WALK 'N'SNIFF: Spring 2019 Candles ~ Tropical/Back to the Beach & Modern Farmhouse


I've been really bored with BBW lately; honestly I haven't stepped inside a store since my last WALK N SNIFF and writing this one is truly the only reason I haven't continued to avoid going inside. I went to a standalone BBW store last week and a WB this week and I sniffed all but one scent, more about that later.

Let's get into the Back to the Beach collection; as always, for the sake of brevity, I'll be skipping returning scents ie Waikiki Beach Coconut, Island Margarita, Mango Maitai, Pineapple Sunrise and Ocean Driftwood and Fiji White Sands

Flamingo Beach (9022M8A1) This one was not what I was expecting..which I warn you will be an ongoing theme for all of the candles in this review.  I don't really know what this scent is trying to convey. The notes suggest a drink/cocktail of sorts but it's not a drink scents. It's also not what  would describe as tropical or beachy. Anyway, what you get something vaguely berry-ish, leaning more towards raspberry. Following that is a bright orange note and perhaps a hint of lemon. The combination is very reminscent of Raspberry Citrus Swirl. Then tthere's the odd addition of "dewy white petals"..which btw B&BW, what the hell does that mean? Could you be anymore vague? My guess would be jasmine or maybe frangipani.The floral note I get is hibiscus or more to the point dried hibiscus for tea. The scent as a whole with mix of berries and citrus with an odd floral notes reminds me so much of Raspberry Lime Margarita  ; NOT a repackage (at least I don't think so) but same kind of vibe. It's a ok and unassuming scent but nothing special.

TRIVIA: Flamingo Beach is beach in Aruba famous for it's..well..flamingoes. Maybe that was what this scent was trying to represent particular with it's notes of "pink summer berries". If this was what B&BW was trying to capture, they would've been better going with PINK Sangria.

Seaside Daze (8021AGA8) this was interesting and not what I was expecting. The name would suggest something watery/oceanic/sea air-ish but it leans more towards summery/beachy bodycare on the cusp of sunscreen/lotion. There is a hint of ozone amd sea saltiness that would suggest sea air but not much. What you mainly get is bergamot and it is powerful. There's also a punch of white florals (though I'm hardpressed to call it "orange blossoms"..perhaps) that adds an powderiness and bodycare-ness to the blend. And the coconut is more like fresh coconut water as opposed to eathy coconut meat and husk and super sweet coconut milk. I'm not 100% but think this is a repackage of the now forgotten one hit wonder St. Tropez Shores   . I mean dare to compare the notes

Seaside Daze =  Sparkling Bergamot, Orange Blossoms, Coconut Milk
St. Tropez Shores = Sea-salted Bergamot, Sun Lilies, Cot D-azur Coconut

Anyway, again it's a pleasant and unassuming scent but nothing speacial. I got back and forth whether or not I like. I may try a wf refill but I can't commit to a whole 3wick candle.

Banana Cabana (9028AGA1) - B&BW has been on a major banana kick the past 3 spring/summers and so many on social media has jumped gleefully onto the banana bandwagon..including with this scent. Now sooooooo many people have been comparing to Coconut Colada which despite the name was incredibly heavy on the banana, some even saying that it's a repackage. I'm here to tell you it most certainly is NOT a repackage and they are similar...in the sense of comparing McDonalds' hamburgers to Burger King cuz they both have beef patties. The 2 scents have the same sickeningly sweet artificial Laffy Taffy/Now&Laters/Runts banana not but THAT'S IT! While CC was definitely a gourmand scents, BC on the other hand has an outdoors/out in nature vibe to it. There's a sea salt/sea air ozone vibe as well as a fresh green almost "palm leaves" note that combined gives the scent that outdoors feeling. Imagine putting on suntan lotion and then laying in a hammock in banana grove near the seashore - that's the feeling/picture this scents conjures. Out of all these scents, this one is probably the most interesting. Personally I'm not a fan of the smell of banana, both real and imagined, so I can't 100% get behind this scent but I can appreciate B&BW giving newness and creativity as well as making this scent conceptual and not gourmand.

Oceanside Garden (9037M8A1) - I was kinda intrigued with this one; I like green scents and ozonic/oceanic scents so at first glance, I was on board. But sooo many people on social media were saying that it's very floral, particularly jasmine. Alas, they were right - it's sooooo heavy on the jasmine. It's pretty much all you get; no lemon or cedarwood (which based on those notes, I was hoping this would be Green Grass but nope)  just a noseful of jasmine.

So there's a candle called "Island Hideaway"..which I've talk about before as not being the original failed test scent . On the BBW website, it's listed as an "online only" scent, although 2 people reached out to me to say that their store had it. Neither of my stores had it so until I see for myself I'm gonna assume that it is indeed an online scent and those stores where it did appear was just a fluke.

And now the infamous Modern Farmhouse; skipping Butterscotch Toffee, Wild Sage & Aloe, Cactus Blossom, The Original, Sun-washed Citrus and Black Cherry Merlot - leaving only....

Sunlit Cashmere (9028AGA2) -  again, not at all what I was expecting. So fragrance note lesson - "cashmere" is a synthetic accord also known as "blonde woods" that in a fragrance isn't supposed to exactly smell like cashmere but give the blend that warm comfy-cozy feel of cashmere...which was what I was expecting but not at all what I got. It's straightup women's bodycare, think older woman's suntan lotion. It's like a more feminine bodycare version of Cactus Blossom. It's basically coconut water with a nosepunch of heady white florals and a hint of citrus. If you miss Suntan/Poolside or Suntan/ Beachside    , then youll love this one. Personally I don't get it, I dunno why it exists or why it's in this collection.


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