RANT & NEW IDEA OF THE DAY: Spring/Summer Candles

I just can't with you BBW! I'm really trying to understand your randomness lately; there has to be some method behind the madness but frankly y'all a throwing for loop. I was really hoping that this spring you guys would redeem yourselves and give us some goodness..and at first it certainly looked that way. Then y'all effed up by releasing a deluge of summery beachy tropical vaguely islandy scents. And after about a month of silence, you release even more summery beachy tropical vaguely islandy scents and more goddamn muthaeffin coconut. I mean seriously, wtf BBW?! And it would be one thing if you guys were releasing new scents or re-releases of old forgotten scents but nope, you give basic repackages.

Ok so let's start with this first collection...

Sunny Coconut - y'all are already releasing Tiki Beach, why the f*** do we need yet another coconut scent.
REPLACEMENT: Coastal Sun - this is the sunniest scent ever, hell "sun" is in the name! It's summer in a jar

Seaside Gardenia - yet another scent that y'all re-released to death
REPLACEMENT: Beach Grass - it's fresh, it's clean, it's beachy, it's floral...what more do you need?

Sparkling Waves - please, no more Turquoise Waters or Bergamot Waters or anything similar
REPLACEMENT: Sea Spray - this was a gorgeous watery scent and the closest to authentic oceany scent as BBW could/will get

Endless Weekend - basic, basic, BASIC
REPLACEMENT: Seaside Escape - OMG, this goddamn scent is AWESOME! It's fresh and watery yet sweet and  fruity; just a perfect summer/tropical scent

Black Sands - as much as I like this one, it ain't all that 
REPLACEMENT: Beach Day - I still don't understand why this was only released once and then forgotten, it's so sexy

Pineapple Mango - no, BBW, just NO!
REPLACEMENT: Pineapple Palm Grass - this is probably the best pineapple scent BBW has ever released, make use of that!

Suntan - this scent is starting to get old
REPLACEMENT: Poolside - come the eff on BBW! This scent was ridonkulously popular back in the day, bring that ish back

Beach Cabana and Tiki Beach can stay

And the Destinations collection...can I just say I am sick to damn death of Destinations. Though I must say I applaud BBW for having a consistent theme and just having random scents thrown together

Malibu ~ Citrus Glow - I dunno what this scent is but it has the possibility of being a Slatkin repackage so unless it sucks, I'm all for it

Riviera Maya ~ Plumeria Petals - I've heard thru the grapevine that this is a possible repackage of Vanilla Beach Flower...lame
REPLACEMENT: Sunrise Lagoon/Island Water - the RM is best known for its coastal/aquatic paradise, why not use a tropical watery scent that captures that

Caribbean ~Driftwood Surf - another scent that just sounds basic, I heard that it's the failed test scent Isle Hideaway
REPLACEMENT: Mango Beachwood - this scent was perfection, a perfect blend of tropical fruits and woods
OR: Island Nectar: another gorgeous tropical scent that's been totally forgotten

St. Tropez ~ Beach Cabana - don't get me wrong, I like this scent but not for it to be in 2 collections at the same time 
REPLACEMENT: Suntan/Beachside - this scent makes more sense in this collection 

Bora Bora ~ Tiki Beach - again, a good scent but not to be in 2 collections at the same time plus we already seen it in the random ass Italy collection
REPLACEMENT: Meet me in Tahiti - this scent just makes more sense
OR: Coco Lobo - a gorgeous Slatkin era scent that needs to be brought back

How about bringing the old Slatkin summer classics back? 
Seaside Escape, Island Nectar, Coastal Sun/Citrus Flower, Caribbean Salsa, Calypso Sun, Tropical Sun, Coconut Water, Passionflower

How about a thirst quenching cocktail collection? Island Margarita, Tiki Mango Maitai, Pink Sangria, Pomegranate Lemonade, Summertime Soda, Paradise Daiquiri, Island Colada, Bahama Fizz, Malibu Smash, Pineapple Punch, Seaside Mimosa

Or all tea and nothin but the tea collection? Sooooo many people on social media for this
Southern Sweet Tea, Cinnamon Tea, Nectarine Green Tea, Raspberry Sun Tea, Peachy Tea , Lemon Mint Tea with a nice rose tea scent, a lavender tea scent, hibiscus/agua de jamaica scent and an Earl Grey scent

Or maybe a non-descript relaxing trip to the spa collection?
Fresh Bamboo, Aloha Vanilla, Freshwater & Seasalt/Sea to Santorini, Renew & Refresh, Coconut Lime Verbena, Green Tea Nectarine, Cucumber Melon, White Citrus, White Tea & Ginger, Suntan/Beachside, South Beach Sun, Bermuda Break, Sea Spray, Summer Bonfire 


  1. Yes, I applaud your suggestions!!

  2. Omg Pomegranate Lemonade is my all time favorite! I would just die if they brought it back, awesome suggestion!

    1. Right?! BBW needs to bring this back instead of rereleasing lame Watermelon Lemonade for the umpteenth time

    2. Ugh, exactly. I hate WL so very much. I ordered 3 WL's online without even sniffing in person back when it first came out in hopes it would be similar to my beloved Pomegranate Lemonade, and I was brutally disappointed when my house wound up smelling like melted plastic and sketchy dollar store candy for days as I burned them. And then today I get an email that has all kinds of WL body care in it... Um HELLO BBW, I have been hoarding Strawberry Lemonade body care stuff since I was in high school, it is THE best lemonade scent ever so whyyyyyy even bother with this watermelon fuckery again when you could just bring SL back?! GAH.
      Sorry, got a little riled up there. Also, same poster as above, just changed my name since I haven't commented on a blog since about 2007, but you inspired me! ;)

    3. lol welcome back! glad I coaxed you back to bloggerland lol

      yeah, bbw loves playing it safe nowadays. They'd rather bring back WL or creating some whack ass coconut scent than bring back or formulate something truly new and authentic

    4. lol welcome back! glad I coaxed you back to bloggerland lol

      yeah, bbw loves playing it safe nowadays. They'd rather bring back WL or creating some whack ass coconut scent than bring back or formulate something truly new and authentic

  3. Good suggestions! As for me, I just want Pineapple Orchid and Mango Spearmint back foreverrrr. In candles and sprays AND in a body line.

    1. I'm really surprised that Pineapple Orchid hasn't been back as that was a very popular scent back in the day and has mass appeal. Mango Spearmint might be a little out there for people to try

  4. Love your suggestions. If only BBW would take them and use them!!

    1. For real! They'd make a crapload more money if they did


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