NEWNESS UPDATE: Guess What? More Tropical Candles!

Well gang, we didn't ask for em but we're gettin em  anyway...MORE TROPICAL CANDLES!!! YAY!!!! *EYEROLL

So currently testing is a collection of (at the moment) 6 candles. Look-wise, they're very...umm..different. So the glass tumblers are..wait for it...ANIMAL SKIN PRINT! Snake, tiger, zebra, etc. I dunno what I think about that - on the one hand, animal print will ALWAYS be gaudy but other the other hand, at least they're doing something different look-wise but on the other other hand it's a case of style over substance with more emphasis and effort placed on the look and not the scents themselves.

Anyway, there are 4 "new" scents...

Waterfall Oasis - Rushing Water, Bright Pomelo Zest, White Woods (word on the street its Beach Day..I'm not mad at that! It could also be last year's Sparkling Waves or  2013 failed test scent Whitewater Birch)

Black Pepper & Amber - Warm Black Pepper, Golden Amber, Rare Tobacco Flower (repackage of Tobacco Flower/Tailgate2.0/Mad About Madrid)

Coconut Palm & Lime - Island Coconut, Tropical Greens, Fresh Lime Zest (I was hoping this was Coconut Lime Verbena but I hear it's not and it might be new)

Wild Cedarwood - Dark Cedarwood, Palm Leaves, Wild Neroli (A few folks have posted this and by all accounts, it's new and it's the bomb. That said, I do wonder if it's failed test scent Cedarwood Trail as that had cedarwood and neroli as well)

Returning scents include Rainforest Gardenia (why) and Mango Dragonfruit (again, why?)

for pictures check out my @_scentsgalore and @dennisobsessedcandles on IG

Also a new candle randomly appeared on Ebay recently, intriguing and mystifying everyone on social media...

Ebay: skkm96

St Tropez Shore - Seasalted Bergamot, Sun Lilies, Cote D'Azur Coconut (so I thought this might be either version of Suntan but according to Tinadivalicious in his latest review vid, it's a new scent that smells vaguely like Bergamot Mint)

Apparently this French inspired tropical candle is gonna be released for the La Francaise flooset by itself but there are rumours that will be other candles with this iron wrought packaging


  1. Of course we are. We started getting hit over the head with Summer in February. I'm dreading the next several months of tropical/vacation assault. It's not over. I better start seeing Fall in July if this is how they wanna act.

    1. lmao right?!
      though you already know in fall its gonna same thing all over again, pumpkin instead of coconut lol


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