THIS IS THE BOMB.COM: Orange Chocolate Truffle

Products: candle
Area used in: living room
Time Period: end of November - New Years

So as you know, cuz it bears repeating, I am NOT a fan of sweet/bakery/gourmand scents particularly chocolate (with few exceptions) cuz most home fragrance companies (especially BBW) just don't get it right. So that in and of itself made me not give this candle any attention. Also I am very skeptical of and indifferent to scents that are overhyped on social media as 9xoutta10 said scents are undeserving. All that said, I was very ready to completely ignore this candle...that is until I sniffed and I found myself strangely impressed. I waited until Candle Day to pick one up and I'm so glad I did cuz I'm really enjoying it.

The performance has been pretty stellar so far - the wicks have been sturdy, the flames have been dancing high and the pool has been consistently deep and even. Overall, it's a really gorgeous candle to burn, especially once it get dark outside and you have all of your Christmas lights on. The throw has been on the medium side...which honestly I'm ok with that; a scent this sweet would just be too nauseating if it were any stronger. The scent does tend to linger for awhile after the candle has been blown out and sometimes I've found myself needing to open the window after awhile.

This scent kinda intrigued me as I wondered how BBW was gonna pull it off; like I said, BBW isn't the best at formulating decent and authentic chocolate scents and most of their straightup oranges scents end up smelling really artificial and waxy. I also had to get to over my own personal bias - I do not like orange flavored chocolate candies or confections. I assumed OCT would be a carbon copy of Hot Cocoa & Cream with added orange note but it's not.  The chocolate note seems to be a new formulation and actually smells a little better and more authentic than HC&C; it smells more smooth, rich and decadent. The orange note is surprisingly pleasant; you get both the juice and the oil from the peel. Neither note overpowers each other but rather blends harmoniously and makes you wish you had a box of orange chocolate truffles. If you've ever had one of those pull apart orange flavored chocolates ie Terry's  around Christmastime, OCT smells just like it!

This is one of those scents that makes me regret only buying one as I ended up enjoying it more than I thought I would . If one pops up during SAS, I'll definitely pick one up. If by chance you see one of these hanging around your store, give it a try.


  1. I've only seen this in stores ONCE post-Black Friday, and there were only a few candles. I didn't get once but I love the scent. I do like orange-chocolate flavored desserts in real life, too. Glad you're loving it!!

  2. Same. Except I waited for candle day to pick it up in order to spend as little as possible since I did not have high hopes. I was wrong and ended up loving it. A few days later I called several stores and found one last lonely OCT and snagged it to double up.


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