RANT OF THE DAY: Reselling BBW candles ~ Greedy Bastards

Let's say there's a past scent that's no longer in rotation and you didn't stock/hoard as much as you should've and you figure it would come back the following year and of course it didn't. Or you have a candle that you absolutely love but you're down to your very last one. Or you read or saw a review for a candle that you either just heard about or never heard of. Or you're a collector and that there is a now forgotten scent from back in the day that you want to get your hands on. Or you don't live near a White Barn or a test store and you absolutely have to have a certain exclusive.

What is a candle whoreder to do?!!

Why, buy from a third party off the black market of course!

There's Amazon...although the prices are beyond ridiculous; you'll rarely find an old candle under $50. I did manage to find a Chocolate Bacon Cupcake awhile back for only $20, but that was sheer unadulaterated luck 

The most popular choice is of course Evil-bay where you could find almost any candle from last season to the Slatkin era days. I myself have bought a significant amount of past stock at reasonable prices on there. With luck, patience and persistence you should be able to find and buy (or bid..which I hate to do and almost never do) the candle of your choice.

And the newest place to buy or sell candles is on Mercari - an app you download on your phone. I found that this place has the most reasonable prices and that's the problem; you really have to be quick to buy and not dawdle cuz things sell quickly; whatever you had your eye on can and will be snatched away right under your nose.

There's nothing wrong with buying candles from any of those places; if you can't get em from BBW/WB, then you gotta get em from somewhere else amirite?!

But here's where things get murky. Like most things in life, there are individuals who make it their life's mission to f*** up a good thing. Most sellers sell their candles simply get rid of them - they have too many, they've run out of space, they're moving and can't take their collection with them..all perfectly logical reasons. But then you have greedy bastards who sell their candles out of..well..greed. They sell their candles over the original sale price and more often than not, you have to pay shipping as well. And the more popular or rare the scent, the higher the asking price.

Case in point, test scents...

Well all know of a certain someone who drives to test stores, buys test scents and does sniff reviews on said test scents then immediately sells them on Evilbay the very same day. And the prices are always more than the original price.

Just today, I saw an individual post on IG pics of the new southwest/desert candles and the pictures looked familiar. Then it hit me...Mercari. I went on there, did a search and sure enough there they were - the very same candles posted on IG. Now I am almost positive this individual bought these candles on sale and probably with a coupon but the greedy bastard sold them over the original price and wanted you to pay shipping as well - $25 plus $6 shipping! No thank you! This GB also is selling "rare" non-test candles for $30, $40, $50 a pop.

These greedy bastards take total advantage of people with no access to test scents. Case in point.. 

Over the years, there has been almost reverence for Slatkin era scents in the candle community and, once again, greedy bastards take advantage of this. Case in point...

Now this greedy bastard probably bought these back in the day when candles were sold for $19 in stores and there were still 2/20 sales. Instead of making Slatkin era candles more accessible, this GB sells them at these laughable prices because they're "RARE"

Bitch you're selling candles, not family heirlooms! 

And then you have greedy bastards who sell stuff that are either still in stores currently or are out of rotation but will eventually be back in stores at higher prices, which is stupid! Why would anyone in their right mind pay over $20 for ONE candle when they can go to their local store and buy the same candle for $12.50 or less with a coupon. A Slatkin scent or test scent is one thing but a regular run of the mill candle is totally different..pure greed!

Just for shits and giggles, I looked up the most expensive candle being sold and it's so not what you'd expect nor is it worth the price. Take a deep breath, sit down if you're not already and click this link

And what's sad is a)these greedy bastards consider themselves fellow candle lovers and are doing people a favor out of the kindness of their hearts and b)there are Desperate Daisies and Thirsty Thelmas with more money than sense who will shell out the money and actually pay these ridiculous exorbitant prices while thinking it's a bargain.

Bottom line, I don't care what reasons you have for selling candles however no candle should be sold for more than $30 and that should include shipping as well. I don't care how old and rare it is..NO CANDLE SHOULD BE SOLD FOR MORE THAN $30 AND THAT SHOULD INCLUDE SHIPPING!!!
  • If you're selling a candle still in stores, then you should sell it for the sale price you bought it for
  • If you're selling a candle that has been burned, then it should be sold for at least $10 less than the sale price
  • If you're selling a recent test scent, then it should not be sold than more than the original price
  • If you're selling a Slatkin scent pre-2012, $30 should be the cutoff point
To all of you greedy bastards in the BBW candle community, you're assholes plain and simple; you've absolutely no right to consider yourselves candle lovers. Now there's nothing wrong with hustling for a quick buck, but when your hustle involves taking advantage of people and robbing them of their hard earned money, that's wrong. That said, newsflash.. if you're selling them because you're hard up for cash, maybe you shouldn't be buying candles in the first place; save them for people who a)can afford them and b) will appreciate them. And FYI, selling your candles super high is only hurting your chances who them being bought; the higher the price, the longer the candle is gonna sit there - you're essentially shooting yourself in the foot. Greediness/avarice is not cute, it's a sin and karma is shonuff a bitch! 


  1. OMG I can't believe the most expensive one!!!! WTF!!!! No way is that worth even a third of that price, plus they bring that back pretty regularly. NO THANKS

  2. OMG.. I clicked the link and almost passed out. This selling shiz at crazy prices upsets me also. I saw the test on mercari site and told a friend I should go back get some and sell them for the $8 I paid and low ball their ass. Stop taking advantage of people. That's the way I see it anyway.

  3. Honestly... I didn't read your entire rant but I skimmed and saw all that I needed. My opinion: people can charge whatever they want for THEIR merchandise. If they want to make a make a huge profit and someone is willing to pay the price then so be it. Don't judge people because they sin differently than you do.

    1. First of all Marley Jade, at least have the common courtesy tonread the entire thing before you decide to put me on blast!

      Secondly, I will judge...its shitty, its selfish and counterproductive.

      Ive talked to quite a few candle lovers like myself and all agree these extreme prices are just wrong.

      Are these assholes free to charge whatever they want? Yes, its a free country. Does that make it right? Hell no

      My guess is you're either one of these sellers or you have countless money to throw away on ridiculously expensive candles cuz I'm getting far too much saltiness from your commment. Whether that's the case or not, keep doing you boo!

      Thanks for your opinion


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