As y'all already know, Suntan is back in the Beach Glow collection (frosted glass ribbed for your pleasure tumbler candles). What most of y'all may not is that is not the same "Suntan" from last summer's "there once was a man from Nantucket" that there are two distinct versions of the same named scent. 

Confused? Let me explain... 

So the Suntan that most folks are more familiar with with is the Nantucket Suntan ie the one on the right. It actually first appeared in the Coastal Collection but failed. This version is actually a repackage of a Slatkin era summer scent called "Beachside" I believe it first came on the scent circa 2010 and came back the following year then it disappeared. The notes were..

"A lush delicate blend of orange blossoms, exotic ylang-ylang and white musk"

Now fellow ol school Slatkineers like myself remember the Suntan on the left. This Suntan first appeared in the American Boardwalk collection back in 2012. Then it came back the following year under a new name - Poolside. The notes were...

".....lemon, orange and tropical blossoms get a splash of coconut."

The original notes mentioned ..."orange flower, yuzu and coconut husk"

This is the version of Suntan that is in stores now.

What's the difference?
Beachside Suntan is definitely on the powdery perfumey side with more floral action. It has a (for lack of a better description) "old lady" vibe to it - think old rich heiress suntanning on the Isle of Capri... or how you'd imagine the inside of The Golden Girl's condo to smell like

As for the Poolside Suntan, its more cream and lush; you get a noseful of coconut and citrus notes. And it legit smells like actual suntan lotion, Coppertone all the way!

Which one is better?
I'm the one wrong person to ask as I'm not a big fan of either one. But if I were hardpressed and forced to pick one, I would probably go with the Poolside version. I can't deal with the powderiness and floralness of the Beachside version. And there's something more summery about the Poolside version which I can appreciate. While I think it was cool that they brought back a scent from the Slatkin vaults, I did find it strange that they picked that one instead of the Poolside version which was decidedly more popular backintheday and I also think it smells better.   


  1. Great post! I actually like both for different reasons/times of day etc. if you put a gun to my head and say pick I would say.... Poolside.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing. You have a lovely blog.

  3. "...or how you'd imagine the inside of The Golden Girl's condo to smell like"

    As if I needed another reason to love you've made me love it even more! (Though I will admit that I'm surprised that I've always loved it so much considering it's fairly powdery/floral/granny.)

    1. Lmao!!!

      I really wanted to like Beachside/Suntan but I cant deal with the powderiness


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