NEWNESS UPDATE: Woodland Evergreen Tree Collection

So something interesting has appeared on social - a new collection currently in test stores..actually only 2 test stores.

You remember the infamous and ill-fated Rose collection? What if I told there's a winter version of that with all PINE candles!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Woodland Evergreen Tree Collection!

The scents is this collection are....

Snowcovered Pine - Douglas Fir, Balsam, Pine (this could also be the obscure and unheard of failed test scent Frosted Pine)

Frosted Pine - Frosted Pine, Peppermint Stick, Vanilla (this absolutely HAS to be Snow Day; if it is, I will lose my proverbial s***)

Evergreen Wreath - Evergreen Branches, Sugared Pinecone, Eucalyptus (I'm gonna guess Holly Wreath on this one)

Nordic Blue Spruce - Pine Needles, Cedarwood, Icy Citrus (Dashing thru the Snow maybe? Maybe Merry Mistletoe?)

Balsam & Birch- Forest Air, Pine Needles, Amber (this could be a rare scent from backintheday called Frosted Tree? This could also be plain ol Evergreen)

Tree Farm - Citrus. Winter Air, Frosted Pine (I wouldn't be at all surprised if this was just Winter)

Lavender & Pine - Lavender, Cedarwood Bark, Frosted Pine (please, oh PLEASE let this be Winter Mint & Spruce! Could also be Snow Fall from last year)

And don't be surprised if Fresh Ballsack makes a special appearance if this collection goes wide, it is a fan favorite after all *eyeroll


I really want to be excited for this collection. I didn't use to be but over the years I've grown to really enjoy pine scents so this collection is right up my alley. However, at the risk of sounding like a Pessimistic Peggy, I just don't have high hopes for this collection going wide. Look at what happened to the Rose Collection; who's to see the whole thing won't fail and we ended up getting the basic, unassuming, safe, guest friendly scents or just the post-test phase leftovers months later? Wouldn't be the first time BBW did this sort of thing. That said, I do hope I'm wrong. I hope that BBW learned their lesson and will release this collection in its entirety. Lord knows, we need something to look forward this upcoming winter because so far it's looking very bleak. 


  1. Agreed, Frosted Pine must be Snow Day or at least very similar! It's one of the candles I've been wanting to see come back forever. I hope so much they all go wide.

  2. Really hoping for this collection to go wide, it sounds wonderful!

  3. The Fresh Ballsack will definitely be stinkin up plenty of basic b's living rooms. Thank you as always for your amazing insight!

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