WALK 'N' SNIFF: Holiday Edition Destination Collection

So while I was in the City, I decided to drop by BBW and see if they had the Destinations collection and sure enough they did


I was over this collection when I first heard about em and having finally seen and sniffed them in person, I'm even more over this collection! This is the most strangest, weirdest and random collection in the history of BBW! And yet people are losin their proverbial shit over these bastards and I don't understand why! And if one more basic bitch says on social media that they're buying these candles just for lids, I'm going to muthaeffin SCREAM!!! That's the goddamn muthaeffin problem; we got crappy scents with absolutely no thought or reason put behind them cuz all ya'll care about are the damn lid! And they're not even that damn cute! People are acting like these lids are made of pure platinum with gold flakes and diamond studs! THEY'RE CHEAP LAMINATED GLITTER!!!! GGGG - GURL GET A GODDAMN GRIP!

RANT OVER! On to the review. So as y'all know...

New York is Spiced Apple Toddy..which is basically a watered down Leaves
Hawaii is Honolulu Sun..which is a generic sweet shampoo/conditioner cococnutty scent
Swiss Alps is Ski Lodge..smoky woodsy incensey slightly cocoa-y type scent

These two aren't online but are in stores..
Istanbul is Sensual Amber... which smells like old lady
Caribbean is Pineapple Mango...the most basic tropical scent EVER

No Amsterdam/Flower Shop or Tahiti/Bergamot Waters

These make my roll eyes so much that I can barely type! The only one that makes any amount of sense is Swiss Alps..barely. Now on to the "new" stuff..

Italy ~ Tuscan Lemon Tart - So this isn't Limocello or Lemon Drops or Sugared Lemon or Lemon Gelato or Kitchen Lemon. I do believe this might be new..though that said don't get too excited cuz it's not that great of a scent new or otherwise. It's a very generic borderline cleaner lemon scent with a creamy frothy vanilla-ish merigue note. Sounds amazing..that is until you smell it and realize that it's more basic than you realized. And by all accounts it's smells like gasoline once lit..that is if you're lucky enough to get a throw in the first place.

Paris ~ Pink Champagne - Funny story about this one...so when this collection first came out, I wrote a post about em and wrote what I thought would make better and more sensible replacements . In it I said that they should get rid of Tahiti (cuz who goes to Tahiti for Christmas?!) and replace it with Paris and make a "Champagne Toast" scent. Sure enough, Tahiti gets the boot and out from nowhere comes Paris ~ Pink Champagne. Coincidence?

Anyhoo, on cold throw it appears to be a blend of BBW's popular alcoholy scents. The base notes smell EXACTLY like Champagne Toast. Some people get a hint of Cranberry Pear Bellini however I personally get Wine Down. There's another dark berry note besides the blackcurrant that smells like the "pomegranate" from WD not as tart or as musky. So yeah Champagne Toast + Wine Down = Paris which is equal to BORING!

I just can't with this collection and BBW in general..I can not nor will not!


  1. Well done!! 1. Those lids look like an Christmas art project made by my son to give as a coaster. 2. People are hyping lemon tart more than it deserve. I tried to tell people not to get excited because in the end it's nothing special!

  2. Thank you! I really don't know why folks are so excited over these!


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