WALK N SNIFF: Winter 2018 Second Phase Candles *UPDATED

After almost a month long absence, I finally stepped inside BBW to get my sniff on.

 Before I get to the WALK N SNIFF, I need to vent.

I loathe holiday time at BBW. During this time, the stores gets an influx of new and/or seasonal workers and they're all chipper AF (cuz they're new and want to keep their jobs as well as get commision) and wanting to talk to you and make "recommendations" that are not so much recommendations but rather their personal favorites (like I give a crap what you like) or scents corporate forces them to push and shoving candles up your nose to sniff. Contrary to how I seem on here and social media, I am an introvert and am not a fan of strangers I don't know talking to me. When I'm sniffing around, I'm in the zone and am focusing/thinking/concentrating and being interrupted takes me out of it. Six..SIX different SAs came up to "talk" me; one literally snuck up behind me, made me gasp and I almost dropped a candle. I got so annoyed having so many SAs approaching me that I didn't get to sniff things properly and I just walked out. That said, this review is based on snap judgements and some of these scents I do need to resniff. Now that that is out of the way, on with the review.

ADDENDUM: Days later, I went to a WB and got to sniff around uninterrupted so there are updates!

Iced Cranapple This is one of those new scents that isn’t worth getting excited over cuz it still smells familiar. Basically if you took basic ass Farmstand Apple (quite possibly one of the worst apple scents BBW has ever released) and mixed it with a dash of Frosted Cranberry, that’s essentially Iced Cranapple. It’s one of those boring and uninspired scents that beg the question “why tho?”

ADDENDUM: So this candle seems to be replacing the test scent Frosted Cake Pop despite the WF bulb going wide and currently available

Orange Chocolate Truffle (8276A3A3) - I was a little leery about this scent as chocolate scents tend to be hit or miss at BBW. Moreover I’m not a big fan of orange chocolate anything. I have to say that this genuinely surprised me and I found myself kinda liking it. If you’ve ever had a Terry’s Orange Chocolate, this candle smells EXACTLY like it. It has a chocolate base similar to Hot Cocoa & Cream. Then you get a pleasant hit of fresh orange juice/orange oil. Overall it’s a nice change from all of the heavy peppermint and cinnamon based gourmand scents that we get assaulted with during the holidays. And, like Terry’s Orange Chocolate, OCT is great for the holidays but it can be burned year round.  

Ooey Gooey Marshmallow (8254AGA3) - as far as I know, this is a new scent. What…a marshmallow scent that isn’t some variant of Marshmallow Fireside or Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow or Vanilla Bean Marshmallow?! Crazy talk right?! That said, don’t get too excited cuz the scent itself isn’t all that great. So right of the top, you do get an authentic marshmallow note. Then on top of that, there’s a molasses like caramelized brown sugar drizzle note. And that’s it. I mean it does get an A for accuracy cuz it does smell like an ooey gooey marshmallow. But otherwise it’s just blah; it smells like it’s missing something…. Like yams. How awesome would this candle be if it was a yammallow and a sweet potato casserole scent!
Peppermint Brownie (8254AGA2) - *sigh This is one of those times when I can’t listen to the opinions of a newbie reviewers cuz their only frame of reference is from fairly recently. So quite of a few folks on social media were saying that it was either similar to or a repackage of Peppermint Marshmallow. I sniffed them side by side and while they are in the same family, they are NOT the same. At first I thought it might the forgotten Mint Mocha Bark from 2014; again similar but not the same. Then it hit me…Mint Chocolate but the 2013 version. Unlike past and relatively recent incarnations which smelled more like ice cream, the 2013 version smelled more like a mint chocolate cookie and I’m getting that with PB. The only difference I can pick up is that the mint is stronger but that could just be a matter of the type of fragrance oils. The peppermint note is killer, almost on the verge of being Twisted Peppermint-ish but not as medicinal smelling. And there is a chocolate note that reads more bakery than candy. I’m about 75% sure it’s repackage of my beloved 2013 MC; I have an unburned one at home that I’ll bring with me next time I’m at BBW so I can compare.

ADDENDUM: folks have been saying that they smell Peppermint Marshmallow. Batch variance or peoples' noses are trippin? Not sure

Toffee Brittle (826M8A1) - honestly this isn't worth spending too much time on – it’s doesn’t smell like either toffee or brittle, just straightup coconut…and it’s a coconut scent that we’ve smelled before. Toffee Brittle is a straightup repackage of Toasted Coconut from 2017. The notes were “toasted coconut, fresh vanilla bean, soft caramel”…and that’s basically what you get in TB.

 Frosted Coconut Snowball (8276K3A2) - *SIGH I LOATHE coconut scents but I LOATHE bodycare candles even more. Those 2 kinds of scents combined is my nightmare! And yet, here we are. And it’s not even anything exciting or groundbreaking; it’s just the same Honolulu Sun-esque coconut based scents we get over and over and over. If you’re familiar with Vanilla Coconut, it smells extremely similar to that. If you like the bodycare or you’re one of those whackadoos who loves all things coconut outside of summer, this bud’s for you. Otherwise, it’s not worth even smelling.

Spiced Gingerbread Swirl (8262AGA4) – great, yet another bodycare scent. At least with the aforementioned FCS, that mess smelled slightly gourmand. SGS on the other hand, not so much. If you’re expected a warm, spicy bakery scents, then you’ll be incredibly disappointed – it smells like straightup bodycare. More to the point smells like a perfume and oil that an older matronly (Middle Eastern) woman would wear. It has a vanilla (and possibly sandalwood) with an intense ginger note as well as medly of other spices and combination just has a very Oriental vibe to it. I don’t really get the point of this scent and because there are already 2 other gingerbread candles that actually smell gourmand, SGS just seems superfluous if not unnecessary.    

Sugared Snickerdoodle (8269K3A3) - so back in 2014, there was a candle called “Snickerdoodle” that tested and failed. Unfortunately I never got to sniff it so I don't know if this Sugared Snickerdoodle is the same; if it is, just as well I didn’t smell it cuz it’s kinda boring. So basically it’s a cinnamon sugar bakery scent; think Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts or Pumpkin Sugared Doughnuts. And there is a caramelized brown sugar note that combined with the cinnamon sugar kinda has a Cinnamon Caramel Swirl vibe. Overall, it’s just ok.

ADDENDUM: Thanks to candle sleuth Jen/@theshow78, it has been confirmed that 2 Snickerdoodles ARE the same 

ADDENDUM: folks are saying they get a watered down Pumpkin Pecan Waffles. I definitely did not get that from the ones I sniffed. Again, is it a batch variance? Not sure 

Artic Berry (8275AGA3) – So if you’re expecting Merry Mistletoe/Holly Berry Balsam or Alpine Cheer type scent, you’ll be disappointed. I’m not 100% sure but I think this might be Juniper Berry & Pine from 2016; if it isn’t a repackage, it’s very similar. So basically it’s vague sweet berry blend with a hint of pine…that’s it.   

Cherry Frost (8254G3A2) – I’m guessing this is BBW’s answer to Yankee’s Cherries on Snow. So right of the bat, this ISN’T Cherry Blossom Sangria or SpikedCherry Limesicle or Black Cherry Merlot or Cherry Snow Cone. As far as I can tell, it’s a new scent but hardly anything groundbreaking. If you’ve ever sucked on a Luden’s Wild Cherry cough drops, then that’s basically what this candle smells like. Honestly, I don’t understand the point or the need for this candle other than to copy Yankee

ADDENDUM: I did resniff Cherry Frost and it's quite similar to Cherry Blossom Sangria however the cherry note still had the cherry cough drop vibe to it

Holiday – so Holiday was a....holiday... staple from 2012 to 2015. When this latest incarnation came out, I assumed it was the same scent…it actually isn’t. The old Holiday had a distinct bergamot note and gave the blend an odd old, ancient smelling mustiness (it always reminded of Christmas decorations in old dusty cardboard boxes). This new version doesn’t have that. What I think this scent might be a repackage of is another spicy Christmas scent from the Slatkin era that predates Holiday – Spice (for my newbies, it appeared in a throwback collection during 2016/2017 winter SAS). Anyway, as for as the scent is concerned, there’s really not much to say about it – basically all you get is red hot spicy cinnamon  

First Frost  (8267A3A4) – this isn’t worth going into much detail – it’s a straightup repackage of Peppered Suede. Why BBW felt the need to change the name and what it has to do with “frost” is beyond me
Yuletide (8257G3A6) – so this scent has been confounding and confusing candle enthusiasts and reviewers alike on social media; it’s that conundrum of smelling familiar but not being able to place it. I had a theory and after sniffing, I do believe I may be on to something. I do believe this is repackage (no, it’s Winter or Evergreen or Snow mountain Lodge or Vanilla Balsam or variants thereof) but it’s of a scent that most of you either don’t remember or have never heard of – Fireside Christmas. FC was part of a collection that tested and failed around Thanksgiving in 2016.  The notes were “Firewood Bundle, Pine Needles, Crisp Eucalyptus, Smoked Incense” Similar vibe to the Yuletide notes right? Now FC was described as “Fresh Balsam/Vanilla Balsam with smokiness”… that’s basically what Yuletide smells like. You get a piney blend of cedar and balsam enhanced with herbal aromatic hit of rosemary (I personally don’t get eucalyptus at all) There is a vanillic vibe lurking in the background but I don’ know if it’s actually vanilla bean or tonka bean or some kind of sweet wood (*giggles) And then there is a dry sooty smoky vibe similar to Palo Santo or Smoked Birch. It’s really complex blend with a old fashioned back in the old days vibe to it. If you enjoy scents like Winter Night, Ski Lodge, Frankincense or Snow Mountain Lodge, then this bud’s for you.

 Cinnamon Pinecone (8268G3A1) - as you (may) know, CP tested and failed back in 2016; the wf bulb however went wide and I actually owned one so I’m somewhat familiar with the scent. I could be nose playing tricks on me, but this new CP does smell quite like what I remember. It actually reminded of its predecessor – Welcome ~ Spiced Autumn Wreath. At first sniff, the 2 could potentially seem the same but there were distinct differences – CP felt a bit more darker, woodier with a more subdued spice and an apparent juniper note while W~SAW was more on the piney/balsamy vibe with a very heavy spice…and that’s what I get from this new CP. This is a scent that I’ll need to sniff again for further analysis

Crushed Candy Cane (8263M8A1) – this damn candle has been getting sooooo much overhype on social media with everyone and their grandma buying the crap out of it…which ALWAYS makes me suspicious. Then I sniffed it finally and I have to say that it actually ain’t half bad. And as far as I can tell, it’s a new scent! Scent-wise it’s pretty straightforward – it smells like legit crushed candy canes; A for accuracy all the way! And for those of you who think Twisted Peppermint is too potent and Peppermint Marshmallow is too sweet, CCC makes for a nice middle ground. Now as nice as this candle is, don’t let the overhype of social media fool you into thinking it’s the best thing ever cuz it isn’t nor is worth buying a dozen or more; 2-3 will suffice.

ADDENDUM: there’s a version of CCC in the sweater label Cocoa Caf√© collection; do not let yourself get bamboozled by the package, avoid at all costs! I dunno what BBW did to it but it does NOT smell the same as the WB core version; it legit smells like chemicals and gasoline.

Berry Spritzer (8267M8A1) - Lots of us candle enthusiasts were wondering what this could be a repackage of. PLOT TWIST, it's not a repackage of anything! It's NOT Cranberry Pear Bellini or Pomegranate Prosecco Punch or Sugarberry Spritzer or Cherry Blossom Sangria - it's a completely new scent and it's not half bad! So I get kinda of vague undiscernable melange of berry notes, more of the darker variety. And there is faint of pear. And you do get a nose tickling effervescence similar to Champagne Toast and Cranberry Pear Bellini. There was one aspect of the blend that I wasn't a fan of. There's a floral note lurking in the background; the notes mention "cherry blossom" which is total BS as cherry blossom don't have a smell. Whatever the actual floral note is, it gives the blend an almost soapiness and for me, it made the candle smell less like a delicious berry cocktail and more like a berry cockatil inspired handsoap. Besides that aspect, I'm kinda diggin this one and if I do decide to buy, hopefully that soapiness dissapates once as its burning.

Gingerbread & Caramel (8254K3A8) – this candle is pointless, superfluous and unnecessary. This is one of candles that just exists for the sake of existing. It’s nothing new, nothing exciting and smells like a scent that’s already out and we’ve seen time and time again for years – Cinnamon Caramel Swirl. I even dared to compared and sniffed the 2 side by side; G&C did have could be a “bakery” note and there was a touch of ginger but that’s where the differences end.

Snow Fall (8264AGA7) – at first, I was kinda intrigued with this one; anything with lavender gets my complete and utter attention. Then I sniffed it – talk about a let down. I’m pretty sure this a repackage of the very overlooked Spruce candle. Sooo many options to repackage – Winter Mint &Spruce, Peppermint Rosemary, Pinecone/Autumn Snow, SNOW DAY and they picked Spruce. I really don’t get BBW sometimes

ADDENDUM: There are 2 batches of Snow Fall. The 2nd batch (8261AGA5) smells quite different and honestly, much better. It's this gorgeous herbal blend - a little bit of pine (not nearly as much as batch 1) and resin (the amber perhaps?) with a more obvious lavender note, maybe some rosemary and I pick a hint of citrus. If you're interested in Snow Fall, look for the 2nd batch number. 

Tuxedo Night (8261AGA2) – ahh, saving the best for last…but not really. No season at BBW is complete without that one random repackage that just makes you go “why tho?” So you would think with a name like “Tuxedo Night” it would be smooth, suave, sensual manly cologne scent, something like Oakmoss& Vetiver or Villa Bergamot/Bergamot Woods or my bae Black Pepper Bergamot.. nope! And no this is NOTHING like Black Tie. Wanna know what it does smell like? F***in COCONUTS! Yes folks, this is repackage of Serene ~ Aquamarine from SAS aka Poolside Daydream! Again, “WHY THO?!”  Seriously WTF does this scent have to do tuxedoes at night? I can’t with BBW!

So there’s a possibility that Frosted Cake Pop is not going wide and although the wf bulb was available, there was no tester at my store. The store also didn’t have Berry Spritzer or Balsam & Firewood so I’ll be looking for those to sniff next time I go back.  


  1. Yuletide is interesting. On first burn I got Fresh Balsam, Winter, and Smoked Birch. The second burn was almost pure Vanilla Balsam. So weird. I do feel that it changes character several times throughout a single burn. All in all, I like it.
    Good call on the Arctic Berry. I really think you’re right about JBP. I couldn’t place it in the store, but it was familiar. Sadly, it is not the Alpine Cheer I was hoping for.

  2. I know what you mean about the employees, its not their fault but sometimes you get 4/5/6 just asking you something, too overboard.

  3. Ugh I went into the store today and was accosted by the new employees shoving candles at me every like 3 feet! Finally a couple of regular employees see me and tell the newbies that I know more than they do and to go find another customer to help lol! I was just oh thank you so much! I think I must have had that just give me a gun so i can shoot myself in the face kind of look while I was trying to decide what to purchase! I think Yuletide is my favorite this season! Was the Christmas Fireside candle out with the Thanksgiving candle?? I feel like I remember them being together, but I wasn't as avid a shopper then. I would just buy and burn recklessly lol!

  4. Ugh, you are the exact customer I always tried to explain to higher management folks, that you don't need to be asked a million times if you need help! Even working in retail, when I'm shopping, I'm the exact same way. If I need help, I'll find you and ask you. Please stop trying to shove things down my throat.

    I'm so so glad you reviewed Yuletide because it was driving me crazy. I mean, I really liked it, but I smelled Yuletide and Winter "side by side" (I'm always afraid of actually picking up the candles, so I just smelled Yuletide and then went over and smelled Winter) and I was like, "I swear these are almost identical." I think I might go back and get Yuletide this weekend and I'm considering getting Crushed Candy Cane maybe? I'm on the fence. Gotta sniff some more lol.

    And lastly just real quick, I wanna thank you for your efforts with keeping us candle freaks all updated with the new collections, I find it really helpful!

  5. The only candle in this batch that I'm interested in is Orange Chocolate Truffle. They decided to go and ruin a ton of the gourmand and/or fruity offerings with a "sweet musk" note. I despise musk in any form, so I had to pass on a ton of candles I would have otherwise considered purchasing. Also, I'm annoyed because I purchased one Cider Lane before realizing, oh crap, I need about 10 of these, and of course, they were no longer available anywhere. What is with them not restocking scents that sell like crazy and instead having 5 different labels for a handful of scents?! I've been so frustrated with them lately.

  6. I totally picked up a few candles the other day when a 20% off coupon ended up in my inbox. I KNOW, I KNOW, do I need more candles?! No, but THEY GOT ME. Picked up Cinnamon Pine Cone and I love it! Also got Cherry Frost, which we loved, and Crushed Candy Cane, which I haven't burned yet but smell incredible off the bat. Hopefully it'll be stronger than I hope it'll be. I always love your walk n sniff posts! :)

  7. crushed cany cane is horrible. I bought 6 and returned all of them Smells like burning plastic


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