NEWNESS UPDATE: More Random Ridiculousness

So in the past couple of years, BBW has always had a very annoying habit of releasing one collection after the next back to back at neck breaking speed, especially in the spring and summer. This year is not the exception and if anything the habit is even worse and kicked up to hear gear. That being said...

We're getting more candles!!!

Fairly soon, we'll be getting 2 more collections. Don't get too excited though. Like all of the collection we've seen since SAS, it's just more thrown together "fan fav/crown pleaser" candles thrown together in with no rhyme or reason collection with no theme or cohesion. BBW refuse to waste any time putting any thought into their candle collections and coming up with a singular theme with scents that go together; they just throw candles together and hope that they stick.

Anyway, the first collection is the House of Blues collection, I'm guessing it's called that because the labels are watercolor meant mimic textiles and art styles with the main color being blue. New scents are...

Honey Vanilla - Rich Vanilla, Warm Tonka Bean, Wildflower Honey (believe it or not, this is neither Tangerine & Honey or Sweet Honey Bee)

Fresh Mint & Coconut - Creamy Coconut, Bright Mint Leaves, Deep Sea Water (I've heard it smells like Copper Coconut and Mineral Springs...blegghhh) 

Returning scents include Blue Ocean Waves, White Gardenia and Bowties & Bourbon

Do y'all out there get the theme cuz I sure as hell don't!

The second collection seems to be an addition to the WB core collection, like the marble collection. And they also have "White Barn" on the label. And like the marble collection, these candles have a cheap looking wrap around label with mixed textures, ie marble and wood. "New" scents are...

Tea & LemonEnglish Tea Leaves, Bright Lemon, White Cane Sugar (yep, you guessed it - London Calling. I'm glad they changed the name cuz LC has not/does not smell like hot proper English black tea with milk)

Sweet SpearmintGarden Mint Leaves, Crystallized Sugar, Creamy Vanilla (I'm hearing this is the same as the Fresh Picked version that tested and failed in 2014)

Vanilla Birch (I'm gonna assume this is Peace ~ Iced Vanilla Woods especially since it was repackaged as "White Birch" in a failed test collection last fall)

Bourbon Sea Salt Caramel (I guess this is either Maple & Sea Caramel or Bourbon Butterscotch from the Artisan collection back in the day

returning scents include Mahogany Stankwood (eyeroll), Bergamot Waters and Rosewater & Ivy (which I'm hoping we get the candle and not just the wf bulb)

With the exception of Sweet Spearmint and Bowties & Bourbon, I'm not even a little excited about any of these. It's like BBW is hellbent on getting money out of me...well it's a -workin!


  1. When is the second collection (tea & lemon, Vanilla Birch, etc) supposed to come out?

  2. I am a newer BBW fan. Why are you excited for Sweet Spearmint and Bowties & Bourbon? What about those 2 do you like? :)

  3. Well first of all hello there and welcome to the madness lol

    Secondly to answer your question, Sweet Spearmint was a failed test scent back in 2014. I had the opportunity to buy it when it was testing but for whatever reason I didn't so Im glad I can buy it now cuz its a pretty good scent

    As for Bt&B, its a very sexy and mellow cologney scent that Ive been in love with since it first came out. I've written a review about it on here if you're interested


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