NEWNESS UPDATE: More summery tropical coconutty BS

So finally we have some new collections currently testing. Don't get your hopes up just yet - it's more summery, beachy, tropical crap and the "new" scents all sound like repackages

The first collection is nothing remotely exciting...

Sunny Coconut - The fragrance of sunshiny orange blended with a creamy vanilla coconut that's a beautiful breezy trip to the beach (this sounds like South Beach Sun from '14, although it could also be Poolside from back in the day)

Seaside Gardenia - Stroll on the shore with the fragrance of gardenia tree swaying in soft sea air and fresh bamboo (if this isn't Rainforest Gardenia, I'll eat my shoe!)

Sparkling Waves - A blend of cool citrus, watery bergamot and musk that captures the moment when sunlight sparkles like diamonds on the water (Bergamot Waters all the way)

Returning scents Endless Weekend, Black Sands and Pineapple Mango, Suntan, Beach Cabana and Tiki Beach 

The second (lidless) collection is Destinations but with more exotic beachy locales...

Malibu ~ Citrus Glow - Go on ultimate California beach getaway with with scent of sweet oranges, juicy cling peaches and a hint of jasmine (I have a couple guesses - Sunkissed Blossoms? Caribbean Salsa? Calypso Sun?)

Riviera Maya ~ Plumeria Petals - Mexican's Riviera Maya offers a luxurious beach escape where the soft air is filled with the scent of lush plumeria petals, coconut milk and pineapple (At first glance, it sounds like Hawaiian Hibiscus but it could also Aloha Waikiki or even Pineapple Orchid)

Caribbean ~Driftwood Surf - Hear the sound of rustling palm leaves above white sand beaches when you breathe in the scent of Caribbean coconut, watery citrus and sea-salted driftwood (At first I thought maybe Lanikai Coconut then I took a good look at the notes and it hit me - Waikiki Beach Coconut)

Returning scents include St. Tropez ~ Beach Cabana and Bora Bora ~ Tiki Beach

Sooooo Beach Cabana and Tiki Beach are in 2 collections at the same time?! Whatever! I just can't!

What the f*** is wrong with you BBW? Have y'all just lost all sense of creativity in favor of making a quick buck? Is this what you guys are about now, boring repackages and re-releases of lame tropical scents to keep the teeny-boppers and basic bitches of America satisfied? Is spring no longer a thing and y'all are just gonna push us kicking and screaming into summertime? Must every collection y'all come out with January SAS have a tropical island beach theme? Must everything be vaguely Hawaiiany?

And here we yet again with more goddamn muthaeffin COCONUT?!!! Really BBW, more f***ing coconut scents?! I will never understand y'all's obsession with coconut!

You know what BBW? It's all good! Y'all just keep on releasing these basic ass tropical scents and coconut this and coconut that! Y'all obviously don't want my business and would rather I keep my money to myself. I'm ok with that and my bank account thanks you!

If you're at intrigued with any of this crap, check out @_scentsgalore and @duchessofwax on IG for pics


  1. coconut is the spring/summer version of pumpkin for the basic bitches

  2. Well damn, tell us how you REALLY feel, ha ha! Confession: I must be the high priestess of basic ass bitches because I may/may not have bought damn near all of BBW's coconut scents since I, unlike you, have an intense love of all things coconut. In my defense, I'm a candle newbie so I tend to stick to familiar and comforting scents. But even I find it surprising that BBW majorly OD'ed on the coconut this year; some more variety and creativity would have been nice!

  3. Well at least you're honest lol And I'm judging..well maybe a little bit :p

    All I'm asking for is some variety, there is just want too mmuch coconut this year. It would be one thing if all of these coconut scents were mindblowingly amazing theyre not

    As some that has been a BBW fan for years, !et me offer some advice -BRANCH OUT! Sticking to the familiar and comforting is boring. Get out of your comfort zone. And do some research and look up old scents

    Let me tell you a secret, as much as I loathe coconut there are some from back in the day that even I find pleasant...Tiki Beach is my jam, Coconut Leaves, Island Colada (another coconut scent that I like), Coconut Waters, Coco Lobo, Copacabana Beach from last year.. Sooo much better than the coconut crap out now

    1. I don't blame you...I'm judging me a bit too! Thanks for the advice. I agree, comforting IS boring and I'm more than ready to explore other scents now that I've satisfied my coconut cravings. Branching out gives me an excuse to buy more candles which I am most definitely here for. :-)

      Going crazy with the coconut scents was a good thing though because now that I have six -- ok, 10! -- BBW coconut scents in my possession, it's clear to me that they are just not trying very hard with them. Most of them smell somewhat similar to one another and that's just so lazy and uninspired. It's funny that you mentioned Tiki Beach and Coconut Leaves because I own the current versions of both and find them the most interesting of the bunch.

      Anyway, I'll stop rambling. I love your blog and your writing glad to have found it!

    2. Thank you! Im glad you found it too! Its always nice to meet another candle lover

  4. I sure hope they bring back ISLAND COLADA! I bought a case the last time they were for sale. I haven't seen them in the stores for around 2 years!! **Sigh** :(

    1. Gurlfriend, dont hold your breath! IC is one of many Slatkin era scents that is gone and forgotten. Though BBW have been repackaging a lot of random Slatkin scents lately, they are few and far in between. Youd do better buying IC off Ebay rather than waiting for it to reappear in stores

  5. I should have stated Island Colada 3 wick candle (lol)


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