WALK 'N' SNIFF: Paradise Collection

So I was running errands and I just so happened to be near a BBW so you know I had to stop in. I wasn't expecting to see any newness but lo and behold, much to my surprise, the store had the Paradise candles

I'll skip Mango Maitai, Mahogany Coconut, Island Margarita and Waikiki Beach Coconut cuz you guys all know what these smell like

Aloha Kiwi Passionfruit -  as far as I can tell, this isn't a repackage of anything and is actually new. That said, it does kinda remind me of Pink Passionfruit from 2014 but I'm pretty sure it's not a repackage of that. So AKP is a melange of tropical fruit notes - you do get a dark, sweet yet slightly sharp passionfruit, maybe a hint of guava too. There's a slight hint of pineapple in the background and I dunno if the notes/power of suggestion are playing tricks with me but I totally smelled kiwi which was the only aspect of this blend that I liked. I didn't get coconut at all; if it's there, it's very faint. My issue with this scent is that it smells so typical; it's yet another run of the mill waxy, artificial candy-ish/Starburst-y tropical scent. Overall it's a cute scent for summer but not a standout.

Sea Grass - I was initially very intrigued with this...until I heard what it was a repackage of.  I couldn't believe it, I refused to believe it but alas I smelled it and everyone was right. It's a straightup repackage of Snap Peas...wtf?!!! It's not as earthy and top-soil smelling and it could be my nose playing tricks on me, but I got a slight ozone/sea air/sea salt vibe but for the most part, it's Snap Peas all the way. How the everlasting f*** does fresh snap peas in a garden become "rippling" grass under the sea?! BBW, y'all are stretching more than Mr Fantastic. I really just can't!

Beach Orchid - if Rainforest/White Gardenia and Vanilla Beach Flower had a love child, it would be Beach Orchid. It's sooo close to RG that they might as well have just released RG instead. That said, there are some differences and they're surprising pleasant. You get the orchid, maybe some gardenia/frangipani action too. And I swear I get a hint of coconut despite it not being in the notes. And there's a warm,bright, sweet Honeysuckle- esque drippiness; amber maybe? And boy, that musk is killer, very intense. If you enjoy very heady indolic white floral scents like Honeysuckle, RG, Vanilla Blossom/Vanilla Beach Flower, Tiare Island Blossom, etc then you'll enjoy this one. It's nice but a little too intense and feminine for me.

Sunsoaked Sandalwood - so I'm almost positive that this repackage/candle-ized version of Poolside Daydream which for whatever reason was released only as a wf bulb last spring. Think Mahogany Coconut without the mahogany with dash of Suntan/Poolside with a hint of Beach Cabana. Despite what the name suggests, you get coconut more than anything else especially sandalwood. The coconut with the sandalwood (and maybe a hit of tonka bean) comes off very creamy and smooth. And  I get a hint of powdery sweet orange blossom and possibly jasmine. As a whole has a tropical suntan lotion or a day at the spa massage oil.  Its a really nice blend albeit wrongly misnamed; it should've mentioned coconut- to me its like a feminine version of Mahogany Coconut...which is why I didn't end up buying cuz it reminded me too much of a scent that I already have plenty of.

So yeah, after sniffing everything, I walked away with just Island Margarita...whomp whomp!

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  1. The new Waikiki is way more subtle thus year! More flowery also


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