NEWNESS UPDATE & RANT OF THE DAY: Spring 2019 Test Candles Take 3

A "new" collection has popped up in test stores as a spring preview - the "Farmhouse Collection"

Now, with the name "Farmhouse", you would probably imagine candles of rustic looking labels - gingham tableclothes, wooden crates, old wood gates, farm markets, bales of hay etc.

Nope, not so much. The labels are...Aztec print

Odd choice but whatever. Maybe the scents will make up for would think.

Again, with the name "Farmstand", it conjures images of wares at a farmers markets - fresh, ripe fruits like strawberries or melons, jams/preserves, some warm apple pie. Or maybe something conceptual - fresh spring air, dewy green grass, wind-beaten wood.

Once again, nope not so much. It's an amalgamation of random wtf-ery that have absolutely nothing to do with farmstands or Aztecs.

The only new scent is..

Sunlit Cashmere - Moroccan Jasmine, Creamy Coconut, Orange Flower Blossom (sounds like White Jasmine from Le French collection. it also sounds like Coconut Lime Breeze and White Drifttwood)

Returning scents include Black Cherry Merlot, Butterscotch Toffee, Cactus Blossom, Sunwashed Citrus, The Original, White Gardenia, White Sage & Aloe (aka Wild Sage & Aloe)

See what I mean?! Random AF right?!

Here's my rant...

I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
sick and damned tired of collections that don't make any sense! Just random scents thrown haphazardly together - no theme, no cohesion, no thought! Backintheday, some serious consideration were put into what candle went into what collection and what the overall theme and takeaway of the collection was. Not anymore; anything goes nowadays. And the Basic Bettys of America will buy them up happily and overhype them to death on social media.

And what annoys me even more is that BBW seriously expects me and other diehard candle connoisseurs to pay extra for this crap!

Now I'm not an idiot and I understand the concept of inflation and making up cost. However, call me naive but I believe in price hikes for certain first world items to have a level of quality to match.

You remember that word BBW? QUALITY?

You shortened the burn time to con folks into buying more, the wicks are perpetually craptastic, you use cheaper fragrance oils, throws are virtually Yankee Candle level nonexistant and on top of all of the that, the candle choices are WHACK! It's either the same basic re-releases over and damn over or lackluster scents that hardly anyone wanted or asked for.

Furthermore, more thought is put into the labels than the scents themselves; your labels have more quality than the damn candle..what kind of sense does that make? You really expect me, The Bronze Blogger, to pay more...for a damn label?!

Now you can fool yourself into believing you're safe by marketing to folks with more money than sense who will gladly "buy candles for the packaging".. but these individuals are far and few in between. Most of us have better things to do with our hard earned money than pay extra for a candle we don't want JUST beacuse of the packaging.

Surely you have to have noticed that sales have slipped recently because of the sales price hike and besides the Sweet Shop 2.0, you haven't released ANYTHING exciting! I personally have not bought a candle since Candle Day and haven't stepped inside a store since my last WALK N SNIFF...and I'm ok with that! Is that what you want BBW? Indifference?! Cuz you're getting it in spades!

I feel like I'm pissing in the wind by saying this but I will continue to until they listen...



  1. Man, for real, what the fuck is this collection? I'm so confused. Bath and Body Works feels like it's getting real lazy tbh. They've established themselves as this revolutionary brand and they know that people buy their candles, they go CRAZY for their candles, so they know if they just keep pushing out the same crap every season with a new, fancy label that people will buy it. But that'll only work for so long. It feels like so long ago that we got that test lab collection; that was the last time I was excited for a candle collection. I want more of those!


  3. I haven’t bought candles since winter. Their perpetual $10 off sale is ridiculous! $14.50! Guess $12.95 and 2 for 24 are history. Crappy candles for more—nice model, BBW!

  4.'s sad when we aren't even surprised by the hodgepodge of releases. I didn't realize until changing out Spring/Summer for Fall/Winter that I have been burning candles from my stash probably 80% of the time the last 2-3 or more years. My 'burn to have something burning' candles (Sweater Weather, Bergamot Waters, Peach Bellini, Island Margarita etc.) that I've purchased are embarrassingly sub par to prior years.


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