RANT OF THE DAY: Everything Old is Literally New Again ~ Old Candle Name, New Candle

Lately BBW has started thi new trend of seemingly bring back an old scent from out of the vault, getting all of us candle enthusiasts (especially us ol schoolers) super excited....yet some of said candles don't quite smell right. In fact they smell completely different and not even close to what it used to smell like.

So far, since last fall it has happened with four candles...


 So the old Caramel Apple was a Slatkin era scent and was a popular fall staple in the late 2000s/early 2010s. After 2012, it completely disappear. Overall, it was a cute scent - very appley with a hint of pear, a brown sugar-y caramelliness and a hint of nuttiness; it legit smelled like caramel apple dipped in nuts

The new CA.. not the same. It basically smelled like a spice-less Cider Lane..which was already out so what was the point of releasing something similar?

Apple Garland was test scent from winter 2013; for whatever reason, the candle failed but the wf bulb went wide. Well there was dfinitely a Autumn-esque quality to it, it was very heavy on the pine/balsam. Some folks even said that it smell similar to Merry Mistletoe..which I definitely disagree with

The new AG... doesn't smell the same. This new smells way too similar to Autumn and lacks all of the piney/balsam-y nuances of the old one. It just felt...safe.

Key Lime Pie tested and failed spring 2016. Just as well cuz it turned out to be a repackage. Problem was it was a repackage of WB exclusive from the year before - Tequila Lime Cupcake..which sucked cuz either way, very few got to experience either candle.

The New Sweet Shop Key Lime Pie.. once again, not the same...which in a way is great becuase the new version actually smells better and more authentic than the old one.

Finally, the latest candle chicanery is Island Hideaway in the upcoming unreleased tropical collection. Island Hideaway was a practically unheard of failed test collection from tropical themed "ribbed for your pleasure" tumbler collection in 2016. Good luck finding a review on it as it was super obscure and the few folks who were fortunate to find it..well..let's just say describing scents are not their forte.

That said, thanks to some scent sleuthing on social media (shout-out to Sellie/@sellielehmanallen), IS would later be repackaged as the scent we now know as Driftwood Surf 

And the new version..yep, you guessed it...not the same. As soon as I saw the change in note, I sensed trickery afoot. From what I've heard, it has a watery/oceanic/ozonic vibe similar to Seasalt & Freshwater/Sea to Santorini

So what's the point of this tomfoolery? I have some theories...

Perhaps for fiscal/financial reasons, BBW is using a cheaper downgrade of fragrances (anyone until BBW before 2014 can tell you how returning candles smell either muddled and lighter than in pervious years); that said, maybe there are scents that BBW just can't completely replicate.

Perhaps it's a test to see if the new version will sell better than the previous version.

Perhaps it's a calculated marketing strategy to get more candles flying of the shelves - give em the old candle razze-dazzle. Lure the old schoolers with the promise of returning old scents from the vaults while duping the enwbies who really wouldn't know any better.

Whatever it is, this trend is annoying and it needs to stop!


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