Holy ****balls!!!! I can barely contain my excitement!!!

*deep breath

I just happened to be on the BBW website and much to my surprise.....


The website has just a little of each from the Pumpkin Line, Sweater Weather Line and White Barn Line in 3wicks and all of the non-test Pumpkin scents in wallflower bulbs.

I for one was not expecting the fall candles to be out this early; I assumed they would be available after the Pumpkin preview at the end of the month. Then again lately new lines of scents have appearing earlier online than in the stores!

And it just so happens there is a sale goin on now with $12 3wicks...personally I don't think this is much of bargain; they should've done another $9 sale like they did last weekend or just do a 2 for $22 but hey anything else better than payin full price!

Anyhoo check it our for yourselves....


Wallflower bulbs

*click the "sort by" dropbox and select "newest"



  1. Dunno if you saw this yet but I did not see it yesterday, it's there today:


  2. I saw it this morning...I almost fainted lol

    Finally after so long, BPB is within my grasp!!! *cue maniacal laughter

    1. Haha! I saw through reading your candle reviews that you're a big fan. I love reading what you have to say about the candles.

      I'm just waiting for the candles to come to store as I vastly prefer buying in store and using a survey!

  3. Awww, thank you so much! I really appreciate that!!!

    Me too! Ya know, I just can't be bothered ordering stuff from test stores or online. I much rather go to the store, see all the candles in person and have a sniff before I buy anything. To me, that's the best part of going to the store, sniffing around. And using survey coupons is an absolutely must; yet another reason I don't like to order from test stores and online, can't friggin use survey coupons!

    I'm definitely waiting til everything hits the stores too. I'm probably gonna wait til my birthday in September to go nuts lol Hopefully by then all of the fall scents should be out

    1. Absolutely, going to the store is loads of fun. I've not had much luck with ordering stuff before I can smell it. And agreed on the coupons. Heck, even if you COULD use them online, you have to deal with shipping which isn't exactly pretty at anywhere from $5.99-?? online and $6 from the test stores. That nearly defeats the point honestly.

      What a great time to have a birthday! I'm a July baby but it's close enough to the end that I won't have too big a wait and I'm sure I'll get gift cards I can save for the day it hits stores! I can't wait to hear what your thoughts are on some of them. Got your eye on anything in particular?

    2. well you already know I'm gonna stock up on Black Pepper Bergamot lol

      Definitely Leaves and Cranberry Woods...those are my two fall staples

      Out of all the new stuff, I have my eye on Sweater Weather, Tailgate, Applewood Bonfire, Cider Doughnuts, Harvest Gathering, Pumpkin Apple and Pumpkin Carving.


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