WALK 'N' SNIFF: Mother's Day Floorset/In Bloom Candle Collection

Well I haven't been inside a BBW/WB store since my last WALK N SNIFF review and seeing as though yesterday was the floorset (and I just happened to be the vicinity of a store),I decided to take a peek inside and get my sniff..although there really wasn't anything I was  remostely excited about sniffing. I heard on rumour that some stores had released the lastest round of summer test candles early but alas I was not so fortunate. But beggars can't be choosers so I had to make do with this round of newness.

This'll be a relatively short as there really isn't much to discuss.

First off let's talk briefly about the Gingham candle

Gingham (9051A3A4) - So my longtime readers know that I am not a fan of bodycare based candles and there are very few exceptions. While this one definitely did not blow me away, I have to say that I didn't mind it so much. So it smells relatively close to the bodycare..or close as a candle can get to bodycare. Tinadivalicious said this in his review and I kinda have to agree - it's very similar to The Perfect Spring in the sense that it's floral/fruity blend with a musky note that makes it very feminine and bodycare-ish. So I get the freesia, perhaps maybe some violet and/or hyacinth; the floral blend smell fresh and purple if that makes any sense.  I also get a sweet fruitiness somewhere in the peach/apricot/nectarine variety with a little bit orange-y citrusiness. The note that turns me off is there is some kind of musk in the blend that immediately makes it perfumey/bodycare-ish, just like with The Perfect Spring. The musk along with the fruits/florals makes the blend smell a little synthetic. That said, I dunno how well this blend would work as a candle once lit; the cold throw isn't bad but I have a feeling it's gonna get stank once it's warm. If you are interested in this scent in home ragrance, I'd experiment with the wf refill but before committing to a whole 3wick. 

I'm gonna skip the Mother's Day candles cuz everyone should already should know what Fresh BUTT Lilacs, PISS-tachio Ice Cream and BLAH-termelon Lemonade smells like and move right along to the "In Bloom" candles, some of which I'll just talk about briefly while the new scents I'll talk about in depth. I will however be skipping Bow Ties & Bourbon, Casablanca Lily, Georgia Peach and Rose Water & Ivy

Honeysuckle & Freesia -Take Rosewater & Ivy and mix in some lemon peel/zest and you got yourself Honeysuckle & Freesia...which bytheway, I get neither honeysuckle or freesia, discuss!

Linen & Lavender - If Fresh Lavender and Pure White Cotton had a bastard, it would be Linen & Lavender. Smells like pillows and bedsheets sprayed with lavender pillow mist; honestly, save money and just do that.

Strawberry Pound Cake (9065AGA1) - *SIGH Once a-damn-gain, we have yet another bakery/gourmand scent that is being overhyped like crazy on social media. After years of Bronzeblogger'ing, you would think I would know better and be leery about any candle receiving an over abundance of social media induced hype but for whatever reason, I was oddly optimistic. With an open mind and nose, I sniffed and my usual brand of pessimism was wholly justified - IT AINT ALL THAT!!!

So right off the bat, it isn't Strawberry Cupcake or Strawberry Vanilla or Pink Lemonade Poundcake or Pink Petal Tea Cake. It does remind of another strawberry-"ish" candle that we don't really too much of lately - Cotton Candy Marshmallow aka Strawberry Sorbet aka Strawberry Picnic. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that SPC is a repackage with a twist as the 2 scents smell way too similar. I get the exact same waxy/chapsticky artificial vaguely strawberry vibe in SPC that I do with SP - the only difference is that there is vanilla that kinda gives the illusion of a bakery note, hence "repackage with a twist. I advise you to disregard what you see and hear on social media regarding this kinda cuz the overhype might end up leaving you feeling dissapointed. Or this candle might end up being your jam, who knows. Either way, just sniff this candle with no opinions or expectations.

Southern Magnolia - (my store for whatever reason didn't have a 3wick but I did get to test a 1wick tester candle)   (it's an online only exclusive)

So this was the one candle in the bunch that I was excited to sniff; I already wrote in another post that years ago there was a failed test scent of the same name. Unfortunately I have no earthly idea if this new version is the same as the old version as I never got to sniff it so I'm waiting for confirmation (looking at you Touchthefiretwice). What I will say this - whatever it is, old or new, I'm not sure if I like it.

Now as you know, I'm originally from New Orleans; magnolias are the state flowers and there magnolia trees all over the place so I'm pretty familiar with its scent and it' one of my fav floral scents (btw it kinda remeinds me of hair conditioner). Does the candle smell like actual magnolias? Meh, kinda. It's kinda like when someone says that they look like a celebrity and if you squint real hard, you can kinda see the resemblance. Same with this candle; it doesn't instantly smell like real magnolia blossoms on first sniff, but I get a whiff of the real thign once the notes trail down my nose.
So I get a blend of indolic white florals (makes sense as magnolia is an indolic white floral scent); I can get the gardenia, maybe some tuberose or night blooming jasmine, a lil bit of honeysuckle perhaps. There is a that could very well be verbena. There are a bunch of notes in there that BBW isn't telling us. There is some kinda of wood note as well as something earthy almost like vetiver. The one thing I don't like is that there is something lurking in the blend that's kinda sharp and acrid and I don't know quite what it is. It's even sharper in the wf bulb ( I bought a bulb to try).

In conclusion, I dunno what to think of SM. I wanna like it just for the sake of my Southern/New Orleanian roots but whatever that odd sharpness is turns me off. I'll hit up another store to smell a 3wick but for the moment, I'm not feeling this scent at all. 

Crisp Green Apple is apparently an "online only" exclusive (which I'm getting really tired of that BS) but some stores here and there have received it so maybe your still will have it, maybe it won't. That said, from what I've heard, it's not that exciting or groundbreaking.


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