= direct repackage
=+ repackage with a twist/added notes
=? possible repackage

Pomelo Citron = Capri Citron
Almond =+ Creamy Nutmeg
Rose = Flower Shop
Palo Santo = Desert Heat
Honeysuckle & Freesia =+ Rosewater & Ivy
Hello Beautiful =?Sunkissed Days
Sea Salt & Linen =+ Orange Blossom & Driftwood/Coastal Oak & Sea Salt 2.0
Summer Terrace =+ Beach Sage & Mint
Mermaid Lagoon = Happily Ever After/White Cedarwood/Wild Cedarwood
Lavender Sea = Lavender Coconut
Island Reef = Frozen Lake
Island Papaya = Papaya Sunrise
Golden Jasmine =+ Magic in the Air
Honeysuckle & Freesia = Rosewater & Ivy
Citrus & Sandalwood = Citron Cedarwood = Sandalwood Citrus
Wildflower Meaddow =?Wildflower Valley
Toasted Smores = Bonfire Smores
In-tents Coffee = Paris Cafe
May the Forest be with you = Evegreen
Waffle Cone = Berry Waffle Cone
Orange Cream Soda = Orange Creamsicle

GRL PWR - Strawberry Cupcake
You give me all the feels= Warm Vanilla Sugar
Inhale Exhale = Eucalyptus Mint & Rain
You're a Gem - Wild Sage & Aloe
Kindness is Magic - Peach Bellini
Will you accept this Rosé - Strawberry Mimosa =+ Pink Sangria 
Amazing things will happen = Watermelon Lemonade
You light up my sky = Lavender Vanilla
I love you = Honeysuckle Bouquet
Happy birthday = Cranberry Pear Bellini
I Love You = Georgia Peach
You're Amazing = Endless Weekend
Best Mom Ever = Fresh Cut Lilacs
Happy Birthday = Vanilla Bean
Hello Lovely = Watermelon Lemonade
Best Dad = Ma-Blah-gony Stankwood
MOM, YOU'RE AMAZING = Endless Weekend
THANK YOU and CONGRATS = Champagne Toast
Thank you = Merci Paris
I Love You = Bourbon Seasalt Caramel
Happy Birthday - Pink Lemonade Poundcake
Costa Rica  = Aloha/Aloha Kiwi Passionfruit
California Vineyard = Black Cherry Merlot
Iceland ~ Frozen Lake
Thailand = Thai Coconut Basmati
London = London Calling

Campfire Pumpkin = Pumpkin Fireside
The Great Outdoors =+ Autumn Snow = Pinecone
Lemon & Fig = Sunny Fig
White Pumpkin =+Creamy Pumpkin
Pumpkin Vanilla =+ Pumpkin Pie
Gather=  Feast ~ Maple Sugar Brittle

Hot Cocoa & Scream = Hot Cocoa & Cream
Purrfect Pumpkin = Shit Cinnamon Poopkin

Maple Cinnamon Pancakes = Pumpkin Caramel Latte
Blue Winter Sky =+ Beach Sage & Mint
Campsite Coffee = Paris Café
Artic Berry=? Juniper Berry & Pine
Sugared Snickerdoodle = (batch 1 = Snickerdoodle) (batch 2 = Pumpkin Pecan Waffles)
Peppermint Brownie = 2013’s Mint Chocolate
Toffee Brittle = Toasted Coconut
First Frost = Peppered Suede
Yuletide =?Fireside Christmas
Balsam & Firewood  =? Smoked Birch
Gingerbread & Caramel =+ Cinnamon Caramel Swirl
Snow Fall (batch 1 = new) (batch 2 = repackage of Spruce)
Tuxedo Night + Serene/Aquamarine = Poolside Daydream
Butterrum Eggnog =+ Eggnog Cheer = Eggnog
After the Snow = The Original = Golden Woods = Great Room ~ Fireside Pine
Cuff Links =? =XOXO = Seaside Mist


  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I missed Palo Santo this year but hopefully I can track down the Desert one. Might head back to the old BBW.

  2. Did you mean to post Golden Jasmine twice? Because it's very different from Magic in the Air


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