RANT OF THE DAY: Balsampalooza 2015

Ok, is it me or is there an overabundance of "balsam" this year? There are more scents with a balsam/fir balsam note in them than anything else and it's awfully strange. Now in the past, BBW has been read for having way too many bakery scents for the holidays (and back when I was very anti-bakery, I wholeheartedly agreed) Well after all of these years, BBW finally got the hint but ran with it to the extreme. Besides VBN and Joy, there are no bakery scents at all and instead we have a hodge-podge of random fruity or outdoorsy scents, including a crapload of balsam scents.

Welcome to BALSAMPALOOZA '15!!!!

I don't mind balsam at all but here's the problem. If all of these balsam scents were new with just a hint of balsam, that would be one thing. However all it seems like BBW is doing is simply mixing Fresh Balsam with other notes and many people have been describing these scents as such...

Alpine Cheer... Fresh Balsam and Frosted Cranberry (I personally don't get either balsam or cranberry but whatevs)

Dashing thru the Snow....Fresh Balsam with Winter esque orange

Welcome ~ Spiced Autumn Wreath/Cinnamon Pinecone... Fresh Balsam and Spiced Wreath

Mahogany Balsam - the most blatant Fresh Balsam blend of them all!

It seems like Fresh Balsam was a rolling stone and left us with several Fresh Balsam bastards!

The only piney scent without a Fresh Balsam element to it is Noel and although balsam is not listed in the notes, I'm sure there's a small hint of it in the background

And on top of all that you still have the reigning king and queen of winter holiday pine/balsam scents, Evergreen and Fresh Balsam.

Ok real talk BBW, we all realize that you guys are in a creative slump lately but you guys have to admit that this is pretty lazy even for y'all! Yes, for whatever reason, Fresh Balsam has been ridonkulously popular for many years and it just seems like utter desperation to capitalize on it's popular by creating Fresh Balsam-ish hybrids. Or maybe you guys weren't capitalizing at all and truly thought y'all were creating something unique...which to me is even more sad and pathetic!


I dont mind having a lot of piney/balsamy scents as long as they're good ones. You guys have a wide away of outdoorsy pine scents/blends in your arsenal that haven't seen the light of day in YEARS!

Holiday Pomander... Sleigh Ride... Holly Wreath... Merry Mistletoe... White Winter Petals...Snowed In...Snow Day...Frosted Tree...Apple Garland...Hello, WINTER FRIGGIN GARLAND!!!

Instead of Frankensteining "new" Fresh Balsamy, bring back some classics!!!


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