RANDOM POST: Christmas in July

So today I decided to have a Christmas in July day. I brewed myself a pot of Starbuck's Christmas coffee, listened to all of my favorite Christmas albums and I've pulled out all of my favorite Rankin  & Bass stop motion Christmas specials.

Moreover, I dug out my two old Christmasy candles....

I have "Winter" burnin in the bedroom. As I said in my review, I could not stand this scent for the longest time! When my bf and I started dating, he would burn this in the living room but after awhile, I politely asked him to stop. However, time has passed and now that I'm burning, I can honestly say that I'm starting to appreciate this scent and can see why so many love Winter so much. Ya know how sometimes something as simple as a scent can conjure up a fond memory? Winter reminds me of that special time at the very beginning of my bf and I's relationship and it totally gets me all misty-eyed and emotional. With that said, this candle will always hold a special place in my heart.

Then there's my baby...Tis the Season!!! This is one of my all time favorite candles EVER!!! To me, this IS Christmas PERIOD! This just gets me feelin all sentimental; the scent is just so warm and enticing and inviting...just sooooo good!!! I remember when I got this last year, I burned this alllll the time. And I couldn't wait to put in the wallflowers bulbs; I think I was slightly more excited to do that than I was to put up the tree and it's decorations...how sad is that?!

Both of these scents just fill my mind with so many warm and happy memories. Now I can't wait for Christmas to create some more!!!


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