Well technically it wasn't the last day but the day before the last day. The bf and I went to the mall and of course we our..my first stop was WB. There was that $12.50 sale on all candles...friggin finally!

So let me get the WALK N SNIFF out of the day. I got to sniff more stuff that wasn't in stores for my last WALK N SNIFF

Mineral Spring - I was initially intrigued as I love watery scents and people who smelled said it smelled familiar but couldn't place it. Well after sniffing it I was no longer intrigued and just as perplexed by everyone else. It's vaguely watery in a BBW-ian cucumber/melon kinda way with some kinda of white floral blend as well as a hint of something orangey like bergamot, maybe mandarin. It kinda gave me a Paris Daydream / Sparkling Icicles kinda vibe. It also had a weird Sparkling Woods-esque ammonia/bleach/cleaner aspect that was a little off putting

Lily of the Valley - so there was a failed test scent with the same name in the Fresh Picked collection in 2014 but it was just a watered down version of Lilac Blossom. Fortunately this isn't that. Unfortunately, it's not very exciting. I'll give it an A for accuracy as it does smell like lilies. But it's just so non-descript and blah - fresh slightly powdery dewy white florals - light, breezy and feminine for those who like those kinds of scents

Spring Balsam - first of all, wtf is a "spring balsam"? And what's more confusing is why are there ocean notes..last time I checked there aren't balsam trees by the ocean! Furthermore you don't smell anything oceanic or watery or sea salty. It's basically Fresh Balsam without eucalyptus with an added vague green leafy note and the hint of a nondescript powdery floral note. The combination just smells really wrong and on a whole it smells really plasticy, like a fake Christmas tree that was left out in the elements

Sea Salt Pineapple - so right off the bat it's not Pineapple Punch from way backintheday (which I was hoping for) nor is it Pineapple Palm Grass or Golden Pineapple Luau; it is it's own entity, it is newness! And that's where the excitement ends. Again, it's nondescript and not very exciting. The pineapple note is authentic, very bright, juicy and succulent. And you do get a hint of seal salt and salty air accords that gives it a more outdoorsy tropical flavor. I do hesitate to say I smell mango but more a melange of tropical fruits, like Doles tropical fruit salad.  Think of this as Pineapple Mango done right and improved...which would be great if Pineapple Mango wasn't already in this collection

Mahogany Peach - OMG..I was so excited to sniff this monstrosity as I knew it was gonna smell just as bad as I thought it would...it did not disappoint! It is just wrong! Seriously who was the genius who thought it was a groundbreaking mindblowing coochie-creaming idea to mix peach with Mahogany Stankwood..and that's literally what it smells like. It's the same mushy overripe armpit-y peach note we get in almost all of BBW's peach scents with Mahogany Stankwood. It smells like a hobo eating a rotten peach fresh from the garbage in the mall in front of an Abercrombie & Fitch store.

Tomato Vines - so right of the bat this is a repackage of failed test scent Heirloom Greens from 2014. It smelled less like garden greens and more like tomato vines..so this repackage (for once) made sense and worked. So yeah, it smells like tomato vines and leaves - bitter, astringent, a little bit of freshness and greeniness, with a touch of earthiness; it really does to transport you to a garden picking fresh tomatoes. While I applaud the authenticity and I normally love the outdoorsy earthy green scents, I couldn't see myself burning this all the time

Sunlit Gardens - there was quite some buzz about this on social media as it appeared outta nowhere, especially because those who sniffed said it was familiar. As soon as I sniffed it, I knew instantly what it was - Green Grass, aka Happy. It's very green scent - you get a green grass/green leaves note with a hint of lily and jasmine and a splash of lemon for brightness. 

So I made my purchase and I was chatting with my gurl Jenn (@theshow78) via IG who reminded to ask a SA to sniff the new and mysterious Strawberry Mimosa. So I did and sure enough there were some in the back. I sniffed it, wasn't impressed, thanked the girl and left. But something told me to go back and get it anyway. So I ended up going back and doing an exchange for it

Strawberry Mimosa - so there was sooooo much hype which pics of this surfaced on social media; everybody was losing their minds over it despite not really knowing the notes or what it smelled like. 

So the notes for it are "Wild Strawberry, Effervescent Lemon Zest, Sugar Crystals".... now does that sound like a mimosa to you cuz it doesn't to me. It sounds like pink/strawberry lemonade..why not just say that?! Why have this and Watermelon Lemonade in the same damn collection?! Why not replace WL with this and call it "Strawberry Lemonade"?! Doesn't make sense to you, doesn't make sense to me!

So when I first sniffed it, I thought what most people said about it ...Watermelon Lemonade with strawberry instead of watermelon. Then I was sniffing it at home and I started getting other notes and the blend smelled really familiar. Then it hit me...this sucker smelled like Pink Sangria...Pink Sangria with strawberry (some people said they got strawberry cream....I and most folks I've talked to don't get that at all). And it makes sense as Pink Sangria smelled nothing like sangria but rather pink lemonade..very reminiscent of Pomegranate Lemonade

So both Jenn and Tinadivalicious/@scentizens have bought and burned this candle already and have said that the strawberry note completely dissipates once the candle is lit and all you smell is Pink Sangria which kinda had a chemical/gasoline effect when burning

Soooo why didn't they just release Pink Sangria in the first place? Or Pomegranate Lemonade? Why the unnecessary rigmarole? Why add a strawberry note that's just gonna disappear? Stupidity.

Anyhoo, this is what I ended up getting. I'm pretty good on candles for the moment and got all the ones I wanted. Now I'm just wanted to say what clusterfuckery awaits further into spring....



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