NEWNESS UPDATE: Spring 2019 Test Candles

Well gang, it's not even Christmas yet and spring candles are in TEST stores...emphasis on TEST stores. Unless you live near one(DON'T ASK ME WHERE THEY ALL ARE CUZ I DUNNO), please do not schlep to your regular local stores cuz you'll find yourself very disappointed.

Now from what I've heard, there's a definite likelihood that these will all pass test phase and will make to stores nationwide in a few weeks. Kinda to have so many candle collections debuting during SAS (which starts December 26th btw) but hey, I'm not complaing.

So let's talk about we will be seeing...

First off, you already knowing were getting a tropical/beach collection cuz it's just not springtime at BBW without one. The candles in the collection look rather nice; they have wraparound labels with various beachy scenes. At the moment, the only "new" scent is...

Tahitian Coconut - Fresh Coconut, Cooling Sea Spray, Tonka Bean (my guess is that it's one of the many coconut scents we've seen over the years; Aquamarine/Poolside Daydream, Honolulu Sun, Lanikai Coconut, Waikiki Beach Coconut, etc)

Returning scents include Blue Ocean Waves, Pineapple Mango, Sun-washed Citrus, Aloha Kiwi Passionfruit, Rainforest Gardenia, Turquoise Waters and Tiki Beach

Next is a collection with chillax at a tropical spa with  blue and white Mediterranean patters on the tumblers. New scents include 

Sun-drenched Linen - Cool Cotton, Crisp Apple, Soft Musk (my guess is either Fresh Cotton or Fresh Musk. Could also be Comfort from the Hygge collection)

Sea Salt & Sandalwood - Spring Driftwood, Sparkling Grapefruit, Clean White Musk (rumoured to be failed test scent Sand & Sea)

Fresh Coconut & Eucalyptus- Creamy Coconut, Fresh Eucalyptus, Mint Leaves (new scent)

Returning scents include Midnight Blue Citrus, Mineral Spring, and Fiji White Sands

Next we'll be getting a slew of floral scents in the WB side...for the first friggin time in a quite a few years. Dunno why BBW has been so scared of florals lately but it seems they've gotten over their phobia.

So the first collection has "marble" tumblers with various colors and textures/designs. New scents include

The Perfect Spring - Spring Air, Fresh Grass, Apple Blossom (unfortunately it is not my beloved Spring. It could be Luck from last SAS)

Orchard Blossom - Green Apple Blossom, Morning Dew, Soft Musk (Drenched Apple Blossom (so this isn't Orchard Petals from backintheday nor is Drenched Apple Flower  from around the same time. )

Coastal Morning - White Pomelo, Blue Lavender, Silver Cedar (confirmed to be Ocean Mist & Citrus)

White Tea & Sage - Sparkling Bergamot, White Tea, Fresh Sage (NOT White Tea & Ginger)

Returning scents include Beach Cabana, Sun-washed Petals, Almond, Vanilla Birch, Lavender Vanilla, Sugared Lemon Zest, Mineral Springs, Eucalyptus Rain, Mahogany Coconut, Paris Cafe and Blah-termelon Lemonade

The next one has watercolor painted flowers and fruit on the labels, perfect for springtime. New scents include...

Garden Greenery - Sweet Apricot, Fresh Basil, Bright Mint Leaves (got nuthin, from what I've heard it might be new)

Water Hyancinth - Spring Hyancinth, Refreshing Bergamot, Water Lily (according to Tinadivalicious, this smells like Fresh Bamboo)

Cucumber & Lily - Fresh Cucumber, Green Tea, Lily of the Valley (this might be new, very intrigued with this)

Returning scents include  Lemon Verbena, Fresh Cut Lilacs, Georgia Peach and Vanilla Coconut

The next has Monet painting inspired paint splats or painted flowers

Lavender Woods - Pink Lavender, Wild Sage, Cashmere Musk (sounds like Lavender Linens)

Wisteria Garden - Soft Jasmine Petals, Wisteria Vine, Vanilla Woods (I was really intrigued with this one as wisteria are one of my favorite flowers but Tinadivalicious broke my heart by saying it's a repackage of Merci Paris )

Returning scents include Sundress, Cactus Blossom, Peach Bellini, Rosewater & Ivy and Honeysuckle

This is the collection that everyone is the most excited for. We are getting a bakery filled Sweet Shop-esque collection!

Key Lime Pie - Zesty Key Lime Pie, Graham Cracker Crust, Dollop of Meringue ( said to smell a little different from the failed test scent version which was repackage of Tequila Lime Cupcake)

Angel Food Cupcake - White Cake, Madagascar Vanilla, Cherry Whipped Cream (NOT
Frosted Cake Pop)

Hot Fudge Sundae - Gooey Fudge, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Wipped Cream (NOT Hot Cocoa & Cream)

Banana Bundt Cake - Sweet Banana, Toasted Walnut, Fresh Cinnamon (I'm guessing Banana Nutmeg Bread Pudding/Banana Pumpkin Muffin but no one can confirm) 

Returning scents include Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut, White Caramel Cold Brew, Pineapple Crumb Cake, Pink Apple Punch, Pink Petal Tea Cake, Champagne Toast and Blah-termelon Lemonade...a-friggin-gain

For pictures, you can check out @_scentsgalore, @tinybubblesfloating and @candleloverforeva on IG

For review, check out Tinadivalicious on Youtube

And this bears repeating, do NOT go looking for these in your local stores cuz they will not be there!


  1. I'm happy to see a Sweet shop collection for Spring, since some of the scents seem like they might be appropriate to burn in the transition time between winter and spring (I live in Washington state so we can have snow on the ground well into March or April some years). I have a lot of leftover Spring/Summer candles from last year, but not as many Fall/Winter as I'd like at the moment. Not sure about the Key Lime Pie, but the other new ones are intriguing. I hope they make it to non-test stores as you said is likely.

    1. Some of them have popped in stores now but they arent on sale. I got smell key Lime Pie and so far,that's my favorite

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  3. Tahitian Coconut is 100% a repackage of Surf's Up Coconut Bay from 2017, that hideous Times New Roman font collection. It's like coconut, vanilla, and baby powder. It smells kinda like the Coco Shea Honey body care.


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