RANT OF THE DAY: A Candle for each Month

A fellow candle enthusiast made an interesting post in IG - what candles do you associate with the 12 months of the year? It made me think, "hmmm, what would I choose?" Most of what I picked were more based on attached memories or invoked moods as opposed to scents that are must have burns (of which there are only 3)

January - Winter 

I've talked about this before - this scent always reminds me of when my bf and I started dating after New Years. Well Winter is more of holiday scent in my opinion, because it is crisp and fresh, you can keep this scent going past mid-winter

New Year's - Champagne Toast

February - Merry Mistletoe

While this has always been marketed as a Christmas scent, MM always strike me as a late winter scent. I think its the combination of winter fruits with piney notes. MM does have an old-fashioned antique like festive feel to it which works perfectly in February as it's Carnival/Mardi Gras time back home in NOLA

Valentine's Day - Pink Petal Tea Cake

Mardi Gras - Paris ~ Pink Champagne

March - Spring
By time March arrives, I am sick of winter scents. Spring is a perfect scent to usher in...well, Spring. It's fresh and dewy and green and there's just a hint of floral that isn't powdery or perfumey

St Patrick's Day - Green Grass

April - Garden Party

This spring in full bloom in jar . Even though where I am, it's still cold and possibly snowing, this sniffing this candy makes me feel like I'm surrounded by bountiful lush roses

Easter - Paris ~ Lavender Macaron

May - Island Margarita

By May I'm over florals and am ready from summery tropical fruity goodness. Although at this point, I'm kinda over this scent, it still always puts me in the mood for a cocktail

Cinco de Mayo - Lime Granita Margarita

June - Coastal Sun
Truly summer in a jar. It's such fun bright and sunny scent. Always puts in the mood to b out in the sun on the beach. It's the perfect to start off summer

July - Southern Sweet Tea

This scent always makes me long for the hot humid summer days back home

Independence Day - Warm Apple Pie

August - Seaside Escape

Well it's the dog days of summer, which I hold onto greedily because before I know, it's gonna back to being cold again. This scent is so lush and refreshing and cools you down on those blisteringly hot end of summer days

September - Leaves
FALL IN A FRIGGIN JAR! It's not even up for debate, as soon it's September, whether it's still hot or sweater weathery , I have to have this scent around. This scent makes me want jump into the fall season like a kid jumping into a pile of...LEAVES

October -  Cranberry Woods

While most people are heavy into pumpkin scents around this part of fall, I'm all about cranberry. CW always struck me as perfectly capturing this time of fall - it's crisp, dark and mysterious like a walk in a spooky forest on dark autumn night

Halloween - Pumpkin Carving

November - Harvest Gathering

Let's be real..HG is a little on the basic and generic side...but there's no denying that it has a quintessential late fall vibe to it. It smells like the harvest..sprinkled with cinnamon. And it has the autumn trifecta in it - apple, cranberry and pumpkin..what more can you ask for?

Thanksgiving - Pumpkin Pie

December - Evergreen

If this scent doesn't put you in the mood to decorate your Christmas tree, I dunno what would?

Christmas - Tis the Season


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