WALK 'N' SNIFF: Personalized & Summer Fresh Candles

Just for the sake of pure shits and giggles, I went to BBW (another one than usual) to see if they had the personalized and Summer Fresh candles and if they did, perhaps I'd take advantage of the 2/24 sale and 25% off coupon and pick up some Cucumber Melons. Sure enough they did and I was able to get my walk and sniff on

So as you may or should know, all of these candles popped up online just in time for the sale. As for as the personalized candles go, BBW graciously informed up us of what was a repackage of what...
  • ❤ MOM = Praline Pecan (Cobbler)
  • I ❤ MOM ~ Happy Mother's Day = Lilac Blossom
  • Thank you = Blue Ocean Waves
  • Happy Birthday = Buttercream Frosting
  • I Love You = Cactus Blossom\
  • Congrats = Peach Bellini
  • Hello Sunshine = Limoncello  
  • Dream Big = Tiki Beach.
Which leaves these two mysteries...

Happily Ever After ~ Blue Water Lily - so this one has thrown me for a loop. So based on the notes (white petals, bergamot, cedarwood) I thought at first it was Orange Blossom & Driftwood/Coastal Oak & Seasalt...nope. Then I thought maybe Sundress as it has similar notes ('cept Sundress has tonka bean)..but I don't think it is. Actually the closest thing this scent smells like to me..and bear with me cuz it's random..Beach Cabana! It's not a repackage but it's extremely similar. I get an intense powdery white floral jasminey/orange blossom note with a definite summery/beachy ozonic/sea air vibe to it. I even sniffed different ones to make sure I wasn't crazy or if someone put the wrong lid on it but each one I smelled all like similar to Beach Cabana

* I haven't sniffed Sundress in years and it wasn't a scent I was crazy about so my scent memory is fuzzy. If you do have or distinctly remember Sundress, please do a sniff comparison and tell me what you think

ADDENDUM - word on the street is this may be a repackage of  the currently testing Wild Cedarwood/White Driftwood

XOXO ~ Jungle Woods - ok so first of all...Jungle Woods?! There's no nothing remotely jungley or woodsy about this scent at all! Secondly dafuq does kisses and hugs have to do wit the friggin jungle?! Anyway, so I'm pretty darn sure this a repackage of the new and testing Seaside Mist  as they both have the exact same notes ( mandarin, lavender, sea spray/cool waters). So this is a straightup cologney scent; it smells like men's bodywash - think Irish Spring.I can't really get any of the notes - there's nothing remotely watery/oceanic/sea air-ish at all though there is something a little crisp and refreshing about it. The lavender is soooooo faint and the mandarin is nonexistent. This scent is driving a little crazy cuz it smells like a mandle that's been out before - I'm thinkin either White Sand Beaches or Oakmoss & Vetiver , Whitewater Rush or Alpine Suede. Then again it could be new. At any rate, I do like it as I'm a sucker for the mandles and once it comes out as Seaside Mist, I'll be picking one up as I prefer that packaging   

And now the Summer Fresh candles. I'll just talk about the new ones

Toasted Coconut - ok so I'm pretty sure this is a new scent; it's not the original Toasted Coconut from the Slatkin days AKA Pumpkin Coconut nor does it remind me of any caramel based scents as people are saying on social media. First of all, this scent is misnamed as there is nothing toasted about this candle at all. Also it feels very out of place as it smells very bakery/gourmand as opposed to fresh and crisp like the other scents. You get an intense creamy drippy caramel with a touch of vanilla and there is an unspoken unmentioned almond/amaretto that sneaks up and punches you in the nose (I dunno what is up with BBW and throwing in a random almond note; this is the 3rd one) As it whole, it kinda​ reminds me of the WB exclusive version of Pumpkin Pecan Waffles last fall that had a weird unmentioned random almond note. A lot of people are saying they don't get coconut, I totally do - a creamy shredded coconut meat note but it's soooooo faint and hiding out in the background...which is bizarre seeing as though it has coconut in the damn name. If this was called "Caramel Macaroons" and marketed as a bakery treat, this would be a homerun. But to call it "Toasted COCONUT" and there is little to no coconut and then throw it into a fresh fruit in the outdoors inspired collection, fail!

ADDENDUM - many on social media are saying there is a batch variance as they smell something closer to Maple Cinnamon Pancakes/Pumpkin Caramel Latte. I call BS on this one. If its true that there is a batch variance, the batch code of the one I smelled in the store is 7090K3A1

Sweet Honey Bee - so first and foremost, this is NOT Tangerine & Honey, not even close. As far as I can tell, it's a completely new scent...and it smells like a straightup legit honey. There's a tiny hint of lemon, the peel rather than the juice. And maybe it's my nose playin tricks on me, but in the background I get a subtle muted ginger spice with maybe a touch of clove and/or cardamom. It's not mentioned but I also get a floral note like orange blossom; make sense as honey picks up floral flavors from whatever flower has been pollenated by bees. This gets A for accuracy as it smells genuinely like honey. I can't say I'm a big fan of this though(or honey scents in general) 

Cucumber Melon - finally, for the first time this spring, a candle that I'm actually excited about it. There hasn't been an actual Cucumber Melon candle over 8 or 9 years maybe more. Get ready for a blast of nostalgia as this smells EXACTLY like the bodycare..which normally I'm not a fan of bodycare candles however Cucumber Melon was my JAM in the 90s and early 2000s (I hated going in the store so I would get my grandma to buy it for me cuz she loved it too)It's a pretty straight forward scent - you get honeydew and cantaloupe with a hint of freshly cut cucumber with the rind. It's sweet without smelling candy, it's crisp and refreshing; perfect scent for spring and summer.


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