THIS IS THE BOMB.COM: Sparkling Waves

Products: candle   
Area used in:  bedroom (sometimes in bathroom)
Time Period: mid July -  mid August

Description A blend of cool citrus, watery bergamot and musk that captures the moment when sunlight sparkles like diamonds on the water

So this whole spring/summer season at BBW left me completely cold. There were very few new scents that I considered buying let alone stocking up...until I bought this bad boi. Initially I wrote this off as a typical basic "ocean" scent along the lines of Oceanside (which I hate), Turquoise Waters (over it) or Freshwater & Seasalt (again, over it) and paid it little to no interest. I sniffed it once briefly and while i liked it, I wasn't blown away. It wasn't until I sniff it a second time at a later date that I found myself loving it. I ended up buying one and eventually bought multiples (for the first time in months) that should tell yoou something.

The performance is impeccable! The wicks were kinda skinny and were struggling at the beginning but since then they've burning like champs. And the wax melts into this gorgeous deep pool of cerulean about ambience! It's one of the most beautifully burning candles  that I've seen in awhile. The warm throw is on the medium; this is definitely a small room kinda scent. Though it's probably a good thing that it isn't strong cuz this kinda scent could be headache inducing to some. And the scent lingers for hours after the flames have been blown out. I had this burning while I was taking a bath and I could smell the scent the next day.

So I LOVE fresh watery aquatic oceanic scents and in my opinion this is one of the best, second only to Sea Spray , the ultimate watery scent - the Neptune of ocean scents. Most ocean themed candles are either the fresh but flowery (Turquoise Waters, Island Waters) or smell like straightup cologne (Oceanside, Bergamot Waters); SW is right in the middle. Out of all the aquatic scents, this to me is the closest representation of ocean water/sea air. It has the cucumber/melon base typical BBW's oceany scents. Then you got an instant of pop of citrus. There's a little of bit of bergamot, but this bergamot is more fresh and not as cologney as it usually is in BBW mandles. I also got a little of lemon/lime Fruity Pebble-ish verbena and possibly some lemon zest/peel. I got possibly a hint of sandalwood (typical in watery scents) and little bit of musk. Think Bergamot Waters mixed with Lemon Verbena mixed Verbena Waters and mixed with Lime Granita Margarita. Sounds bizarre but it works! This also kinda reminds me of the now forgotten Beach Day a little bit. It's a little on the...*eyeroll...cologney side; I can see this as a Signature bodycare for men (Ocean for Men mixed with White Citrus for Men). I'd so rock a scent like this for summer. 

It's very easy to overlook a scent like this - it's not a gourmand scent, it's not based off a women's bodycare and there's not even the slightest hint of coconut. However I truly think this is worth a least a sniff. In my opinion, this is one of the best and most unique scents this come out this season ....and it's NEW! If you tend to enjoy scents like Freshwater & Seasalt or Turquoise Waters, I promise SW is soooo much better! It's a perfect scent for the boudoir or bathroom (it's a shame there are no wf bulbs for this scent). Give this candle a try if you haven't already before it disappears. Who knows if it'll be back, the good stuff rarely does.


  1. Damn, alright I will pick this up cuz you made me! Bye budget! Lol

    1. Im surprised you havent bought any yet. At lease they're still on sale. Or find some candles you dont want and do an exchange

  2. I really wanted to love this, because our tastes in fragrances are so similar. However, this smells exactly like Davidoff's "Cool Water" cologne, which instantly brings me back to my college department store days selling perfume. I've received several compliments on it because it is such a unique scent, but I think my days behind the perfume counter have ruined this one for me. Oh well! Keep up the great work, and I always love reading your reviews.


  3. Just bought it at 50% off.Got home,lighted it and it reminds me a lot of Sparkling Icicles.....Still a very nice smelling candle.I really like it!


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