WALK 'N' SNIFF: More Fall Candles

So yesterday my bf and I braved the elements and made a trip to GSP; the bf was craving Mexican food cuz there's an awesome Mexican restaurant nearby and of course I wanted to get my BOGO on. Alas I was more than a little disappointed by what they didn't have

No Cranberry Woods or Cider Lane...and that is really pissing me off.  Now there is talk of both being a late release; my fav SA said maybe they'll get by September. But why, why I ask you? Why are these a late release?!

No Chocolate Pistachio... Not that I was remotely interested in this scent but it would've been nice to sniff it

No Mahogany Apple (meh), no Sandalwood & Suede (again, meh) and no Autumn Sunshine (I have it already, so one again meh)

What happened to the good ol days when White Barns got everything, regardless whether or not they failed? What's the point of a WB store if it has they same stock as a regular BBW? It just doesn't make sense! But anyway, I'm going to jump off of my soapbox and talk about the candles that were there

Pumpkin Marshmallow Latte - sooooo many people have been hyping this candle up on social media so despite it being a bodycare scent (which I'm biased against), I was slightly intrigued. Then I smelled...very underwhelming. It just smells so feminine and bodycare-ish. It's very heavy on the musk and there's this weird spicy ginger note that's kinda unpleasant. There's no pumpkin, no marshmallow and definitely no latte; it doesn't smell like a hot beverage at all but rather creamy milky musky gingery body cream. This is a piss-poor replacement for Pumpkin Caramel Latte; it may not smell like a latte per se but at least smells like a beverage. PML is both extremely overhyped and underwhelming. And to anyone thinking of buying this candle, every single person I've talked to complains that there is 0 scent throw so uumm, yeah...

Crisp Morning Air - CMA aka Montana Mountain Air is one my alltime favorite soaps/pocketbacs for fall and I've been saying since it first came out that there needs to be a candle of it. Now there finally is one...and it smells NOTHING like the soap. It's smells like cologne..which you would think I'd like, but I don't. It basically smells like Autumn Sky mixed with Bergamot Woods/Villa Bergamot; it's a cologney scent in the fresh category with a little of sandalwood and an intense pop of bergamot. If this was given another name I could've gotten into this, maybe as a summer to fall transitional scent. But to call it Crisp Morning Air and it smells nothing like Crisp Morning Air...lame!

Pumpkin Spice - Yet another scent I found myself underwhelmed with. It really does smell like Pumpkin Pie without the pie...vaguely Pumpkin Carving-esque but heavier on the fall spices. Since I already have both Pumpkin Carving and Pumpkin Pie, there was absolutely no need for me to get this as well.

*NOTE* there is a second batch that is a repackage of Nutmeg & Spice 

Toasted Graham Latte - this is f***ing DISGUSTING!!! It made me gag and nothing has made me gag since the infamous Thanksgiving candle. It's so gross and bizarre. It's smells like sour cereal milk - you ate a big bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal but didn't drink the milk and it's been sitting in the sink for hours. There's a weird curdled milk note a la Pumpkin Spiced Cheesecake with a weird bready bakery note that I supposed could possibly pass as graham cracker. Now a lot of people are saying that it smells better once you've lit it...I'm not willing to risk it, I just can't get past that god-awful cold throw

*NOTE* There is a second batch with graham cracker and chocolate notes a la S'mores

Silver Pine & Cedar - this is straightup Noel from last winter albeit slightly tweaked. Its smells more crisp and not as plastic-y and artificial smelling as Noel. Still, this is a very odd choice for a fall candle, waaaaaytoo Christmas-y

Autumn Day - this is one of the highlights of this season, the grand return of a Slatkin classic. It was first out in 2011 as Acorn & Fig, then appeared in 2012/2013 as Autumn Day, was repackaged and tweaked as Autumn Night in 2014 then it disappeared. So right off the bat, completely disregard the notes cuz they are utter BS! The notes back when it was A&F were more accurate - pear, fig, apricot, sandalwood and birch. You get a juicy fresh off the tree pear (NOT APPLE), the fig adds and earthiness and creaminess, (no apricot), the sandalwood adds to the creaminess and the birch gives it crisp almost minty coolness. This scent makes me think of a very early post-dawn autumn morning when the air is really brisk and everything is covered in dew. Very sophisticated and high end. That said, it could be my nose trippin but I feel like the scent has been tweaked with more emphasis on the fruit notes and not the wood. Though it could be that lower grade fragrance oil like Spring and Black Pepper & Bergamot from back in the spring.

Speaking of tweaked I'm pretty sure Autumn and Flannel have been tweaked ever so slightly. Autumn seems more appley than usual and Flannel doesn't smell as obtrusive and maybe more sweeter

Keep your eyes for a SHOP N GO Haul post and Youtube vid

And if you haven't already, check out my last WALK N SNIFF review for the other fall scents


  1. I smelled Crisp Morning Air in the store and I left it at the store. I came home and broke out the soap, which I love, and I was pissed. I doubted myself and my scent memory and it wasn't me! The soap smells amazing, the candle (while not awful) was not the same as the soap. But I don't know why we are surprised. . . This is not the first time that BBW has put out something in the same name and it smelled nothing like the original! They did it with the Sunset Beach soap that's out now that is nothing like the candle of previous years and that's just the most recent example other than this!!

  2. It makes no sense! How is it they can make candles that smell exactly like bodycare why can't they get soap based candles right?!

  3. Acquired, and am now obsessed with, Autumn Day b/c of your review! I need it in a Wallflower. I wish the candle had a leeeetle bit stronger throw, but will forgive 'cause the blue glass jar is so not chintz (for once). That whole line of White Barn in the solid-color glass ... gorge. I mean, hot-pink Pomegranate Lemonade I'm dead.

    PS: First-time commenter, longtime creeper! Love your insights — you influence many of my purchases. And you make me laugh. BBW should recognize you for the influencer you are! ��


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