CANDLE RETROSPECTIVE: My "Sniff Only" Candle Collection

When I first started getting into BBW candles circa 2012, I burned everything I bought with reckless abandon with little to thought as to whether a scent came back or not. My how things have changed. Within the past 2 years, I've started actively collecting old scents - one hit wonders, failed testers and Slatkin era gems. Some I burn if I know I can easily get another but if I can't, they immediately go into my "sniff only" collection.

Chocolate Bacon Cupcake (Fall 2012) 
Savory farmhouse bacon meets dark cocoa, creamy buttermilk and rich caramel in this
uncommonly delicious combination of sweet and salty scents
Bought: on Amazon 
Worth buying: Totally! It's worth getting just for its rarity and exclusivity alone. And it's such a unique scent unlike anything that we've seen from either Slatkin or BBW in general. And it truly smells like a chocolate bacon cupcake! 
Should BBW bring this back: Absolutely! With all the pumpkin and marshmallow and frosting scents we're assaulted with in fall, I think this sent would be a welcome change.

Eggnog (Winter 200?) 
A rich and yummy eggnog scent with plenty of extras, like golden rum, sweet butter cream, pralines and musk.
Bought: on Ebay
Worth buying: Eh, not really. It's a cute scent; it does smell like legit store bought eggnog in a carton - super rich, creamy and custardy with some artificial rum action, very warm and cozy. However it's not groundbreaking or mindblowing by any means. If you see it and it's super cheap, sure go ahead and get it. Otherwise, don't bother
Should BBW bring this back: Eh! Though I will say that this is soooo much better than Hot Buttered Rum that BBW insists on bringing back year after after. Though I think Winter Latte from '13 (aka Creamy Nutmeg) is much better.

Fleur de Provence (Spring 2014)
A very French blend of lavender buds, verbena and vanilla that conjures up a walk through a field of flowers. Escape to the South of France!
Bought: in store during Summer SAS '14
Worth buying: only if your a hardcore lavender lover and are into aromatherapy scents...or Fruity Pebbles. Good luck though, I have yet to find this candle anywhere

Frosted Pine (Winter 2013)
this wintry blend of pine needles and balsam and a hint of sugar evokes the fragrance of an evergreen tree laden with snow.
Bought: in the store during Winter SAS '14
Worth buying: If you're hardcore pine scent fanatic, perhaps. Otherwise no, it's a very basic, generic pine scent; think "pine" spray to make artificial trees smell real
Should BBW bring this back: Absolutely not. With Evergreen and Fresh Balsam around, we really don't need other pine scent...unless they bring back something ol school...cough cough Sleigh Ride

Holiday Pomander (Winter 2009 or '10)
scented with citrus fruits, cloves, bay rum, leafy balsam, and musk
Bought: on Ebay
Worth buying: Absolutely! This is an absolutely gorgeous scent! It has a vintage old fashioned Christmas Carol vibe to it; it totally smells like mulled wine/my AMAZING Christmas punch. If you like conceptual Christmasy scents like Winter or Tis the Season or Chestnut & Clove then you will LOVE this one!
Should BBW bring this back: Hell yeah! For whatever reason, BBW has been a major Wine Cellar kick lately and I don't know why cuz it doesn't smell like wine at all. HP on the other hand actually doesn't smell like spiced/mulled wine.

Kitchen Spice (2010?) 
A decadent mixture of nutmeg, allspice, hazelnut and caramel. (Past notes mention cinnamon and marzipan)
Bought: online during Summer SAS '14
Worth buying: If you see it and it's cheap, sure. But don't go out of your way looking for it. 
Should BBW bring this back: Yes. Even though it wasn't originally marketed as a fall scent, because of the caramel and spices, it comes off as very fall-ish. And compared to all the basic scents we see during fall nowadays, we could use something a little sophisticated.

Lavender Marshmallow (Spring 2014) 
The merging of two unexpected flavors - lavender and marshmallow - make this mouthwatering blend a special treat
Bought: on Ebay
Worth buying: Hahaha, good luck finding one under $100! 
Should BBW bring this back: Yes. Even though we have Paris ~ Lavender Macaron which is so similar, LM is slightly better. Though I have a feeling BBW is gonna keep pushing Paris from now on.

Mint Chocolate (Winter 2010) (2013 vers.)
Indulge in this minty and merry blend of cool peppermint, creamy milk and rich dark chocolate. (Past notes mention vanilla cream and caramel)
Bought: on Ebay
Worth buying: Hell Yeah! It's so much better than Mint Mocha Bark and Joy ~ Peppermint Marshmallow. If you are looking for this, get the 2013 version with the macaron on the label, that's the best version 
Should BBW bring this back: Again, hell yeah! It was perfect holiday treat scent and it's a travesty that it hasn't come back!

Oakmoss & Vetiver (Spring 2013) 
Infuse your home with a luxurious blend of oakmoss, vetiver and lavender
Bought: on Ebay
Worth buying: for me, definitely. For y'all, probably not. Unless you're obsessed with cologney scents, this one isn't worth looking for. If you are, good luck; it took me 4 years to find one at a cheap price
Should BBW bring this back: Honestly no. This is a weird scent as it smells like something specific - shaving cream. That said, it would be a hard sell...unless BBW did a "Men's" line and called this "Barbershop" or "Shaving Cream" I can't see it being marketed as anything else.

Seaside Escape  (Spring 2010)
A delicious blend of luscious guava and passion fruit layered with fresh pineapple, juicy strawberry and rich tonka bean.  (Past notes also mention watermelon
Bought: on Ebay
Worth buying: Yes definitely! It's so unlike anything beach/tropical scents we have nowadays. And unlike most of the scents on this list, SE is easy to find and plentiful on Ebay
Should BBW bring this back: Most definitely! It's perfection - watery without smelling cologney, fruity without smelling candyish, tropical without smelling bodycare-like. And get coconut! *mindblown

Sleigh Ride (Winter 2011)
Frosted juniper, green noble fir and rosemary blended to evoke a morning sleigh ride
Bought: on Ebay
Worth buying: I would say yes. It's super rare and it isn't your typical piney scent (although on the initial cold sniff, it kinda smells like wet lettuce). And like Holiday Pomander, it has a vintage antiquey old fashioned Christmas vibe about it. 
Should BBW bring this back: Totally! It's quite different from Evergreen and Fresh Balsam and is unique enough to stand on its own.

Snow Day (Winter 2013)
A bright and joyful blend of spruce branches, peppermint and sweet vanilla that captures the fun adventures of a snow-filled day
Bought: in the store at the end of Winter SAS '13
Worth buying: at the time, I hyped it up as the best winter/holiday ever! Not so much anymore; it's borderline generic - 80% Twisted Peppermint and 20% Fresh Balsam. Plus the throw was super light; that said, don't waste your time looking for the candle, get the wf bulbs instead; you'll ave an easier time finding them than the cnadle and they're stronger
Should BBW bring this back: Not really...unless BBW tweaked it. If the pine/spruce notes were amped up and there was some citrus like Snow & Slopes or Holly Wreath, it might be the bombdiggity. But as it stands, it's too close to Twisted Peppermint to be anything special or unique 

Snowed In (Winter 2012)
Spend the day indoors, away from the cold wind, decorating for the perfect holiday with the inspiring fragrance of fresh juniper, sugared sap and sage
Bought: from a candle buddy on IG
Worth buying: Hmmm... Let me say this...this scent isn't for pussies, it's strictly for fragrance diehards. If you're into intense, outdoorsy, herbal, green conceptual scents, then this bud's for you. That said, if you're a Snowed In virgin, I'd get and try the wf bulb first.
Should BBW bring this back: I would say yes! Everybody got PUNK'D last winter SAS when they brought back Snowed In with the 2013 failed test scent version label but was actually a watered down version of White Winter Petals. BBW should bring back SI just for the sole reason showing people what it's truly supposed to smell like 

Vanilla Spice (Winter 2010)
Aromatic cinnamon is blended with whipped vanilla, spiced orange peel, balsam and a hint of cherry
Bought: on Ebay
Worth buying: Abso-f***ing-lutely! This was one of the most amazing, gorgeous, elegant winter/holiday scents I've ever smelled. If you see it, get it IMMEDIATELY!
Should BBW bring this back: Hell to the f***ing yeah! Now I had my doubts at first as I am not a fan of vanilla heavy scents but my buddy Touchthefiretwice swears by this scent and I trust his nose. It's so worth the hype and, like so many of the scents on this list, it's shame that it was a one hit wonder. It so unlike any other holiday scent and I promise if this was released, it would be a runaway hit! 


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