WALK 'N' SNIFF: Ribbed for your Pleasure ~ Tropical edition

Because the bf is heading out of town today, yesterday he wanted to run errands. Since we were in the neighborhood, we stopped by WB to pick up some stuff and sniff around, my first visit since the end of SAS. I feel like I'm one of the last people to sniff the relatively new "ribbed for your pleasure" candles so I'm glad I got to do that finally.

As you know there's round one of the ribbed candles - Tiki Beach, Coconut Sandalwood, Black Pepper & Bergamot and Fresh Bamboo. The only "new" scents were...

Sweet Peach & Nectarine - it's Malibu Citrus Glow from last spring/summer which was a repackage of Peach Bellini; a repackage of a repackage

Cotton & Eucalyptus - straight up Frosty Air from last winter

Now let's get on to the slightly more exciting part, round two - the newest and more tropical additions to the collection (with the exception of Blue Oceans Waves and Ocean Driftwood). Now I'm not usually taken in by packaging, for me the scent is all that matters. By I must admit, the shimmery iridescent look of these new additions are very pretty. Anyway, on with the reviews...

Sugarcane Pineapple - as I'm sure many of you (should) know, BBW  has a very bad habit of repackaging scents that are already in rotation and tricking unsuspecting people into thinking it is something entirely new and this candle is not the exception. That said, this is a repackage of Pineapple Mango. I dunno if it was an oversight or BBW blatantly didn't give a f***, but the notes for both scents are word for word, as my candlebuddy and protege @candleafficianado pointed out

Pink Sands & Petals - I was racking my brain trying to figure out what this was cuz it smells so familiar. And it doesn't help that most heady tropical white floral scents are borderline indistinguishable to me. I thought at first it was failed test scent Bermuda Break from Destinations 2014 which I smelled in those final moments of GSP being a test store and I barely remember how it smelled. Recently on my repackage post , someone commented that PS&P was a repackage of Vanilla Beach Flower but hadn't sniffed PS&P so I couldn't agree or disagree. However after finally sniffing, he is absolutely right - it's a repackage with a twist. VBF is a bit more smooth and drippy while PS&P is less intense, a little more drier and has more added floral notes. Other than that, the two are essentially the same.

ADDENDUM: While in the store, I compared this with Vanilla Flower from the Spa Day/SAS but after smelling VF it smelled different and not at all like Vanilla Beach Flower; It actually smelled like a reworking of Fresh Bamboo

Palm Leaves & Mango - I was really intrigued with this one. At first I thought maybe it was Mango Cilantro/Peach Cilantro Twist ...it's not. I was really hoping it would Mango Beachwood from backintheday..it's similar but I'm almost positive it isn't a straightup repackage. I ended up buying this and when I got home, it hit me - Caribbean ~ Driftwood Surf , which I had at home so I could compare. They are very very similar. They both share the same base - they have a dry "driftwood" note with an ozonic sea air saltiness, a creamy sweet coconut milk note and cedarwood that intensifies the creamy and woodsy aspects. That's where the similarities end. C~DS has a more woody vibe and slightly sweet whereas PL&M is a bit more tart and lush with an added pleasant.  greeniness. C~DS has a more masculine bodycare feel whereas to me PL&M is a little more feminine and has kinduva suntan lotion vibe to it. But enough of the comparisons. 

You get the creamy coconut milk base with a touch of woodiness and salt. The mango is different from the mango based scents you get from BBW in the sense that it's not juicy or candy sweet. It's more like sniffing a fresh mango; imagine peeling the skin to get to the meat..that's what the mango note smells like to me. And there is a greeniness, but I'm hesitant to say it's "palm leaves"; there's something grassy that adds to the citrusiness and tartness of the mango, lemongrass maybe? All in all, this is a very pleasant scent although I have concerns that it may have a light throw.

Coastal Oak & Seasalt - so I am a little pissed off about this. The name totally caught my attention as I love my woody cologney scents and this sounded like a total mandle. I sniffed it and bought it. I was sniffing it at home and it smelled extremely familiar which was bugging the hell out. It smelled like something I sniffed and bought fairly recently. Moreover something in the blend was tickling my nose and upsetting my sinuses and I brought back something to exchange for that same reason. So I'm sniffing and I'm reading the notes then it hit me...ORANGE BLOSSOM & DRIFTWOOD! 

Read the notes and dare to compare!

I very rarely get flim-flammed and bamboozled by BBW but they totally got me this time. It really pisses me when BBW plays these deceptive games with repackaged scents and note descriptions. I really thought just based on the name and notes that this was new and even after sniffing this in the store, I still thought it was new. And I just brought OB&DW back to the store only to friggin buy it again under a new friggin name! Why BBW? Just like with Sugarcane Pineapple, why repackage a scent that is already out in stores in the WB core collection and trick people into thinking it's new?!!! 

So yeah, if you're intrigued with this one, just sniff OB&DW if you haven't already. 

ADDENDUM: for all the smartasses/knowitalls out there, there are indeed 2 different batches of this candle. 7044 smells like OB&DW while 7038/7039/7040 (which are all the same) smells different and more woody like the name suggests

Oh, the store also had those ridiculous Easter candles...

Hippity Hop = Hot Cocoa & Cream
#EASTER = Frosted Cupcake
You Found Me = Strawberry Vanilla, not Cotton Candy Marshmallow
Sugared Candy Bunny = Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts/Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla

Doesn't make sense to you, doesn't make sense to me 


  1. Ugh, Sugarcane Pineapple was so disappointing to me. I'm dying for a good, juicy, fresh-cut pineapple scent, and every time it winds up being Pineapple Mango, or some kind of Pina-Colada/Coconut scent.

    1. Agreed. I dunno they haven't just released pineapple palm leaf. It smelled like legit pineapples and everybody loved it. I just dont get it


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