NEWNESS UPDATE: Even More Tropical Candles & Easter


So we got a veritable deluge of candle-y newness today on social media; everytime you turned around, a new candle popped up! So let's start at the beginning...

In case you didn't catch my last NEWNESS UPDATE, 3 more candles were added to the "Paradise" collection
  • Mahogany Coconut (as if BBW would have a tropical collection and not toss this one in. I like MC but really?!)
  • Beach Orchid (word on the street is it smells very similar to Rainforest/Seaside/White Gardenia but not a repackage)
  • Sunsoaked Sandalwood (I think this may be Poolside Daydream, cant confirm just yet)
Also Golden Pineapple and Oahu Coconut Sunset are available as wf bulbs only..maybe

Next, a gang of "new" and really interesting sounding latecomers were added to the "Ribbed for your Pleasure ~Island edition" collection

  • Palm Leaves & Mango - Paradise Mango, Palm Fronds, Creamy Coconut (I'm reeeeeaaaallllly hoping this is Mango Beachwood. It could also be Mango Cilantro)
  • Sugarcane Pineapple - Fresh Pineapple Juice, Mango, Vine Ripened Raspberry ( so, there's 4 pineapple scents all at the same time?! Anyway, I wonder if this is Pineapple Punch?)
  • Pink Sands & Petals - Jasmine Petals, Orange Blossom, Soft White Musk, Banana Flower (So at first I thought it might failed test scent Bermuda Break, but I've heard that it smells floral with a hint of banana so that's out)
  • Coastal Oak & Sea Salt - Oceanside Oak, Sparkling Bergamot, Sea Salt Crystals, Sage ( so this sounds right up my alley! I thought maybe Sparkling Woods and then I got myself giddy and lightheaded thinking maybe it was Oakmoss & Vetiver or even better, Boathouse Row. By all accounts there is a salty watery aspect to the scent so what I think it might be is failed test scent Whitewater Birch)
And for whatever reason, Ocean Driftwood aka watered down Mahogany Stankwood popped up online. And Blue Ocean Waves will eventually be added to the roster, why I don't know

And now finally, the last bit of newness...the new upcoming Easter collection... oh boy. It's a quartet consisting of 1 3wick and 3 minis..and the reaction on social media was mixed - you had those with less discerning taste creaming their panties over the cutesy cutesy labels (which in my opinion, weren't all that cute) and the rest of us were scratching our heads in perpetual puzzlement. The scent choices are just so bad, so uninspired, so un-Easter-y, it's enough to make our Saviour walk back into the cave..but I'll leave it to make your judgement...

  • Hippity Hop - Milk Chocolate, Fresh Cream, Mini Marshmallow Eggs (So you would think it's Hot Cocoa & Cream, makes sense right?! Nope, Chocolate Pistachio!)
  • #EASTER - Homemade Buttercream, Creamy Vanilla, Freshly Baked Cupcake (our good ol friend Frosted Cupcake is back)
  • You Found Me - (ugh it's Cotton Candy Marshmallow again)

for pictures, check out @candleafficianado and @bathandbodyworksdailyfind aka Tess/Lifeinsidethepage on IG


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