Products: candle & wf bulb
Area used in:  living room (candle), guest bathroom (wf bulb)
Time Period: whenever

Description: Spring is in the air with the fragrance of early daffodils, apple blossoms and sycamore woods

Missing notes: tulips, daisies

So how excited was I that one of my all time favorite spring scents was back in action after a 2 year absence. Yet how utterly disappointed was I that it was a WB exclusive which just makes absolutely no sense; it was at one point a springtime staple for pissakes! Now newbies who never got to experience this vernal delight won't get to if they don't live near a WB store and have to settle with tired ass Honeysuckle and Lilac Blossom, the basic bitches of spring.

Performance-wise, this candle was kinda iffy. Once burnt, the wicks sort of shriveled which caused some tunneling. But eventually the wicks self-corrected themselves and it's burning like a charm. Over time the wax totally turned cruddy and yucky looking and you can totally see thru the colored glass. The throw is significantly than past versions probably to spear people with pussy noses. Though that said, back in the day Spring was really intense especially the 2013 version which I talked about in my past CANDLE RETROSPECTIVE...which segues nicely to my next point...

Spring doesn't smell the same! It's the same with my Black Pepper Bergamot...it's the same but not if that makes any sense. All of the notes are still the same but something isn't right. This version just doesn't smell as bright and vibrant but subdued and muddled. Maybe Limited Brand is using cheaper less quality fragrance oils to cut costs or they don't have all Slatkin version recipe but something is different.

For those of you fortunate enough to live near a WB store, I say get this cuz it is a lovely scent (I won't go into notes as I've already a review about it) ; it really is Spring in a jar and a perfect scent for Easter. For those of ol school Slatkineers familiar with 2011-2012 versions, get the WB version if you're desperate but otherwise get the old version of Evilbay. 


  1. I totally agree that it isn't the same. I still feel it's a watered down version to get people who might not normally grab it to buy it ­čśĽ


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