WALK 'N' SNIFF: Mother's Day Candle Collection


For 2 weeks I've seen folks post on social media that their stores had these (and other candles) and like a fool, I'd pop in for a sniff only to see nothing new but rather the same ol crap. I felt like I was the only person in the U.S. that hadn't sniffed them. And asking folks on social media about what new scents smell like is like pulling teeth; why is it that the folks who "bad at describing scents" and have zero scent memory are the ones who always seem to have early access to newness?! I had to sniff these bad bois for myself. Plus quite a few folks have asked me what my opinions were of these candles and all I could say is "dunno" So I called one store to inquire about them..they had them but were putting them out (last) Sunday. Called another store..they had them but weren't allowed to sell them until today..after the sale of course..cuz folks are gonna bombard to the store to buy these full price

Before I start my WALK N SNIFF review, I have to rant for a hot second

I am soooooooooo tired of the inconsistencies with scent releases; like, why were the nationwide releases so all over the place for these candles?! Some stores were selling them over two weeks ago! And they've been online well over a week! And why hold out and sell them after the fact? If candles are online and on sale, they should be on the shelves and on sale! The whole point was selling these as "Mother's Day" candles to be bought as presents BEFORE Mother's Day! Plus NO ONE is gonna buy this crap full price; they're just gonna sit there collecting dust until the next sale...so what's the point?!

I just don't get it!  

Anyway on with the review. As usual, I'm only gonna review the "new" stuff

Casablanca Lily (8059G3A7) - So as you know, I'm not a big fan of floral scents..especially white floral scents, however this one surprised me and I actually found myself kinda diggin it. So if I had to describe this super simply, I would say think Lilac Blossom mixed with Sea Island Cotton. There's a heavy and heady soft dewy lily note on top. I also pick up lilac...but I'm not sure if there is actual lilac in this or if it's the "hyacinth" which sometimes can come across a little lilac-y. And I do get a hint of cool, slightly salty ozonic "sea air" vibe which mixes well with the floral notes; very Renew & Refresh-esque. Overall, it's a pleasant scent although it is a little misleading. It doesn't smell like a specific flower but rather a vernal conceptual scent because of that "sea air" note. It should've been called something vague like "Rainkissed Petals" or put it in a beachy collection and call it "Seaside Garden" Anyway, for those of you out there who are scared of intense floral scents, this would be a nice non-assuming scent to try out.

ADDENDUM: Last spring, there was a candle in the spring edition WB Core collection called "Lily of the Valley" but honestly I found it so blah that I forgot how I smelled. If anyone out there has it, do a scent comparison for me and tell if it's similar to Casablanca Lily 

Pistachio Ice Cream (8066AGA6) - my eyes instantly started rolling the minute I typed the name of this candle

I've gotta rant...again...

I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
tired of candles getting overhyped on social media. Every friggin year, there's always one sweet/confectionary/gourmand scent that the (*cough cough basic) folks lose their minds over it. One person hypes it up and hauls it like crazy and then another person sees it, thirsts for it and they hype and haul it and just becomes mass candle hysteria. And you begin to wonder if people are buying it because they actually like it or are they buyng it just to fit in and be one of the cool kids. And these candles alllllwwwwaaaayyyyyssss ends up smelling blah

Berry Waffle Cone..blah
Campfire Donut...blah
Pistachio Ice Cream...blah

Now you can easily write me as being a Negative Nancy or a Hateful Hattie up on my high horse commanding from on high that everyone must have the same taste as me..but that's simply not the case. I don't have a problem with you loving a basic ass scent..what I do have a problem is you buying a basic scent cuz everyone else is and hyping up to be the best thing ever when it aint. And I always raise an eyebrow of suspicion when my true-blue candle buddies don't buy a candle that's overhyped on social media but everyone else is...which brings me to Pistachio Ice Cream

First of all, let's address the white elephant in the room. It is EXTREMELY similar to the Almond candle BBW has been shoving down our throats...aka watered down Creamy Nutmeg. That said, I'm hesitant to call it a repackage or a repackage with a twist. However, there is an intense and overpowering almond that’s almost exactly like the Almond candle. I do get a sweet, nutty pistachio note but it's completely overshadowed by that amaretto/almond note. There's a creamy vanilla vibe but I get nothing dairy about it. NOTHING about this scent says "ice cream"; there's no milkiness, no coolness, no sense of refreshment. The scent comes across more bakery - this should've been called "Vanilla Pistachio Shortbread" or "Pistachio Almond Biscotti". I don’t really know why this scent exists or why it's in the collection that it's in; it has nothing to do with Mother's Day nor is there any noticeable floral and/or herbal notes in the blend - it's just there for the sole sake of being there. It's not a bad scent by any means but it is basic and lacking oomph and does NOT deserve all the hype.

Golden Jasmine (8065AGA2) - I'm almost positive this is a repackage of Hello Beautiful. The notes for HB were "white gardenia, jasmine petals & magnolia blossom" and that's essential what I smell. Absolutely NO pomelo! And I do get the "Magic in the Air" reference; think that scent but without the almond note. So yeah, it's a basic non-offensive non-assuming white floral based feminine body care scent 

Honeysuckle & Freesia (8059AGA6) - so right off the bat, this is NOT Honeysuckle/Honeysuckle Bouquet nor is it Garden Freesia. It is straightup..wait for it.... Rosewater & Ivy! I even did a side by side sniff comparison in the store. A little less intense, little to no greenery but otherwise the same. I don't get honeysuckle or freesia and definitely no citrus zest..just Rosewater & Ivy


  1. I would buy a Casablanca lily candle, but as you said not in the store on sunday

  2. I ordered all 4 of the candles above online without smelling them first. Golden Jasmine and Pistachio Ice Cream were promptly returned to the store. Golden Jasmine was soooo body care. I just didn't need it. And Pistachio Ice Cream was so similar to both Almond and Comfort Vanilla Patchouli - two candles I already own that I don't really enjoy. Casablanca Lilly melts down to a watery floral with light strength and throw. I can only use it in my small office. Honeysuckle Freesia gives me a strong rose scent with massive strength & throw, much stronger than my Rosewater & Ivy. On cold sniff I think my Rosewater & Ivy smells a little greener than Honeysuckle Freesia but they are similar and I'd say for anyone who like rose scents, get Honeysuckle Freesia because it's strong! I'm so on your page when it comes to BBW's sales strategy - why tells stores to keep candles in the stockroom if they are online?? Who the heck is gonna walk into the store after a sale and buy at full price? I was miffed about the Easter soap - I walked into the store 3wks before Easter and they had it in the back! It took so long for the associate to unbox it that by the time she came back out I'd already paid and was leaving. I walk into a store about once a month so I missed out on the Easter soap - don't want it at my sink after Easter has passed. Thanks for the walk n sniff!

  3. Casablanca Lily candle, don't bother is all I can say after checking it out yesterday

  4. See, this is one of those times when it's so clear that people have different senses of smell lol. Because I absolutely LOVE Pistachio Ice Cream, and I can't stand the Almond candle! I don't think they smell alike at all. I bought my parents an Almond and a Cinnamon candle from the essential oils collection last year and now I can't even sit on the end of the couch that has the Almond candle, it smells so gross. But I smelled Pistachio Ice Cream in the store last week and I like, lost my mind, I love it so much. I think it smells just like the pistachio almond ice cream that my parents and I buy.


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