HOT MESS AWARD: Pumpkin Cinnamon Bun

Products: candle
Area used in:  living room
Time Period: none

Description: Treat yourself to the fragrance of a fresh from the oven pumpkin cinnamon bun with gooey cinnamon swirls and creamy vanilla icing

Oy vey!

So I bought this along side Pumpkin Sugared Doughnuts online. Both were an instance of the curiousity killing the cat. I was intrigued as to how this might smell as was the case with PSD. I assumed that it was gonna be a repackage of Cinnamon Frosting from winters past. Fortunately my assumption was wrong! So after my bad luck with PSD, I thought surely I'd have better luck with PCB. Not so much. I decided to lit it and I'm glad I did cuz I did not like it! This will going back to the store with PSD!

On cold throw it smelled amazing! Like Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts on steroids! Rich, hearty, and gooey; it really smelled like a legit cinnamon bun! It was like walking past Cinnabon in the mall! I could smell a cakey CSD-esque bakery note, a little bit of warm cinnamon (on the lid I did smell just the tiniest hint of Cinnamon Frosting-like redhotness but I didn't smell too much of that from the wax) and a rich, drippy, gooey vanilla frosting. Just absolutely heavenly! No pumpkin whatsoever...thank GAWD!!! I dunno why BBW thinks that they can throw a bunch of cinnamon in something and call it a "pumpkin" scent like we're all stupid! But whatever! Anyhoo, based on the cold throw I was in love!

You're probably wonderin "Gee Bronzeblogger, PCB sounds amazing! If you love it so much, why are you returning it?"

All that deliciousness went away once I lit it! Instead I got this overwhelming burnt smell, like a delicious cinnamon bun that was left in the oven too long and burned to a blackened crisp! The bakery note smelled burnt and the vanilla icing smelled artificial, almost plastic-y! And then top of that, the bastard had the nerve to burn like crap. It took HOURS for the wax to pool out and it still didn't pool out completely or very deep. And the flames were just stubby and pitiful. Look at the picture above; that was after 3 hours! The only relatively good thing was the throw; it had a medium-strong "warm blanket" throw. Too bad it stank!

And apparently, as was the case with PSD, I must have gotten a bad batch cuz E'RYBODY else is lovin their PCB. PSD too for that matter. Very few people seem to be smelling what I'm smelling. And I feel like an asshole cuz I was hyping this candle up and it turned out to be a hot HOT mess! Honestly, I'm really getting pissed off! That's two candles...TWO..that I hate! Y'know what, I just can't, I'm over it!


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