BIG NEWS!!!! You like really like me!!!

Ladies and gentlemen....

 I am very pleased to announce that as of today, my lil blog here has reaced over 5,000 page views since starting it back in May!

5 friggin 000!!!!!

I just wanna say thank to everybody... thanks to everyone reading what I have to say, to those who have suscribed, to those who have left comments, to the other bloggers who inspired me to start my own, to the Youtubers who kickstarted my addiction to BBW in the first place and to my bf who has been super supportive!

Starting this blog has been super therapeutic as I get to talk in depth about what I love. While I do have a few friends who are into BBW as much as me, we really don't get to talk about it depth as I do on this blog. Moreover starting this blog has gotten me back into writing which has been a passion of mine since I was a kid and has given me the impetus to start other writing projects. While I do have other blogs, I'm more focused on this one as I'm discussing things that I'm passionate about. I also have a few vids on YouTube about BBW but honestly I have more fun writing on this blog than I do making videos. That was a case of peer pressure rather than passion. Besides I don't get nearly as many views on YouTube than I do here. With that said, I'm very happy with the notoriety that I've gotten with this blog!

In conclusion, I do hope you all will continue to check out my blog as I do plan to continue posting as regularly as I can. And once again, thank you!!!


  1. Congrats, I'm so happy for you! I enjoy your blog so much and look forward to your posts. Keep up the great work!

    1. Awww, thank you so much; I really appreciate that!


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