CANDLE RETROSPECTIVE: My "Sniff Only" Candle Collection

When I first started getting into BBW candles circa 2012, I burned everything I bought with reckless abandon with little to thought as to whether a scent came back or not. My how things have changed. Within the past 2 years, I've started actively collecting old scents - one hit wonders, failed testers and Slatkin era gems. Some I burn if I know I can easily get another but if I can't, they immediately go into my "sniff only" collection.

Chocolate Bacon Cupcake (Fall 2012) 
Savory farmhouse bacon meets dark cocoa, creamy buttermilk and rich caramel in this
uncommonly delicious combination of sweet and salty scents
Bought: on Amazon 
Worth buying: Totally! It's worth getting just for its rarity and exclusivity alone. And it's such a unique scent unlike anything that we've seen from either Slatkin or BBW in general. And it truly smells like a chocolate bacon cupcake! 
Should BBW bring this back: Absolutely! With all the pumpkin and marshmallow and frosting scents we're assaulted with in fall, I think this sent would be a welcome change.

Eggnog (Winter 200?) 
A rich and yummy eggnog scent with plenty of extras, like golden rum, sweet butter cream, pralines and musk.
Bought: on Ebay
Worth buying: Eh, not really. It's a cute scent; it does smell like legit store bought eggnog in a carton - super rich, creamy and custardy with some artificial rum action, very warm and cozy. However it's not groundbreaking or mindblowing by any means. If you see it and it's super cheap, sure go ahead and get it. Otherwise, don't bother
Should BBW bring this back: Eh! Though I will say that this is soooo much better than Hot Buttered Rum that BBW insists on bringing back year after after. Though I think Winter Latte from '13 (aka Creamy Nutmeg) is much better.

Fleur de Provence (Spring 2014)
A very French blend of lavender buds, verbena and vanilla that conjures up a walk through a field of flowers. Escape to the South of France!
Bought: in store during Summer SAS '14
Worth buying: only if your a hardcore lavender lover and are into aromatherapy scents...or Fruity Pebbles. Good luck though, I have yet to find this candle anywhere

Frosted Pine (Winter 2013)
this wintry blend of pine needles and balsam and a hint of sugar evokes the fragrance of an evergreen tree laden with snow.
Bought: in the store during Winter SAS '14
Worth buying: If you're hardcore pine scent fanatic, perhaps. Otherwise no, it's a very basic, generic pine scent; think "pine" spray to make artificial trees smell real
Should BBW bring this back: Absolutely not. With Evergreen and Fresh Balsam around, we really don't need other pine scent...unless they bring back something ol school...cough cough Sleigh Ride

Holiday Pomander (Winter 2009 or '10)
scented with citrus fruits, cloves, bay rum, leafy balsam, and musk
Bought: on Ebay
Worth buying: Absolutely! This is an absolutely gorgeous scent! It has a vintage old fashioned Christmas Carol vibe to it; it totally smells like mulled wine/my AMAZING Christmas punch. If you like conceptual Christmasy scents like Winter or Tis the Season or Chestnut & Clove then you will LOVE this one!
Should BBW bring this back: Hell yeah! For whatever reason, BBW has been a major Wine Cellar kick lately and I don't know why cuz it doesn't smell like wine at all. HP on the other hand actually doesn't smell like spiced/mulled wine.

Kitchen Spice (2010?) 
A decadent mixture of nutmeg, allspice, hazelnut and caramel. (Past notes mention cinnamon and marzipan)
Bought: online during Summer SAS '14
Worth buying: If you see it and it's cheap, sure. But don't go out of your way looking for it. 
Should BBW bring this back: Yes. Even though it wasn't originally marketed as a fall scent, because of the caramel and spices, it comes off as very fall-ish. And compared to all the basic scents we see during fall nowadays, we could use something a little sophisticated.

Lavender Marshmallow (Spring 2014) 
The merging of two unexpected flavors - lavender and marshmallow - make this mouthwatering blend a special treat
Bought: on Ebay
Worth buying: Hahaha, good luck finding one under $100! 
Should BBW bring this back: Yes. Even though we have Paris ~ Lavender Macaron which is so similar, LM is slightly better. Though I have a feeling BBW is gonna keep pushing Paris from now on.

Mint Chocolate (Winter 2010) (2013 vers.)
Indulge in this minty and merry blend of cool peppermint, creamy milk and rich dark chocolate. (Past notes mention vanilla cream and caramel)
Bought: on Ebay
Worth buying: Hell Yeah! It's so much better than Mint Mocha Bark and Joy ~ Peppermint Marshmallow. If you are looking for this, get the 2013 version with the macaron on the label, that's the best version 
Should BBW bring this back: Again, hell yeah! It was perfect holiday treat scent and it's a travesty that it hasn't come back!

Oakmoss & Vetiver (Spring 2013) 
Infuse your home with a luxurious blend of oakmoss, vetiver and lavender
Bought: on Ebay
Worth buying: for me, definitely. For y'all, probably not. Unless you're obsessed with cologney scents, this one isn't worth looking for. If you are, good luck; it took me 4 years to find one at a cheap price
Should BBW bring this back: Honestly no. This is a weird scent as it smells like something specific - shaving cream. That said, it would be a hard sell...unless BBW did a "Men's" line and called this "Barbershop" or "Shaving Cream" I can't see it being marketed as anything else.

Seaside Escape  (Spring 2010)
A delicious blend of luscious guava and passion fruit layered with fresh pineapple, juicy strawberry and rich tonka bean.  (Past notes also mention watermelon
Bought: on Ebay
Worth buying: Yes definitely! It's so unlike anything beach/tropical scents we have nowadays. And unlike most of the scents on this list, SE is easy to find and plentiful on Ebay
Should BBW bring this back: Most definitely! It's perfection - watery without smelling cologney, fruity without smelling candyish, tropical without smelling bodycare-like. And get coconut! *mindblown

Sleigh Ride (Winter 2011)
Frosted juniper, green noble fir and rosemary blended to evoke a morning sleigh ride
Bought: on Ebay
Worth buying: I would say yes. It's super rare and it isn't your typical piney scent (although on the initial cold sniff, it kinda smells like wet lettuce). And like Holiday Pomander, it has a vintage antiquey old fashioned Christmas vibe about it. 
Should BBW bring this back: Totally! It's quite different from Evergreen and Fresh Balsam and is unique enough to stand on its own.

Snow Day (Winter 2013)
A bright and joyful blend of spruce branches, peppermint and sweet vanilla that captures the fun adventures of a snow-filled day
Bought: in the store at the end of Winter SAS '13
Worth buying: at the time, I hyped it up as the best winter/holiday ever! Not so much anymore; it's borderline generic - 80% Twisted Peppermint and 20% Fresh Balsam. Plus the throw was super light; that said, don't waste your time looking for the candle, get the wf bulbs instead; you'll ave an easier time finding them than the cnadle and they're stronger
Should BBW bring this back: Not really...unless BBW tweaked it. If the pine/spruce notes were amped up and there was some citrus like Snow & Slopes or Holly Wreath, it might be the bombdiggity. But as it stands, it's too close to Twisted Peppermint to be anything special or unique 

Snowed In (Winter 2012)
Spend the day indoors, away from the cold wind, decorating for the perfect holiday with the inspiring fragrance of fresh juniper, sugared sap and sage
Bought: from a candle buddy on IG
Worth buying: Hmmm... Let me say this...this scent isn't for pussies, it's strictly for fragrance diehards. If you're into intense, outdoorsy, herbal, green conceptual scents, then this bud's for you. That said, if you're a Snowed In virgin, I'd get and try the wf bulb first.
Should BBW bring this back: I would say yes! Everybody got PUNK'D last winter SAS when they brought back Snowed In with the 2013 failed test scent version label but was actually a watered down version of White Winter Petals. BBW should bring back SI just for the sole reason showing people what it's truly supposed to smell like 

Vanilla Spice (Winter 2010)
Aromatic cinnamon is blended with whipped vanilla, spiced orange peel, balsam and a hint of cherry
Bought: on Ebay
Worth buying: Abso-f***ing-lutely! This was one of the most amazing, gorgeous, elegant winter/holiday scents I've ever smelled. If you see it, get it IMMEDIATELY!
Should BBW bring this back: Hell to the f***ing yeah! Now I had my doubts at first as I am not a fan of vanilla heavy scents but my buddy Touchthefiretwice swears by this scent and I trust his nose. It's so worth the hype and, like so many of the scents on this list, it's shame that it was a one hit wonder. It so unlike any other holiday scent and I promise if this was released, it would be a runaway hit! 

RANT OF THE DAY: Reselling BBW candles ~ Greedy Bastards

Let's say there's a past scent that's no longer in rotation and you didn't stock/hoard as much as you should've and you figure it would come back the following year and of course it didn't. Or you have a candle that you absolutely love but you're down to your very last one. Or you read or saw a review for a candle that you either just heard about or never heard of. Or you're a collector and that there is a now forgotten scent from back in the day that you want to get your hands on. Or you don't live near a White Barn or a test store and you absolutely have to have a certain exclusive.

What is a candle whoreder to do?!!

Why, buy from a third party off the black market of course!

There's Amazon...although the prices are beyond ridiculous; you'll rarely find an old candle under $50. I did manage to find a Chocolate Bacon Cupcake awhile back for only $20, but that was sheer unadulaterated luck 

The most popular choice is of course Evil-bay where you could find almost any candle from last season to the Slatkin era days. I myself have bought a significant amount of past stock at reasonable prices on there. With luck, patience and persistence you should be able to find and buy (or bid..which I hate to do and almost never do) the candle of your choice.

And the newest place to buy or sell candles is on Mercari - an app you download on your phone. I found that this place has the most reasonable prices and that's the problem; you really have to be quick to buy and not dawdle cuz things sell quickly; whatever you had your eye on can and will be snatched away right under your nose.

There's nothing wrong with buying candles from any of those places; if you can't get em from BBW/WB, then you gotta get em from somewhere else amirite?!

But here's where things get murky. Like most things in life, there are individuals who make it their life's mission to f*** up a good thing. Most sellers sell their candles simply get rid of them - they have too many, they've run out of space, they're moving and can't take their collection with them..all perfectly logical reasons. But then you have greedy bastards who sell their candles out of..well..greed. They sell their candles over the original sale price and more often than not, you have to pay shipping as well. And the more popular or rare the scent, the higher the asking price.

Case in point, test scents...

Well all know of a certain someone who drives to test stores, buys test scents and does sniff reviews on said test scents then immediately sells them on Evilbay the very same day. And the prices are always more than the original price.

Just today, I saw an individual post on IG pics of the new southwest/desert candles and the pictures looked familiar. Then it hit me...Mercari. I went on there, did a search and sure enough there they were - the very same candles posted on IG. Now I am almost positive this individual bought these candles on sale and probably with a coupon but the greedy bastard sold them over the original price and wanted you to pay shipping as well - $25 plus $6 shipping! No thank you! This GB also is selling "rare" non-test candles for $30, $40, $50 a pop.

These greedy bastards take total advantage of people with no access to test scents. Case in point.. 

Over the years, there has been almost reverence for Slatkin era scents in the candle community and, once again, greedy bastards take advantage of this. Case in point...

Now this greedy bastard probably bought these back in the day when candles were sold for $19 in stores and there were still 2/20 sales. Instead of making Slatkin era candles more accessible, this GB sells them at these laughable prices because they're "RARE"

Bitch you're selling candles, not family heirlooms! 

And then you have greedy bastards who sell stuff that are either still in stores currently or are out of rotation but will eventually be back in stores at higher prices, which is stupid! Why would anyone in their right mind pay over $20 for ONE candle when they can go to their local store and buy the same candle for $12.50 or less with a coupon. A Slatkin scent or test scent is one thing but a regular run of the mill candle is totally different..pure greed!

Just for shits and giggles, I looked up the most expensive candle being sold and it's so not what you'd expect nor is it worth the price. Take a deep breath, sit down if you're not already and click this link

And what's sad is a)these greedy bastards consider themselves fellow candle lovers and are doing people a favor out of the kindness of their hearts and b)there are Desperate Daisies and Thirsty Thelmas with more money than sense who will shell out the money and actually pay these ridiculous exorbitant prices while thinking it's a bargain.

Bottom line, I don't care what reasons you have for selling candles however no candle should be sold for more than $30 and that should include shipping as well. I don't care how old and rare it is..NO CANDLE SHOULD BE SOLD FOR MORE THAN $30 AND THAT SHOULD INCLUDE SHIPPING!!!
  • If you're selling a candle still in stores, then you should sell it for the sale price you bought it for
  • If you're selling a candle that has been burned, then it should be sold for at least $10 less than the sale price
  • If you're selling a recent test scent, then it should not be sold than more than the original price
  • If you're selling a Slatkin scent pre-2012, $30 should be the cutoff point
To all of you greedy bastards in the BBW candle community, you're assholes plain and simple; you've absolutely no right to consider yourselves candle lovers. Now there's nothing wrong with hustling for a quick buck, but when your hustle involves taking advantage of people and robbing them of their hard earned money, that's wrong. That said, newsflash.. if you're selling them because you're hard up for cash, maybe you shouldn't be buying candles in the first place; save them for people who a)can afford them and b) will appreciate them. And FYI, selling your candles super high is only hurting your chances who them being bought; the higher the price, the longer the candle is gonna sit there - you're essentially shooting yourself in the foot. Greediness/avarice is not cute, it's a sin and karma is shonuff a bitch! 

NEW IDEA OF THE DAY: Fruity Summer Test Scents (and what I'd replace em with)

Oh BBW, seriously what are we gonna do with you? I dont understand y'all's decisions. Why are y'all so afraid of being creative?

You guys already proved you guys could be creative with the southwest/desert collection. New locale, intriguing names, cohesive theme, interesting conceptual blends... no Watermelon Lemonade, no Mahogany Teakwood, no Rainforest Gardenia...NO FRIGGIN COCONUT!

It's like y'all blew a fuse and mentally exhausted yallselves and when it came to coming up with this fruity collection and y'all just said f*** it and threw in every basic fruit drink blend y'all could think of.

First of what is this collection supposed to be, what is it conveying? Are these fruit smoothies like Summer Sips or frozen alcoholic drinks like Poptails? Do y'all even know?

And what was the decision process of choosing these scents? Was there a process? Did y'all just pick names out of a hat or something?

Newsflash BBW, y'all choose wrong! Not a single candle fan is excited about this collection because it is BEYOND  basic and lame!

As usual, I have better alternatives that would've made this collection the bomb diggity!

Sangria Berry Freeze - Champagne Toast 2.0...NEXT!!!
REPLACEMENT: Cherry Blossom Sangria - this ish was the BOMB! Why not capitalize on that?!

Pink Apple Punch - worst "apple" scent in BBW history. Interestingly enough, this is a repackage of a scent with nary any actual apple in the notes - Passionflower (passionfruit, pear, casaba melon)
REPLACEMENT: Pineapple Punch - what's more summer, pineapple or apple? I'm gonna go with pineapple? Yall saw how popular Golden Pineapple Luau was and prior to that Pineapple Palm Leaf. Bring back a Slatkin era pineapple drink scent and I promise you, people will be clamoring

OR: Pineapple Lychee Smoothie - forever reason this scent failed so give it another try

Mango Coconut Cooler - BASIC! And it smells more like hair conditioner than a frozen summer drink
REPLACEMENT: Mango Cilantro/Peach Cilantro Twist - best scent EVER!!! Come on BBW!!!

Watermelon Lemonade - no comment
REPLACEMENT:  Pomegranate Lemonade - this was quite possible one of the most popular summer scents ever. It's a travesty this was never brought back. And it is far superior to Watermelon Pissade!

Limoncello - I don't really understand y'all's obsession with this scent. Why do y'all insist on making Limoncello a thing?
REPLACEMENT: Summertime Soda - come the f*** on BBW!!! This scent was AH-MAZING!!! It failed for whatever reason and in all these years y'all never thought to give it another try despite people begging and clamoring for it? Not smart BBW. FYI SS is waaaayyyyy better than Limoncello!

Island Margarita - dont get me wrong, I actually enjoy this scent but its been done to death! And we already saw it in the Taco Bell collection!
REPLACEMENT: Lime Granita Margarita or Sparkling Mojito - can a bitch get a lime scent that actually smells like lime?! I don't think that's asking for much!

Raspberry Citrus Swirl - ah, the one lone new scent in the collection... and it's lame..go figure
REPLACEMENT: Paradise Daiquiri - hello, a daiquiri...the most popular frozen drink ever!!! A this was one of the few strawberry scents in BBW history that actually smelled good!

OR: Blackberry Grapefruit - this was quite possibly the most popular sought after scent in the entire '12 Fresh Picked collection. Do y'all know how ol school Slatkineers y'all would make deliriously happen if this scent was brought back. BG could be y'all's salvation! BG that actually burned correctly...that would make ol schoolers' heads all explode!

Blueberry Twist - A tweaked Blueberries and Creme? Really BBW? And y'all had the audacity and gall to add coconut to notes just to cater to the basic bitches of America...REALLY BBW, REALLY?!
REPLACEMENT: Sugarberry Spritzer - this scent had potential, it just needed to be tweaked. Just tone down the elderflower, add blueberry or grape, maybe a splash of lemon and amp up the effervescence

And there are sooooo many forgotten past scents that would excellent contenders for thia collection...

Bahama Fizz...Malibu Smash...Coconut Water...Island Colada... Nectarine Green Tea...Melon...Starfruit Crush...Peachy Tea...Pomelo Paradise

And there's soooo many fruit/herb/alcohol combinations to play with...

Purple Grapes and Lemon...Strawberry Lemonade... Strawberry Banana...Banana and chocolate...Cherry and Almond/Amaretto...Blackberry and Mint and/or Whiskey...Peach and Bourbon...Lemon and Cucumber and Gin...Kiwi and Pear...Apricot and Plum...Watermelon and Basil

BBW yall can do better than this sad pitiful lame collection! Now get to werk!!!

NEWNESS UPDATE: Summer Test Candles

Well guys and gals, it has finally happened..we're getting some newness!!! Thank GAWD!

In a couple of weeks, we should be seeing the beachy candles in stores; kinda meh but hey, something is better than nothing, amirite?! And currently there are two collections testing and will probably hit stores nationwide around June (don't quote me on that, that's simply conjecture)

So the first collection is a Summer Sips/Poptail-esque collection - a bunch of sweet fruity beverage inspired scents. At the risk of being a Negative Nancy, this collection is kinda underwhelming. Compared to Summer Sips and Poptails, this is probably the worst incarnation. The look of this collection comes across as extremely cheap but even that I would be willing to overlook if the scents themselves were ah-mazing...they're not. Of course BBW choose the most basic and over-released vaguely beverage-y scents with only two "new" scents that aren't really new.  

Returning scents include Sangria Berry Freeze, Pink Apple Punch, Mango Coconut Cooler, Watermelon Lemonade, Limoncello and Island Margarita...basic basic BASIC. The two "new" scents are...

Raspberry Citrus Swirl - Indulge in a mouthwatering  mix of ruby red raspberries swirled into a fresh pressed citrus and passionfruit juice (I was REALLY hoping this would be Pink Sangria, sadly it's not. I also thought maybe Blackberry Grapefruit or Malibu Smash, again, it's not)

Blueberry Twist - Sweet little blueberries pack a big fragrance punch in this creamy mix of whipped vanilla and coconut (goddamit BBW, again with the f***ing coconut!!! I suspected that this was just Blueberries and Creme with coconut added to the notes to get all the basic bitches of America on board..and I was right. From what I've heard, it's a repackage with a twist without a hint of coconut)

The second testing collection is a bit more intriguing. It seems BBW is taking us on a trip to a part of this great nation of ours that we've never been before - the Southwest. The collection has a trip to the Mojave desert while high on peyote vibe to it; think the Ciao Italy collection but with a Southwestern Navajo/Pueblo design on the labels. What I like about this collection is it's sort of a throwback to the good ol Slatkin days of cohesive themed collections. Furthermore the scents are very earthy and elemental, no basic cutesy cutesy notes - no vanilla marshmallow/whipped cream/frosting, no gardenia, and NO FRIGGIN COCONUT! And this is the first collection in a long ass time to have a substantial number of possibly new scents and no rereleases (i.e. a collection with no Rainforest Gardenia, Mahogany Teakwood or Watermelon Lemonade)

Scents include...

Wild Sage and Aloe - The lush leaves of soothing aloe plant blend into aromatic sage and vetiver offering a fragrant oasis (I am sooo lovin the sound of this one. If it is a repackage, I hope it's Sage Cucumber from '12)

Desert Rain - Parched desert sands are revitalized bu the scent of lush dewdrops, dew covered grass and a hint of fresh lime (another one I'm lovin the sound of. I thought maybe Rainforest Sugarcane but apparently this smells very citrus heavy)

Mojave Sands - From the golden sands of the desert to the unique prickly pear cactus, the extraordinary notes in this fragrance transport you to the Southwest (I know what you're thinkin..from what I've heard, it's NOT Prickly Pear & Sugarcane)

Cactus Lily - Amazing desert flowers that bloom by the light of the moon ispires this feminine blend of cactus lily, lavish tuberose and creamy sandalwood (Well this isn't Pineapple Lily nor Baja Cactus Flower. Slatkin did have a scent called Velvet Tuberose back in the day with these same notes, this could very well be that)

Sedona Sandstone - Follow the trail to awe inspiring Red Rock country with this Southwestern blend of warm amber, cedarwood and red sandstone (Black Sands?)

Desert Heat - A warm blend of Palo Santo wood, golden peach and palm busks evokes the dramatic yet beautiful desert of the Southwest (I'm gonna go with White Palm, same exact notes. It better not be Peach Cilantro Twist)

Adobe Sunset - A spectacular crimson and orange desert sunset is captures by a blend of warm spices, sandalwood and vibrant orange zest (sounds like failed test scent Sonoma Spiced Citrus from last fall)

For pictures and info, check out my homegurl Jen on Instagram, @theshow78


Products: candle  
Area used in:  bedroom and bathroom
Time Period: whenever

Description: Orange and Ginger Essential Oils are uplifting to release tension and sharpen the senses

So my bf LOVES Orange Ginger, he's NUTS about it! He's been using the lotion and shower gel for years now and still does. But he has been complaining that there was no candle. He had 1wick from years ago (2010 or 11) but there hasn't been one since. 

It's become an ongoing joke everytime we go to BBW that he would complain about no OG candle that there should be a petition for it to be brought back. So throughout the time he and I have been together, I've searched for OG ginger on Amazon or Evilbay..or rather a cheap one cuz the ones I saw $40-50, even $100! Luckily the new Aromatherapy candles appeared online (he was quite upset when they disappeared) but to his excitement, I surprised him with one for his birthday!

This candle is SUPERB! Like Eucalyptus Tea, it has deceptively flimsy wicks but one lit...plump mushroom tops and high steppin flames! There has been no wax issues; the wax pools out crazy fast and deep though. The throw...holy f***balls! The throw is a friggin knockout! It's been a really really long time since I've had a candle with chokehold KO throw like this!  I could smell this sucker outside the bedroom with the door closed! Even the cold throw is ridonkulously strong; as soon you open the lid, you get an uppercut of fragrance. Take note BBW, this is how ALL of your candles should be!

I don't need to go into depth about the scent cuz it's very self-explanatory; it smells exactly like the bodycare - sweet orange oil/peel with surprisingly sweet unspicy ginger. Between you and me, I dislike OG and it's one of my least aromatherapy scents but my bf is crazy about it so that's all that matters.

It's a shame that nothing come of this collection cuz this candle was definitely a winner. Luckily it has mysteriously appeared online but who knows for how long so get it while you can.

THAT'S SO TEST SCENT: Eucalyptus Tea

Products: candle
Area used in:  bathroom 
Time Period: whenever (mainly for bubble bath time) 

Description: Soothing Eucalyptus Essential Oil and Tea help calm feelings of stress and uncertainty

*DISCLAIMER* I had this post in my drafts for months and totally forgot about it lol

Let me start off by saying that I friggin LOVE the ET aromatherapy bodycare. I've used the lotion and shower gel for years now; it's pretty much the only bodycare from BBW that I use. So when the candle version randomly appeared in the newly revamped Aromatherapy collection over the summer, I lost my proverbial shit! I'm sure y'all remember the drama over these candles appearing, disappearing and reappearing under the guise of"testing". Luckily before they disappeared forever, I bought this and Orange Ginger online during a 2/24 sale.

The performance on this bad boy has been great. The wicks are deceptively flimsy looking but once lit, there are nice plump mushroom tops. The flames so far has been super high and sometimes snap, crackle and pop and the wax melts into a beautiful verdant pool. Sounds all to the good so far right?Yep...that is until you get to the throw which is pretty much nonexistent. I have never experience such a unscented candle post-light ever. You have to inhale the flames to get any amount of fragrance and even then, any scent you get is miniscule as all hell!

There really isn't much to say about the scent; it smells EXACTLY like the bodycare (at least on cold throw). And if you've been living under rock and have never smelled  the bodycare - you get a toned down eucalyptus (not nearly as potent as Eucalyptus Spearmint) with herbal black tea. The blend is surprisingly sweet and creamy; I usually describe ET as milk black tea with fresh eucalyptus leaves.

Overall I'm kinda disappointed with this candle. I naively hoped that the more I more burned, the more I would eventually get fragrance..nope, not so much! Part of me wishes I hadn't burned it so I could exchange it (I NEVER return half-burned candles)At this point, I burn it strictly for ambience whenever I indulge in a bubble bath (the shower gel friggin has a stronger throw than the candle). So for any of y'all out there who are intrigued with this candle and are considering an Evilbay purch, DON'T!!! IT'S NOT WORTH IT!  

CANDLE SPOTIGHT: Paris ~ Lavender Macaron

Products: candle (official Easter candle)
Area used in:  living room
Time Period: Easter

Description: A truly French treat that combines the fragrance of lavender blossoms with a delicate patisserie cookie

So as y'all may or may not know, I LOVE lavender; it's by far my all time favorite fragrance note. That said, any BBW scent with lavender in the notes, I'm all about it. So when this sucker came along I had to try it.

Before it made its nationwide release, there was some debate as to what this candle was going to be a repackage..cuz 9xoutta10 it wasn't gonna be a completely new scent. So back in the good ol Slatkin days there was an actual Lavender Macaron ( misspelled as "macaroon") also known as Lavender Caramel (and yes lavender caramel is an actual thing). It was marketed as fall scent and then as a French dessert (or vice versa, I get confused which came first). In both cases, the scent didn't end up being popular as it had an odd unmentioned and misplaced sage that gave the scent a weird savoriness - the general consensus being that it smelled like Stove Top stuffing. I personally had my doubts about this theory - BBW is all about playing it safe and mainstream nowadays so they wouldn't bring back such a weird experimental scent. Now what I and couple of others thought it might be was the queen of unicorn scents, Lavender Marshmallow. But the question remained - would it be a total repackage or a tweaked repackage with a twIst? We'll get to that in a second

So I was a little leery about this candle's performance cuz sooooo many people were complaining about it on social media - low flames, canyoning, no throw, etc. Well I must've hit the jackpot cuz (knock on wood) I haven't had any issues...yet. When I first lit it, the flames were kinda puny and the wax took a long ass time to melt. But eventually the wicks developed mushroom tops and the waxpool was totally even. Then I burned it again Easter morning and again that night, the burn was flawless. And the throw was what I like to call "blanket throw" - not too light, not too strong and it envelops you like a warm blanket. Even though it is a lavender scent, I would not want this scent to be any stronger than it was as it's a bakery scent and I'm just not a huge fan of those kinds of scents...just small doses.

So this definitely is not Lavender Macaron/Caramel as there is no weird sage-y Stovetop stuffing action. However it isn't Lavender least not entirely. The top notes are very similar to LM, like a sweeter toned down version. However there is an undertone of bakeriness that differentiates it from LM. The bakery notes kinda reminds me of Pink Petal Teacake; if you took away the strawberry and rose notes and what was left with the sugary glaze and white cake notes, that's what I got. So think toned down 80% LM mixed with 20% of the cake note from PPTC. The combo as a whole smells less like an actual lavender macaron and more like a lavender petit fours  - vanilla white cake with sugary icing. Now as this was burning, I sweartagawd I smelled a hint of Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut. It could just be my nose tripping but whenever I was really close to the candle, I would get CSD or rather it's doughy notes...very strange!

In conclusion, I like this scent but I'm not in love with it and I don't really know what to think. On the one hand, I think it's cool that BBW finally brought back LM after years of clamoring for it buuuuuut why did they have to tweak it? Futhermore, the scent as a whole doesn't smell like macarons, it smells like petit fours. They should've added an actual almond not as macarons ar made from almonds and it would've given the blend some depth. And even it did smell like a lavender macarons, what does that have to do with Paris? When you think of gay Paree, I guarantee you that the first thing to come to your mind isn't lavender macarons! Though I guess why should be grateful that we have this and not Paris Daydream again. Anyhoo, this scent is lovely and unassuming. For those of who haven't bought it cuz you're afraid it's too sweet or too herbal, don't be cuz it's a perfect balance. But buy at your own risk cuz you may get a DID, dud in disguise.


RANT & NEW IDEA OF THE DAY: Spring/Summer Candles

I just can't with you BBW! I'm really trying to understand your randomness lately; there has to be some method behind the madness but frankly y'all a throwing for loop. I was really hoping that this spring you guys would redeem yourselves and give us some goodness..and at first it certainly looked that way. Then y'all effed up by releasing a deluge of summery beachy tropical vaguely islandy scents. And after about a month of silence, you release even more summery beachy tropical vaguely islandy scents and more goddamn muthaeffin coconut. I mean seriously, wtf BBW?! And it would be one thing if you guys were releasing new scents or re-releases of old forgotten scents but nope, you give basic repackages.

Ok so let's start with this first collection...

Sunny Coconut - y'all are already releasing Tiki Beach, why the f*** do we need yet another coconut scent.
REPLACEMENT: Coastal Sun - this is the sunniest scent ever, hell "sun" is in the name! It's summer in a jar

Seaside Gardenia - yet another scent that y'all re-released to death
REPLACEMENT: Beach Grass - it's fresh, it's clean, it's beachy, it's floral...what more do you need?

Sparkling Waves - please, no more Turquoise Waters or Bergamot Waters or anything similar
REPLACEMENT: Sea Spray - this was a gorgeous watery scent and the closest to authentic oceany scent as BBW could/will get

Endless Weekend - basic, basic, BASIC
REPLACEMENT: Seaside Escape - OMG, this goddamn scent is AWESOME! It's fresh and watery yet sweet and  fruity; just a perfect summer/tropical scent

Black Sands - as much as I like this one, it ain't all that 
REPLACEMENT: Beach Day - I still don't understand why this was only released once and then forgotten, it's so sexy

Pineapple Mango - no, BBW, just NO!
REPLACEMENT: Pineapple Palm Grass - this is probably the best pineapple scent BBW has ever released, make use of that!

Suntan - this scent is starting to get old
REPLACEMENT: Poolside - come the eff on BBW! This scent was ridonkulously popular back in the day, bring that ish back

Beach Cabana and Tiki Beach can stay

And the Destinations collection...can I just say I am sick to damn death of Destinations. Though I must say I applaud BBW for having a consistent theme and just having random scents thrown together

Malibu ~ Citrus Glow - I dunno what this scent is but it has the possibility of being a Slatkin repackage so unless it sucks, I'm all for it

Riviera Maya ~ Plumeria Petals - I've heard thru the grapevine that this is a possible repackage of Vanilla Beach Flower...lame
REPLACEMENT: Sunrise Lagoon/Island Water - the RM is best known for its coastal/aquatic paradise, why not use a tropical watery scent that captures that

Caribbean ~Driftwood Surf - another scent that just sounds basic, I heard that it's the failed test scent Isle Hideaway
REPLACEMENT: Mango Beachwood - this scent was perfection, a perfect blend of tropical fruits and woods
OR: Island Nectar: another gorgeous tropical scent that's been totally forgotten

St. Tropez ~ Beach Cabana - don't get me wrong, I like this scent but not for it to be in 2 collections at the same time 
REPLACEMENT: Suntan/Beachside - this scent makes more sense in this collection 

Bora Bora ~ Tiki Beach - again, a good scent but not to be in 2 collections at the same time plus we already seen it in the random ass Italy collection
REPLACEMENT: Meet me in Tahiti - this scent just makes more sense
OR: Coco Lobo - a gorgeous Slatkin era scent that needs to be brought back

How about bringing the old Slatkin summer classics back? 
Seaside Escape, Island Nectar, Coastal Sun/Citrus Flower, Caribbean Salsa, Calypso Sun, Tropical Sun, Coconut Water, Passionflower

How about a thirst quenching cocktail collection? Island Margarita, Tiki Mango Maitai, Pink Sangria, Pomegranate Lemonade, Summertime Soda, Paradise Daiquiri, Island Colada, Bahama Fizz, Malibu Smash, Pineapple Punch, Seaside Mimosa

Or all tea and nothin but the tea collection? Sooooo many people on social media for this
Southern Sweet Tea, Cinnamon Tea, Nectarine Green Tea, Raspberry Sun Tea, Peachy Tea , Lemon Mint Tea with a nice rose tea scent, a lavender tea scent, hibiscus/agua de jamaica scent and an Earl Grey scent

Or maybe a non-descript relaxing trip to the spa collection?
Fresh Bamboo, Aloha Vanilla, Freshwater & Seasalt/Sea to Santorini, Renew & Refresh, Coconut Lime Verbena, Green Tea Nectarine, Cucumber Melon, White Citrus, White Tea & Ginger, Suntan/Beachside, South Beach Sun, Bermuda Break, Sea Spray, Summer Bonfire