I just wanted to give everybody a little heads up...I'm not gonna posting anything for little while. Starting today, the next couple of weeks are gonna be pretty busy for me. I have my boyfriend's birthday today and we're gonna try and celebrate it as best we can considering there's a friggin tropical storm in the gulf.

No worries, I've dealt with tropical storms before...not a big deal. Plus it doesn't look like Miss Thang is coming straight so we'll be just getting lots of rain and wind from the outerbands. We're ready; we have food, batteries, water, liquor and candles!

Also, my bf's parents are coming down to visit us..thank god this storm is hitting before they came down. Anyhoo, they're stayin with us for a week and a half. Then after that, I gotta start getting ready for Halloween.

Lastly...honestly, I don't know what else to talk about here. I have nothing to review til I start burnin my candles for November/Thanksgiving time or my Black Friday/Winter time haul

So umm, yeah...I think a break is in order. I'll talk to yall again in November!



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