BLAST FROM THE PAST: Verbena Waters (2011)

Products: candle & wf bulb
Area used in:  bedroom
Time Period: whenever

Description: A fresh blend of citrus and watery verbena, sweetened peach and rich sandalwood

Trivia: was repackaged as "Lakeside" in the Summer Lake collection in 2013

I first smelled this back in spring 2012 - back then I wasn't nearly as obsessed with BBW/Slatkin candles as I am now, I was borderline indifferent especially when it came to spring and summer scents. My bf actually bought this candle and wf bulbs to try and we both grew to really enjoy it. Then I bought it when it came back as "Lakeside" the following year though that version was significantly lighter. Then it completely disappeared. Despite its absence, I've been on a Verbena Waters kick lately; I bought a 2011 version of Evilbay last spring and bought another one this spring.

So far the performance has been flawless but not at first. Unfortunately many Slatkin candles from 2011-2012 were plagued with wick issues; that said, the burn started off a little wonky and the wax took awhile to completely pool out. Eventually the wicks self-corrected themselves and it's been burning like a charm. The throw on this sucker is intense, it definitely packs a punch! For those of you with sensitive noses, this is not the candle for you. As soon as you take the lid off, you get an instant uppercut of fragrance so you know the post-burn throw is going to be a knockout. Even the wf bulb is super intense!

Now I know I tend go on and on waxing poetically about Slatkin scents..rightly so. His scents were the SHIZNIT!!! His fragrance blends are so upscale and sophisticated and high end. his scents just made sense (lol) - he used notes that you wouldn't think would go together yet they blended perfectly. Unlike the scents of today that all mainstream and sugary candy frosty cupcakey cutesy cutesy coconutty sweet to attract the basic of basic. BBW candles today don't evoke anything, they don't take you on a journey. Slatkin scents made your home feel like a home and conjured thoughts and images and scenery after one sniff. Verbena Waters is not the exception. It's such a gorgeous and elegant blend- you get intense citrusy notes that's cleaner nor is it candy, a gorgeous juicy dewy peach note that's not the mushy rotten sweaty armpit type note that we usually get in peach scents (cough cough Market Peach) and the sandalwood is friggin intense yet surprisingly isn't cologney. On the whole, the blend is very upscale and aromatherapy-ish. And there's something about this scent that's kinda outdoor-ish; it's wet and fresh yet a little sweet but kind of sour. For some reason it reminds me of being back in the South and walking alongside the banks of the Mississippi River in summer.

It's a damn shame that this scent hasn't returned. BBW has been a major springtime in the South kick the past 3 years and this candle would've fit in perfectly. And it's such a lovely transitional scent perfect for late spring on thru midsummer. I can't hype this candle up enough and I rarely advocate this but I would say this is worth buying off Evilbay. If you see it and it's reasonably price, get it cuz it's that damn good!   


  1. You are exactly right about Slatkin scent blends. For instance, when I smell Seaside Escape the first thing I smell is the beach after a hot day lingering on my skin, the salty ocean water intermingled with cool beach air and just a slight bit of sunscreen remains on my skin (conceptually, of course). I wouldn't exactly think ... Passion fruit, tonka bean... Etc. but now a days I do because the scents don't take me to a place, time, or memory (with some exceptions).


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