RANDOM POST: My Candle Collection

Here is the candle collection that my bf and I currently own. As you can see it's nothing spectacular or extraordinary. We have a grand total of 22 candles....

1 2011 Winter
2 2012 Tis the Season
1 SAS Apple Crumble
1 SAS Caramel Apple
2 Tuscan Herbs
4 Espresso Bars
1 Lakeside (currently burning in living room)
1 Lakeside Summer vers. of Mahogany Teakwood
2 Boathouse  Row (1 currently burning in bedroom)
1 Aromatherapy Eucalyptus Spearamint
1 core version of Lavender Vanilla

1 aromatherapy Orange Ginger (my bf ADORES this and is sad that it is no longer being sold)
1 Summertime Soda
1 Oakmoss Vetiver
1 2012 Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin
1 2012 Spiced Cider

not shown 1.3 oz 1wicks
2 Tis the Season
1 Winter

We're probably not gonna buy candles for awhile. We might get Sea to Santorini or stick with Lakeside as our last scent for the summer. And with fall (and our birthdays) approaching, we gotta save it!

Here is a youtube video talking in depth about this collection. Enjoy!


  1. I discovered how awesome tuscan herbs is late in the game. i wish i had of grabbed a few of the 3 weeks had i known it was amazing.

  2. I know right?!

    Actually you're in luck! Tuscan Herbs will be returning as Market Herbs in the new Winter Fresh Picked line...providing it goes wide. If it does, you should it in stores next month or so.


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