whether it was SD or not. So I finally got to sniff and it happened...NOSEGASM!

Let's get into the performance. The first initial burn was iffy as hell!

It tunneled like crazy and it took forever it for it to completely pool out. It was so bad that I had to do the aluminum foil trick and finally it pooled out. On the second burn, it was still a little slow to pool but after that the wicks were burning like champs and I haven't had any tunneling issues since. Every burn has been flawless with high dancing flames and full pools.

And now the throw...when I first burned this, I had it in my living room and even though it had been burning for hours, the throw got completely lost; I could only smell it in the near vicinity of where it was burning but couldn't smell a thing the further I walked away from it. Recently I've started burning it in the bathroom whenever I took a hot bath and my bf has been sick with a head cold lately so he's been burning it in the bedroom; in both instances, the throw completely filled the room and the scent lingered for over a day. So headsup, this is definitely a small room candle; if you burn it ina big room, the throw will not go very far and dissipate.

So as I said earlier,a lot of us assumed that this was a repackage of Snow Day as the notes sounded very similar. It's NOT a repackage but it's similar. I would describe this as a high upgrade - a more elegant and sophisticated version of SD for adults. And personally, just between us gurls, I like this more than SD!  What I love about this scent is that the blend is simplistic yet sophisticated. You get the same sweetened cool menthol note that's in Twisted Peppermint. Then you get the blend of piney/herbal rosemary with crisp invigorating eucalyptus. The three main notes all blend so perfectly together and the combination is so cooling and fresh yet cozy and comforting. It does smell more aromatherapy-ish and medicinal; like I said my bf was burning it while he was sick because it smells like a Olbas oil   - a essential oil blend (containing peppermint and eucalyptus) popular in Europe for getting rid of colds.

So yeah, PR is winner in my book - Bronzeblogger approved! It's definitely not a Christmas/holiday scent but great for the rest of winter. Honestly because the notes are so aromatherapy-ish, you can really burn this all year around. As much as I much like this scent, this isn't a scent that I would burn all the time just because the notes are so intense. It's a great scent to light up when you're taking a bath. It's a nice deodorizing scent to have when you're cleaning or after you've finished cooking cuz it will definitely knock out any household funk. And if you have a headache or you're congested or feeling cough-y, PP will have you feeling so you much better. And if it's raining or snowing out, this is a pleasant enough candle to burn as you bundle up in blanket to read a book or watch a movie. I would say this has stock up appeal; this and Peppered Plum were the ONLY candles this entire year that I've bought multiples of, so there ya go!   


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