CANDLE SPOTLIGHT: Harvest Gathering 2015

Products: candle and wf bulbs 
Area used in:  living room 
Time Period: mid-October - Thanksgiving

Description: Transport yourself to a hilltop winery during harvest with a blend of cinnamon leaves, crisp apple and touch of tart cranberry

Missing note: pumpkin

Trivia: this first appeared out of nowhere late in fall of 2013 and was named "Harvest Gathering No. 4"

I'll be honest, I flatout ignored this scent for the longest! With such vastly superior fall scents like Leaves and Pumpkin Carving and Cranberry Woods, I just didn't see the need for HG. I pretty much wrote this scent off as a generic knockoff of Leaves from a low-tier candle company that you find at Target or Marshalls. Had my bf not sniffed this in the store and expressed some interest, I probably would've continued ignoring it. But as I said in my last candle review, I've been trying to be open-minded and branch out and so here we are.

Performance-wise, it was kinduva hot mess. The flames were wimpy and stubby and it was a crapshoot as to whether it would fully pool out or not. It canyoned a handful of times and left cliffs of hard wax on the sides. Twice I even had to to do the infamous cottonball trick (I've had to do that with my Leaves too) which I haven't had to do in ages. Its past mid-range at this point and it seems to have corrected itself. Throw-wise, it's medium-ish; on scale of 1 to 10, it's about a 6 maybe 5 3/4. Same with the wf bulbs, they're medium-ish.

And now on the scent. In the past, I wrote this off as being a mix Leaves and Pumpkin Carving with a hint of Cranberry Woods and I still sort of stand by that. The overall blend just seems to be a hodge-podge of generic "autumn" notes. You get a generic red apple note a la Leaves and a sharp cinnamon bark note a la Cranberry Woods. There is some cranberry but there is neither any juiciness or tartness that you would associate with the fruit; it's almost similar to the cranberry in Cranberry Pumpkin - an artificially sweetened dried Craisin. And though it is no longer mentioned for whatever reason, there is definitely pumpkin which adds a deep and almost dark earthiness. Overall, it is a little craft store-smelling, a little Michael's-ish, and kinda generic fall poutpourri-like.

HG isn't a bad scent by any means but it is far exciting. I don't really know why this fall BBW decided to place it in the Cork & Vine collection (and I'm torn about the green color) cuz it doesn't fit; it should've been in one of the fall collections cuz it is very much a fall scent! Anyway, I'm neither blown away or in candle love nor have I seen the errors of my ways for underestimating HG however I have come to appreciate it. Despite it being very generic, it does capture the essence of fall and the autumn harvest albeit in a dull and cliched manner - I mean you can't get more more fall-ish than apple, cinnamon, cranberry and pumpkin. Still this is a "nice" scent - it's safe, it's unassuming, it's guest-friendly. If it were to disappear, I certainly wouldn't be upset. For the moment, I appreciate it for a what it is - a nice, calm, unassuming fall scent.  


  1. I've only picked this up once and I find it forgettable. Don't get me wrong it's nice but it never makes it into my cart. Mostly, I forget that it's there.

    1. Right?! Its not memorable or exciting, definitely not a must have!

  2. Hey! Did you know Black Pepper Bergamot is back?? It's packaged as The Original in the white barn glass.

    1. You've smelled it so you can confirm that it is?

    2. I have smelt it in store. The notes on the label are vetiver, black pepper, and pinewood. It smells how I remember black pepper bergamot, though it's been a while for me. You'd be able to tell in a second though! If anything, it's damn close.

    3. Well I'm certainly intrigued. Im waiting patiently for my atores to get it so I can finally sniff it and make an assessment. Until then Im stickin to my theory that its a repackage of Golden Woods from Intrigue and Opulence cuz it has the exact same notes


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